The  item below was posted at Ickes site recently. The “Reptilians Among Us” video is narrated for the first several minutes by none other than Dugpa Swerdlow Monarch Programmer extraordinaire.


No elliptical pupils on this reptilian drawing? I guess this message is more believable if the messenger has eyes that are human.

David Icke  has also made a bit of a hooha lately about the system giving Russell Brand exposure.

 Why does the system give Brand exposure? Why have  numerous MSM and  alt media platforms given Icke exposure?
Here is a post from July 2013 which talks about self proclaimed alien abductee Simon Parkes who also appeared on the BBC. At the time this was aired, Parkes was going through the required “I am being attacked” phase.
So in conclusion – neither Brand, Icke (or Parkes) are a threat to the system because they are of it.
David Icke I am just pointing out here one simple fact – that which threatens The System is not promoted by The System. That’s all. I am not saying that Russell is of The System, only that he is clearly not seen as a threat by it.
David Icke Those that are really exposing ‘The System’ for what it REALLY is – and there are many now – don’t get within a hundred miles of Question Time, Newsnight, Channel Four News, etc. etc. Think about it.


People are beginning to understand that one of the purposes of the alt media is to promote manufactured wayshowers like Brand, Icke and other New World Religion charlatans and their respective rabbit holes. David Icke  conveniently forgets his appearances on the MSM? Or does he. Is Ickes vilification of the MSM and Brand is nothing more than an effort from “system buster” Icke to justify the alt media psy op.

Another post on Ickes headlines on the same day as the “Reptilians Among Us” video was a post about the pictures taken at a Rothschild Ball.

Obviously, the reptilian overlords devised a genius back up plan,   “We shall disguise our reptilian selves further by dressing  in surrealist artsy gettups at this shindig so that we can  really fuck with peoples minds”.

Over a year ago there was an internet rumor that these pictures were “leaked”. They weren’t leaked, there is a book called Bals which has all of these pictures in it. It is not as if some infiltrator  found these pics in some creepy attic, blew the dust off and exposed the goings on at this ball by posting the pics on the nets. The book was published in 2011.

Here is some info I posted about this from September 2013. Alex Jones jumped on this story when it was circulating and likened it to his Bohemian Grove exposé.



From Ickes headlines today. He we have a news story that is not so new news if you are a reader of this blog.  Icke doing his part to spread the word of  Transcendental  Meditation in schools.

Remember that David Lynch is the ultimate king pin of T. M. program  in schools and several other institutions with people such as Russell Brand, Katy Perry, Ringo Star, Oprah Winfrey and numerous other celebs backing this program.  What Icke does not mention is the number of parents that oppose their children being indoctrinated further, who  have been successful in getting this program shut down.  Uninformed parents are unaware of the pasty faced men behind this cult who prance around in gold crowns and white gowns. David Icke is not doing himself or these children any favors , he is pushing a cult based program that reeks of mind control. Mantra mantra mantra. Robot robot robot. 




The Education system and Hollywood.

Engineered and brought forth to the children and aided by Hollywood agenda by who?

David lynch
Hollywood Producer

Platform and airtime – courtesy of Alex Jones (alt media) Hollywood, MSM
Used by David Icke in certain agenda pushing videos.
Handler and TM groomer of Russell brand


Russell Brand
Hollywood Puppet

Connected to
David Lynch kundalini activation partner – TM agenda puppet
David Icke cohort, kundalini activation partner
Platform and airtime – courtesy of Alex Jones MSM and alt media

David Icke
Alt media platform.

User of David Lynch info for spiritual educational ‘
purposes via video.
Kundalini activator and cohort of Russell Brand
Platform and airtime courtesy of Alex Jones, MSM and alt media

Ringo Starr – mainstream music puppet product of the Mahareshi
Paul McCartney mainstream music puppet product of the Mahareshi
Katy Perry – mainstream music puppet
Jerry Seinfeld – Hollywood puppet
Ellen Degeneres – Hollywood puppet
Russell Simmons – mainstream music puppet
Martin Scorcese – Hollywood producer
George Lucas – Hollywood producer
Clint Eastwood – Hollywood puppet
Oprah Winfrey – Hollywood puppet

to name a few.

ALL participants in the foundation for “consciousness based education and peace”

AKA pass that common core test.


  1. Icke is all for TM in schools, yet posts this from Independent UK on his headlines. Homework takes away from childrens fun and play time.

    Funny, that when you consider this.

    Here is an article from one of many recent articles about the TM program in public schools. the link to the full article is at the bottom of the page. Not sure why anyone would think that something backed by Brand, Lynch and cohorts would be anything other than a covert brainwashing program ushered into the public school system. Kiss art, music and other fun stuff that children love goodbye.

    “In San Francisco, schools that participated in Quiet Time, a Transcendental Meditation program, had twice as many students score proficient in English on the California Achievement Test than in similar schools where the program didn’t exist”.

    Ghannam believes her mindfulness program can serve as “an antidote to that stress” and so far, surveys results suggest the program works: 98 percent of students in the program reported feeling “less stressed” and more “ready to learn” after taking Headstand classes.

    Ghannam wants to emphasize “smart practice.” When she observed existing programs, she felt they lacked a crucial element: delivery. She saw many yoga instructors, accustomed to teaching in studios with middle-aged participants, not adapting their teaching strategies for children in public schools.

    (If you listened to the Alex Jones and Icke interview, they mentioned the word “smart” and claimed that anything that uses the word “smart” i.e smart phones, smart cars, smart technology etc is an indoctrination program)

    Adam Moskowitz, a Headstand teacher, agreed that the practice can be difficult for some kids: “At their age—and in this age—the last thing some of them want to do is sit, with nothing to look at or play,”

    (That is because children WOULD rather play, and look at things)

    he says, “In some ways, despite its great challenge, mindfulness is a very simple, repetitive practice. It’s not always easy convincing kids that they’re learning something by doing the same, simple thing again and again.”

    (depends on what the repetitive practice is – a repetitive mantra, a repetitive mantra, a repetitive mantra, a repetitive mantra,a repetitive mantra, a repetitive mantra, a repetitive mantra, a repetitive mantra a repetitive mantra, a repetitive mantra, a repetitive mantra, a repetitive mantra a repetitive mantra, a repetitive mantra, a repetitive mantra, a repetitive mantra)

    Michael Rivera, now a senior in high school, admitted that at first, he found yoga class “dull.” His next response also seemed very telling: “It wasn’t as active as sports. There wasn’t a lot of movement going on, so it reminded me of a ‘time out,’ like a punishment. We were stuck inside, instead of being outside and having an extra 45 minutes of P.E.”

    Form here.


  2. Interesting. Nobody sane trusts Slick-Icke, or his idiotic reptile spiel (1st it is REAL..>ZOMG!…then it is METAPHOR…ZOMG!). Same old, same old. Then the scam of his TV station (and epic fail), and now back to working the carny-show…err…sorry, “Troofer” circuit selling his reptile religion.

    A man too stupid to read a book, writes them for morons too stupid to read books. Hilarious.
    (The same is true for Russell Brand…I always try to give people a shot, and multi-chances, as scumbags, they always slit their own throats of course).

    Now…Stefbot Moly-Nux (Molyneux) is a true kult-leader, as worthless as they come.
    Then again…I had people point me to a nobody named “Mark Passio”. From what I could tell, he simply does the same as all the e-begging and pandering troofer con-men…talk incessantly, and sell books.

    They never accomplish anything…they are never known to actually do anything (I think it pisses off most wannabe troofer leaders that BrandX has enough money that he SEEMS to be helping people with “philanthropy”, but grown-ups already know that scam, and either side of fraud is still shit on a shingle).

    Jones as always gets short bursts of sanity, then back to peddling his wares (like Icke).
    He does have his good days, a lot of them rip off my work as it is concerning law-based applications.

    Now Vinny Eastwood always appeared aboveboard to me, soliciting donations is truly a small troofer crime, though I stay FAR away from the New Age whackjobs that BrandX, and the others like Icke push hard (too hard…methinks…conspiracy of Zeitgeist perhaps?…or only low-grade shysters pumping and dumping whatever appears relevant? 6 of one, half a dozen of the other).

    Passio though…is someone I watched closely for a few days. I was unimpressed, rehashed and stale bullshit about how to “defeat black magic” while peddling the New Age con (very quietly, and somewhat more subtle than previous generations of his ilk).

    I have no doubt he is a mason, or at the least, a wannabe hack out for bucks, gipping legit research from people that do the work.

    On Tommy Sheridan though…I had never heard of him whatsoever (I think someone sent over some of his videos, but I never watched more than a few minutes, as I find pseudo-psychology, and pseudo-explanations of basic behaviour modification boring).

    And then…he started using my work. Which immediately caught my ear and eye, respecting social engineering and the intricacies of the old-school cons. The problem is…he upped his A-game as far as finding worthwhile stories, and his entertainment value has increased quite a bit within the last few months.

    (I scanned through his videos up to about a year back, etc.)

    His work concerning anything is far from ground-breaking, he presents nothing new, and re-hashed work others have done is his claim to fame (outside the information you presented which I find invaluable so far, and as I was doing research on Passio, and happened upon this site not but the other eve).

    He does have style though, a brutality that is much appreciated.

    He has potential where none of the others do, whatsoever (long since burned out).

    They can’t up the ante, because they are too stupid and lazy to do their own research, and are only known for lifting others work. The true story of the Real Troof Movement.

    I rarely watch any of the troofers, as they are boring, and greedy freaks who won’t get a real job (as they lack the skills to do so obviously).

    Though, I have been getting soft in my old age out on YouTube and the ‘net in general, on shysters and con-men (as they tend to fade, then attempt to make come-backs, only to fail mightily over and over, which is hilarious).

    I been meaning to fix that, as operation and mission objectives have not changed, and no real, new, or genuine players seem to be out playing anymore (just the Sir Shillingtons, Shillionaires, etc.).

    Russell Brand presents a unique position…he has uprooted, and caused mass crowd persuasion, enough to disrupt Jones, Icke, and the others (who are now apoplectic with rage). He is a player in that sense, with too much capital, and time, easily outworking the “troofer fathers” (the scumbags most were, which legends of still exist around the ‘net).

    It would seem as the dickless, spineless, and brainless Troofer leaders are attempting to make a come-back as always, in a vacuum created by people wailing their con-men asses repeatedly in public, to the point where they had to make a run for it (Dean Clifford, Robert Menard, Fulford, and others are prime examples) as they were caught out.

    Sheridan is puzzling…he seems unable to take the heat in the kitchen…a kitchen not his, that he had no hand in building, other than (from what I can see in my limited knowledge), he added absolutely no capital to, no research or real work to whatsoever.

    Even Russell Brand can claim mass conversion rates that make the atheist/agnostic/New Age fruits go nutty.

    At the moment, I am laying back, taking it easy in a maintenance cycle, to see what gophers are stupid enough to stick their heads up to get stomped on.

    Seems there is no “new crop”, just old, tired, worn-out ones (with the exception of BrandX).

    It also seems like there are MUCH fewer “unattached players” anymore, and a TON of sock-puppets running loose shilling for every camp possible.

    Such is the sad, fake state, of the Troofer Movement. -The Captain Slappy
    Stop by and say hi anytime, it is extremely difficult to find truly independent researchers doing psych-profiles, much less not running loose being 2-bit shystering rat-bastards.

    The current troofer trend is to have massive butthurt when you get caught out being a fraud, or someone is starting to do damage to their kult-krowds, and pulling marks and rubes away from them.

    That butthurt is a specific, and very pathetic flavor:
    To scream that anyone who is anonymous, must therefore, be a shill who attacks them solely to take away their bread and butter. That all anonymous folk must turn themselves in to the troofer movement, and “show their cowardly faces”, etc.

    I have been hearing that for a few months now, and it means one, and only one thing:
    Some troofers are seriously pissed off that they are getting caught out, with nowhere to run.


  3. So I paid you a we visit at your YT site and my question is, would you back Sheridan’s horse? (even though it is only a 3 legged one, and quite possibly wooden).

    As much as I am not a fan of FOTL considering one or two elements connected with FOTL that have been visiting here (and have been mentioned here), I did find Kate of Gaia/ Emma Swan’s insight into Sherdian and Vinny nothing short of world class. Gave me a right old larf.

    You said that there are a lot of pissed of troofers that are getting caught with nowhere to run.



  4. I do know there was a big dust-up between themselves on their end of the magic universe repeatedly over vague stuff that I do not care about (as to my knowledge, none accomplish much other than talking for money), as the troofer movement kept getting shook up with inside-track stuff being spilled (from what little I remember of those types of people over the last few years, generally only told to me via others 2nd and 3rd hand).

    Please note, I do not at this time know who Missus Kate is (no offense to her).
    And also note I do not put too much stock in any troofers whatsoever.

    Remembering that I do not know Tommy Sheridan, or Vinny personally, only that there were some videos that popped up with Vinny discussing someone claiming something, and him defending, of which I became immediately disinterested in (as most, if not all, attempt to strong-arm each other in shifting, very shifty alliances in order to make a buck).

    In the end, remember they have a helluva problem slitting their own throats.
    And they always do it. Always.


  5. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Cpt. Slappy – one of Thomas Sheridan’s dupes. Amazing how people can come here and read this info and continue to defend, shill for and support con artists, liars and frauds – while in the same breath pissing and whining about corrupt governments lol!


    It isn’t just money that glues these alliances together, you know that though. Speaking of shifty alliances, a couple of months ago, Sheridan and Watt did a thing which served as the typical go to diversion tactic. The alien psy ops.

    Alan Watt’s beard stroking doesn’t do anything for me and I apply to him and his ilk what he applied to Tsarion and Maxwell etc that he points out in the below video. Ye olde alt media apple does not fall far from ye olde alt media apple tree. Does it.

    As for them slitting their own throats in the end, I haven’t seen any evidence of that, then again, I guess it isn’t the end yet.


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