With The Vigilant Christian, R$E and Cern fearmongering.

TVC states in one of his videos that “The Bible says that they will not tear a hole in the Universe”.

Then my question is, why even give it any attention. Why bother going to the lengths of spending hours and hours of making vids about Cern, if everything you are pumping out with regards to Cern,  is going to amount to nothing.

Do you see your double talk here? You cannot pump out fear mongering video after fear mongering video, to then claim that the Bible says “they” will not tear a hole in the Universe.

Your fear mongering / energy harvesting is pretty blatant.

Btw, an old co worker of mines Dad is a scientist involved with Cern,  it is not a portal opener,  so yeah magnificent attempt at churning out well edited hypnotic videos to fit your narrative, but fail.

Here are a couple of pics of Kern the Gnome at Cern. Or is it R$E   and the magical piggy backing portal?

Oh noes!


  Looking rather smug in this one. Hehe.


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