Youtuber, UK export and non Christian preacher who follows Christ who is also led and guided by the Holy Spirit  Round Saturns Eye.

Charismatic Christianity/charismatic witchcraft.

What I found to be revealing about the YT channel and front that is R$E, is that the spirit that is guiding  him, which he claims to be the Holy Spirit,  also guides him to  block comments that link to this blog. (Because he has been pilfering from it, and has  fobbed off some of this info as his own….typical Trustafarian, right bro. )


The term trustafarian is often applied to a trust fund baby or other privileged white person who deliberately affects the lifestyle of a true hippie or Rastafarian. A trustafarian who uses his or her wealth in order to finance a self-indulgent, drug-fueled slacker lifestyle is often dismissed by others as a poser or spoiled rich kid. A trustafarian may be in a position to experiment with a slacker or bohemian way of life for a short time, but eventually the price of living such a dangerous lifestyle can prove very high indeed.


Over the past several months he has sucked quite a few people , especially form the US into his “black cube” and kept them on a saturn styled merry go round via his mesmerizing, well edited YT vids.

 R$E –   another Barn on the Farm


So I have posted a couple of his YT comments  from both of his YT channels here as they do not seem to align with his actions. I am sure I am not the only one who he has blocked comments from, although I do think he gets off on  love bombing himself via the comments he allows. Every now or then he will allow a commenter to say something that may raise questions, but for the best part he  ignores them.
R$E is affiliated with The Vigilant Christian, who is affiliated with White Rabbit, who is The Hatter. (Who are affiliated with Max Resistance).
Screen shot 2015-02-07 at 9.18.30 PM
 Where is Alice in this sick joke? Maybe their followers are the unwitting Alice going down the hole to end up trapped in a black cube. Oh Noes!
Over a week or so a go, he blocked a comment I had made, so he knew this blog post was on the cards. So here it is. By the way, if you haven’t noticed yet, he uses a fair bit programming symbology himself . The below shot was taken from one of his recent vids. Blue and Red Pillar + Ice (White).
Black Wizardry fail.
Below is a comment where he claims to have no fear, yet he is afraid to link comments to this blog.

+HUNRUSPWNZ  Not afraid of anything, but hes the one who stalks us and insults. Well thankyou for the advice but we all have a different walk and are different parts of the same body. From macleerys words he hates Christ. Peace.

Round SaturnsEye

 Just to add, Im not a “Christian” or part of any organized religion.. Mainly because of the attitude in your comment that is rife in the religion. But also because I follow Christ, not a vatican linked organization.

Which part of the video are you referring to out of interest? 99% of the video was about Christ/Father/truth/bible/signs of the end times… 1% was a shot from a lady gaga commercial that airs on mainstream primetime TV.. Certainly channel your anger toward the TV stations! Or local churches who think it’s normal content!
God bless


Round SaturnsEye

 Nah TV journalism etc but I have spent many years editing.. I know now that everything that I set out to do for myself in the limelight was to prepare me to use all I learned for Him.. The only real worthwhile purpose that any of us have in what we are personally given gifting in. God bless 🙂


+Watchman4u  Noone is informing me of anything, I have the freedom of thought and follow the Messiah only. Nothing that is hidden shall remain hidden. The KJV is unclear in some respects that are clearer in older scriptures! Saturn worship for one.. wonder why that was covered up.
Nothing that is hidden shall remain hidden. So here is the comment you were afraid to approve which you hid from view on your channel. Wonder why that was covered up.
rsefearHere is the link to this blog which he did not approve about a week ago, which relates to some of the info he has made videos about regarding raves. Posted here a couple of years ago.
3/3/15 Updated to add : Comment now approved. Too late though. Idiot. You forgot to approve the comment you didn’t approve (Jan 24th)  in the first place , you know, the one that I mentioned in my message (that you have now approved,  6 weeks after I posted it)
And no last minute scrambling to approve it now because I screenshotted it today 3/3 and the comment has still not been approved. Maybe you can take this to the Father,. He wouldn’t want you to look like a liar now would He?
Seeing as his Holy Spirit is working though you.
Btw,  R$E while you are busy providing damage control for yourself and your piggybacking  filth hole, why don’t you get busy answering some of the simple questions that all the good people who visit your tube are asking you? I know, it’s easier for to  continue  to pump out YT  fodder for your target audience while cockin a deafun to fairly simple questions.
More to come on this black hole. Don’t get sucked in.
Edited to add – Lots of people diss television as a programming tool, yet think they are getting truth via well edited YT vids.
You are only in a black cube, if you “think” you are in a black cube. That is the con, the illusion that R$E uses to “tether” people  to him and his black cube. Knowing that, depends on how well versed you are in Black Magic and or, if you have been on the receiving end of a black cube initiation. 
Research Phrygian Cap and Saturn. 
+APURPLEPEBBLE Salvation isn’t a joke.. Ive been to church all my life and became a Christian. Then I fell away and was finally saved again when the Father put me on this journey. I cried out to Him for answers and He showed me. If that makes me a liar or a heretic then so be it.. He knows my heart.
The bible is the truth, the versions are getting more corrupt. There are older and slightly better ones than the king james I might add.. But the saturn cult is evident in the bible. As is everything else. It’s how you discern it. Many things we skim over and miss without the spirit of truth guiding us. If you have not been shown something it doesn’t mean the Father doesn’t show someone else through Christ the Messiah. Try not to judge where the Father is leading others in their answers.. this will veil you to deeper truth as it seems like you may think you already know everything. If we think that, we know nothing.


7:03 AM
I know Salvation isn’t a joke. I too have been to church all my life, and like many others fell away and came back. I was baptized in 2000.  Your focus on the black cube is to the unaware, giving the energy behind it power, which is feeding the very thing you say you are exposing.  So for as much as you think you may be on the right path, you are in fact on some level initiating people into it.
So, either you have been involved in one of these rituals (I have) and do not know it, the trauma from this ritual can lead to memory loss, or you are initiating people into it on purpose. So yeah, I do know about it.  As much as you may think I know everything, I get the whole know nothing thing and all of that,  but I know enough about what the focus of your videos are about. More so probably than a lot of your viewers do.
When I first heard about you, I watched several of your videos and listened to your radio shows. When you did not approve a  comment,linking to my blog, it was a huge red flag which led me to believe that you have ulterior motives.
You might be able to dupe a lot of your followers via your well crafted videos, but you do not fool me.Why would you, who claims salvation and fearlessness, hide comments on your channel, if it is information that is also inspired by The Holy Spirit?  So, try not to judge me for what I know, as you too seem to think you know everything.   You may think you have trumped the black cube symbology, but the symbology is an illusion, the energy behind it is not.
If anything the black cube has trumped you which is pretty evident by your actions, what you respond to and what you do not respond to with regards to the information that you are putting out. I hope for your sake, that you have the Holy Spirit on your side,you are going to need it, but judging by your actions, you do not. But, you still have time.
R$E claims he was a Christian in the above message, fell away, says he was saved again, yet claims he is not a Christian.
That should be enough to tell anyone he is a confounder. End of.
Remember this , one of several comments where you claim you are not a Christian?

Round SaturnsEye

 Just to add, Im not a “Christian” or part of any organized religion.. Mainly because of the attitude in your comment that is rife in the religion. But also because I follow Christ, not a vatican linked organization.

41 thoughts on “R$E – ROUND SATURN’S EYE.

  1. I tried watching his videos and others along the same line. I think you’re right about the black hole.
    I started getting sooo depressed watching that stuff.


    • I watched a few to figure out what he is about and it was more than enough. The one that I thought was the most mesmerizing was the one on raves. He uses binarial beats, clips of a voodoo ritual with animal sacrifices and mesmerizing imagery etc under the auspices of using the agenda against them. To me, it had all the hallmarks of a subliminal hex. A double bind. The alt media has been in need of someone who is more edgy with content who talks about Jesus. Instead of Icke with reptilians, there is R$E and a black cube. R$E and his dark wizardry. I think he understands exactly how the black cube symbology is used in more “personal” rituals, a little more than he lets on. Kabbalistic.

      He is a cubetard. I have to laugh at it, despite the possibility that this guy could make someone like Swerdlow look like a pussy cat.


  2. Hello Pebble
    Hope you are good
    Sorry about my last messy emails I hope you got some sense out of them
    I read your stuff about R$E yes its creepy, he had me for a bit though. I got too him through another youtube called thescaryismoveever I think . Also possibly suspect
    Also check this one out you may like it I did

    I think hee glosses over the moors and the stuff they gor up to but he is muslim so there you go, anyway it s not about that.


    • Hey Darren, Hope you are well too! I checked out the site you mentioned, the scariest movie ever. I have noticed that a few sites link into RSE. It is how they get themselves out there. They all shill for each other , recommends etc. Thanks for the emails btw. I don’t think that the last emall was messy. I am not the best writer on the planet myself.


  3. Im not into the whole the Jews did it thing as many “twoofers” are but also Jesus tells us about the synagog of satan and also was of ultimatly killes because of the pharisees demand made to the roman governer, so I think you got to keep an eye on the dodgy ones, but also revalation seam to say Jesus is also returning for some who will finaly recongnise him as missiah
    You probaly know lot more than me but am I right in saying Kabbala is aslo very much a dugpa thing to do ?


    • I don’t condone any kind of magic, and the only Kabbalist’s I have ever known have been magicians. of varying degrees. Some worse than others, some quite harmless, but it is not something I would dabble in.


      • it seams ingrained in the new age movement from what I see. The whole architects of god thing in the tree of life. personifying aspects of gods character such as wisdom and all that.
        What I found interesting is most people I guess would see the occult tradition as coming from the far and middle east (dugpas tibet)
        But also there looks like a massive bit from Jewish occult tradition (kabbala)


  4. Also hello mercy now
    Defo turn that R$E crap off, lots of very edifing stuff on youtube
    if you google darren.wolbold and find my youtube channel my favorites have lots of edifing films for belivers in the work done on the cross, or just stick around pebbel her bulshit detectors are fine tuned


  5. Hi Mario. Btw, I was wondering why you didn’t do one of your sensational EXPOSED! EXPOSED EXPOSED! vids on Icke and Russel Brand’s DMT programming. Sorry to have left you with the dregs aka Luke R. Doh!

    No paypal button / donations required here.

    Good luck with your minstry Joel. I mean Mario.


  6. 1st..I ‘ve never seen PurplePebble condemn anyone simply because they are not Christian. Ever.

    Anyone claiming such needs brushing up in comprehension skills.

    2. How the heck does anyone work out that PurplePebble is a “supporter” of R$E ?
    Again ..comprehension skills!!!

    Also..context is key.


  7. Mark Passio spits his dummy out over comments about him on the AJ show and because someone dissed his skullz and doesn’t appreciate his “great work” . Mentioning something along the lines of he doesn’t know why alternative researchers allow comments on YT channels because it gives idiots a platform to voice their total dribble.

    Oddly enough, he is OK with Youtube allowing Mark Passio to voice his total dribble, and any one who might agree with Mark Passio gets a pass too.


  8. Hello Pebbel

    I got a private message from mighty guru R$E
    I decided to post message out in the open on the youtube video and then ask him some questions as he was asking for some to be subbmitted to him

    Below is the post I put there it also includes the private message sent to me
    We shall see if the mighty bible scholer will take the effeort to respond.

    “Hi dude you sent me this message

    “the holy spirit was sent because Christ defeated the curse. Christ sent the holy spirit when he left this place and went to be with our Father. I believe the bible is all the truth – i have been looking into earlier versions of scripture which is pretty interesting. I believe Christ 100% is my Messiah and that nothing was made without Him. I believe that satan has hijacked and lucifer is no real and true creator but rather a thief. Please be careful with a group who are out to destroy mine and others ministry. This began when I refused the offer of money to basically buy my mind and ministry. There is a whole group with this agenda and it stems from a king james bible cult who put that version above Christ himself. Christ died for our sins and rose again to give us the way back to the Father. This is the only truth that matters in all of history. God bless.”

    Im sure as a christian you will have no trouble answering this out in the open

    1)What are these older versons scriptures you are reading ?

    2) Why do you belive these older scriptures over ones used now

    3)Why are you not exposing the group offering you money, who are these people

    Cheers Darren”


  9. To explain a bit more before receiving this message from mighty guru R$E
    I had asked a few questions on his videos, these questions all had a very similar theam and went something like this

    You say Saturn/Satan controls this reality, if this is true how can the holy spirit operate with out impunity?

    also how do you reconcile this view with the traditional biblical view it is Gods sovereign will that upholds reality not satan from the planet Saturn ?

    I went on to explain I agreed satan is a wild beast roaming the world looking to devour who he can, however I pointed out the tradition view would be to see satan as a prince given a certain tenure on this planet, ended by messiahs return. THat is a bit different from him controling reality from saturn. I also pointed out in my opinion this is quite a Gnostic point of view.

    I would like to point out I am still waiting for these questions to be answered, also I dont think these questions are out of order in any way

    Up untill now I have been very polite and have only now started calling him Guru R$E as the the whole thing is getting boaring as this dude is obvisly full of it and quite possibley causing damage people who are trying to come to Jesus


  10. Hey, Did you ever get an answer?
    I think the questions you asked are excellent and they could be answered fairly easily if he wanted to share the “special truth” that he claims to get from the Holy Spirit. You would think as well that he would mention the group that he claims wanted to buy him out. Considering he is in allegiance with Vigilant Christian White Rabbit/Mad Hatter & co looks to me like the handlers of that group had already won whatever bidding was going on.

    Those that claim are working with the Holy Spirit don’t have a need to lie or conceal. If anyone does either of those things, and make claims about the Holy Spirit working through them, they are a liar.


  11. ok I saw it. I saw this response from him as well on that thread which is hilarious seeing as he was too afraid to approve a comment with a link to this blog. What a liar lmao!

    Round SaturnsEye
    3 days ago

    Fear is not needed in Christ and not even present. If some things shock or scare people (its shocking information often times) then I pray it will lead them to seek the only true peace of heart in Jesus Christ.



  12. I think that R$E is scared shitless of people that watch his mesmerizing vids coming here and finding out where he gets some of his info. His Icke info is a day late and a dollar short and the vid he did exposing Russell brand is only half the story, in that vid he states that Brands ideology stems from nazism which was another question he refused to answer on how he came to that conclusion. Posted here before he made the vid.



  13. Had to post this. R$E uploaded this in April 2014 and barely skimming the surface of the dugpa that is David Icke. One of the ways that 5th columns and plants get an audience is to try their hand at exposing other dugpas but they don’t do a very thorough job of it. I wonder if the Holy Spirit revealed the info this vid includes to R$E. Thy force is weak cube boy.

    Versus this.



  14. Dave Eden of “awake radiotv” who is involved with Sonia Poulton posted this on Round Saturns Eye YT channel. Seeing as I get one or two affliates from that corner of the universe coming here, including one follower loosely connected, I thought I would share this.

    4 months ago

    Hi, Just watched your David Icke expose and we are producing a documentary about Icke & the peoples Voice. The producer was wondering if you would be interested in contributing to the documentary? We would like to hear from you please email daveeden@me.com
    Thank you.


    Seeing as Round Saturn’s Eye is an absolutely 100% reliable source, who is not a plagiarizer or liar, I think that he could be a great resource for this long awaited documentary exposing icke and TPV lol!

    Hey I also read that R$E claimed that his Facebook account was “shut down” because he suggested a talk with two “well known truthers” Icke and Brand about Luciferianism.

    Funny that, as he managed to “set up” another FB site straight away.


    So not only is R#E a liar and a plagiarizer, he is a lying drama queen as well. You shut the facebook page down R$E, you just wanted to make some noise about nothing. Happy to have screenshotted some your “old” FB beforehand. ☺


  15. He’s brainwashing people into his cult. No can predict when the world will end and I don’t even watch for signs because I don’t think we should rush Jesus’ return. And the Illuminati is made up.


  16. hi, im christian from Poland, here we strongly belive in God in 3 Persons, God Almighty, Jesus Christ amd Holly Spirit, also very strongly we pray on Saint Rosary to Maryja, Mother of Jesus. I know people in other countries also are saying that Maryja is good for polish, and also for stupid people from country. But in what everyone belive i leave that topic becaouse when i watching other christians splits for example protestantism i see a lot of terryfying things, but its is pereonal way every man. only in christianity i see a lot of differences. i give some examples: in Poland we taking Holy communion on knees, but in some churchs priests are giving Body of Christ people who are standing, for me is unacceptable to met God without respect and not on kneel. second thing is way how they giving Holy communion, straight to mouth, and third thing, we dont accept dispensers, but also this fact are comming here in Poland slowly and small steps.Why i writting on this becouse R$E telling true about masonary and illuminati in christian church, Rome or Vatican. i see how them destroying church and christianity from inside. lot people are confused, and lots of them do not see that, becouse people trying to change laws of God to make them easer for them personally, but that how its works satan. so in short he has right about symbolism, they love symbolism, he has right about luciferian agenda, and masonary destroying christianitas from iside church but i dont know in what he belive for real. i think i will ask him. God bless U all and Maryja always Virgin.


  17. RSE isn’t saying anything new. He has already told people what he believes in via his use of the hand of Benediction. Do you think that someone who uses hypnosis etc in their uploads is going to tell you the truth?


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