I must admit, I am the king 🙂 Thanks for the love note bro, unless you’re hated by someone who has no life, you’re not living a good one yourself.


My rebuttal to your comment on the below post.


I don’t hate you Vinny. Although I am not surprised that you would try and twist my exposure of your pulpit into an opportunity of  claiming that I am  driven by hate. That’s the easy option isn’t it.

The only thing that is funnier than that assumption of yours, is you seem to  think I have no life, when the truth is,  all you know is what I may have mentioned here, but again,  you have fallen short of the truth because you have very little information to use against me which is why you need to resort to vacuous quips that hold no water.

Your job is to promote charlatans, programmers and re programmers, and even though you have read examples of your own scumbaggery on this blog, which you could reflect upon at some point and change for the better, you try and defend yourself in an imaginary battle that you have already lost.

You are aware of what you are doing and you are quite happy to do it. You are  a tool of the system. An enabler of programmers and handlers.

You think that someone like yourself who has promoted numerous liars over the years, who in addition begs and relies on donations from listeners to keep your lie factory afloat equates to  living a good life.


So as a  token of my generosity,  take this dollar and  put it towards a consultation with Stewart or Janet.  You only need another 300 or so of them, but hey its a start. As you already know, they are the worlds leading metaphysicians, they could really get you back on the right track.

Additionally, I think it is your duty as a bringer of truth to report back here with your experience of said consultation that I have kindly kick started off funding for you.

Cheers in advance.



  1. If he even done the most basic research on his guests and picked up their books, he would have surely called-out follicly challenged Sheridan, on his revelation how to spot a psychopath “a receding hair line, heavy growth of facial and body hair” he’s clearly having a laugh.

    Vinny is very creepy man. Or, taking the almighty piss! Does he actually name any of these cult leaders?


  2. If Thomas thinks that one of the tell tale signs of a psychopath is a receding hairline and heavy growth of facial hair, he is describing himself, neck up. Vinny is clearly taking the piss, he has stated that he doesn’t know what he is doing and for the best part is “winging” it.

    Winging it, like Icarus.


  3. In this Youtube interview,at about 22 mins in Greg Hallett says the the person who runs Guerilla Media in NZ (Vinny Eastwood) is working for Internal Affairs. Greg Hallett also claims that he personally doesn’t put anything out there unless it is the truth. So dugpa Vinny, is it true? Or is Greg Hallett a liar? Either way you are a scumbag, but to what nth is the question.

    Mark Windows of famed TPV engineered fail pops out of nowhere along with a few others, worked along David Icke at TPV.

    Guerilla Media guy in NZ promotes Icke and a fleet of other programmers.


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