Shroom Propaganda. Andrija Puharich was the Technical consultant for this video. As well as being a medical and psychological researcher he was a US Army Captain from 1953 – 55 where his specialized duties were in chemical and biological warfare.


I think the video has to be the best of the worst acting and propaganda ever.


  1. Puharich was involved with MK Ultra.

    Over at the forum(barn) you and I used to post on , the agent who calls himself (among other online identities) IQ or IQHunk reacted viciously,some would say threateningly,when I posted about Puharichs activities.
    It was a turning point at that forum.


  2. Yes he was involved in MKU, i hadn’t seen that video and had to do a double take when I saw Puharich’s name in the credits.

    I wonder if IQ Flunk has made any more failed earthquake predictions. The computer to brain interface nwr dugpa comes here every now and then.
    I don’t think I saw that stuff at the cafe although I do know IQ Flunk loves the hallucinogens pusher Icke and considers him a wonderful man. IQ is the type who would defend any kind of programmer without batting an eyelid. NWR lackey.


  3. Spend any time researching Puharich and things get dark very quickly.
    That said there are some who maintain that he was as much a victim as the others.

    Reader …Do the research and decide for yourself.

    His connections Ira Einhorn, Star Kids, SRI, the Council of Nine, remote viewing etc. etc.

    Once upon a time .many,many years ago I read The Council Of Nine material.
    Years before that I’d read The Sacred Mushroom.


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