I must admit, I am the king ūüôā Thanks for the love note bro, unless you‚Äôre hated by someone who has no life, you‚Äôre not living a good one yourself.


My rebuttal to your comment on the below post.


I don’t hate you Vinny. Although I am not surprised that you would try and twist my exposure of your pulpit into an opportunity of¬† claiming that I am¬† driven by hate. That’s the easy option isn’t it.

The only thing that is funnier than that assumption of yours, is you seem to  think I have no life, when the truth is,  all you know is what I may have mentioned here, but again,  you have fallen short of the truth because you have very little information to use against me which is why you need to resort to vacuous quips that hold no water.

Your job is to promote charlatans, programmers and re programmers, and even though you have read examples of your own scumbaggery on this blog, which you could reflect upon at some point and change for the better, you try and defend yourself in an imaginary battle that you have already lost.

You are aware of what you are doing and you are quite happy to do it. You are  a tool of the system. An enabler of programmers and handlers.

You think that someone like yourself who has promoted numerous liars over the years, who in addition begs and relies on donations from listeners to keep your lie factory afloat equates to  living a good life.


So as a  token of my generosity,  take this dollar and  put it towards a consultation with Stewart or Janet.  You only need another 300 or so of them, but hey its a start. As you already know, they are the worlds leading metaphysicians, they could really get you back on the right track.

Additionally, I think it is your duty as a bringer of truth to report back here with your experience of said consultation that I have kindly kick started off funding for you.

Cheers in advance.



At about 37  minutes in, Peter Moon , mentions Michael Aquino appearing on Oprah and dismissing his victims testimonies i.e they were making it all up. Moon then goes on to say that this is not the way to treat special victims. Freeman then replies that his show is what that is all about, listening to victims and allowing their voice to be heard and the only thing that is helpful is the acceptance and nurturing of others = security through nurturing.

If you take a look at who Freeman has had on his shows, the truth is, he is directing truth seekers¬† and¬† targeted individuals¬† straight into the hands of re programmers, programmers and low level charlatans. Freeman asked Janet Swerdlow “How would I know if I was a mind control victim? Janet then goes on the sell her wares. Set up questions lead to set up answers, leads to programming disguised as de-programming.¬† Remember, Peter Moon has helped Stewart Swerdlow with his programming books. Re programmer. There are plenty of people that have been dismissed by Swerdlow via intimidation and ridicule it is no big secret.

Edited to add:- In the post below, there is video footage from an interview where Vinny Eastwood (who ended up removing this from YT) interviewed Stewart and Janet Swerdlow who were doing some damage control on their own behalf where I am mentioned at around 48 seconds in. It will take a minute to load.


The name of the organization Peter Moon is involved in is The World Genesis Organization. An organization that works under the umbrella of the U.N. Here are some of the organizations websites Atitudine Atlantykron Summer Academy Cultural Foundation HopeMart Lifetime of Hope Living Through Art Montauk Healing Center Philippine Foundation Planet Warriors Thai Foundation The Liberty Pole (that one sounds interesting,in a phrygian kinda way) World Genesis Foundation The World Genesis Foundation is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to the mission to ‚Äúleave no child without hope for the future.‚ÄĚ Our focus, apart from the alleviation of all kinds of suffering, is to create opportunities for the moral, physical and intellectual development of youth in areas of the world where opportunities are limited or do not exist today.


The  Crystal Kids psy ops which is similar to the  Indigo Kid psy ops is also heavily promoted by Freeman.



Someone else who Freeman “interviewed”¬† about a month ago was Thomas Sheridan. dugpatom Here is a video made by Thomas which is about Psychopaths and Teddy Bears,. Some of the things that Thomas mentions is how teddy bears are used to lure and manipulate victims because having a teddy bear around sets up a false sense of security, it makes the psychopath seem trustworthy, who could possibly harm anyone with a teddy bear? Thomas mentions that it just goes to show you how devious these bastards are. What makes people switch off critical thinking when they see a teddy bear?

What is all this about then? If we use Thomas’¬† teddy bear embellishment¬† information, he is , if we take the below video into account¬† telling us that Freeman and Co are psychopaths, giving people a false sense of security by using teddy bears to lure in victims.

flyfishing_ Fly fishing – catching fish with artificial bait. Fly fishing is an angling method in which an artificial “fly” is used to catch fish. The fly is cast using a fly rod, reel, and specialized weighted line. Casting a nearly weightless fly or “lure” requires casting techniques significantly different from other forms of casting.


¬†¬†The¬† item below was posted at Ickes site recently. The “Reptilians Among Us” video is narrated for the first several minutes by none other than Dugpa Swerdlow Monarch Programmer extraordinaire.


No elliptical pupils on this reptilian drawing? I guess this message is more believable if the messenger has eyes that are human.

David Icke  has also made a bit of a hooha lately about the system giving Russell Brand exposure.

 Why does the system give Brand exposure? Why have  numerous MSM and  alt media platforms given Icke exposure?
Here is a post from July 2013 which talks about self proclaimed alien abductee Simon Parkes who also appeared on the BBC. At the time this was aired, Parkes was going through the required “I am being attacked” phase.
So in conclusion – neither Brand, Icke (or Parkes) are a threat to the system because they are of it.
David Icke I am just pointing out here one simple fact – that which threatens The System is not promoted by The System. That’s all. I am not saying that Russell is of The System, only that he is clearly not seen as a threat by it.
David Icke Those that are really exposing ‘The System’ for what it REALLY is – and there are many now – don’t get within a hundred miles of Question Time, Newsnight, Channel Four News, etc. etc. Think about it.


People are beginning to understand that one of the purposes of the alt media is to promote manufactured wayshowers like Brand, Icke and other New World Religion charlatans and their respective rabbit holes. David Icke ¬†conveniently forgets his appearances on the MSM? Or does he. Is Ickes vilification of the MSM and Brand is nothing more than an effort from “system buster” Icke to justify the alt media psy op.

Another post on Ickes headlines on the same day as the “Reptilians Among Us” video was a post about the pictures taken at a Rothschild Ball.

Obviously, the reptilian overlords devised a genius back up plan, ¬† “We shall disguise our reptilian selves further by dressing ¬†in surrealist artsy gettups at this shindig so that we can¬† really fuck¬†with peoples minds”.

Over a year ago there was an internet rumor that these pictures were “leaked”. They weren’t leaked, there is a book called Bals which has all of these pictures in it. It is not as if some infiltrator¬† found these pics in some creepy attic, blew the dust off and exposed the goings on at this ball by posting the pics on the nets. The book was published in 2011.

Here is some info I posted about this from September 2013. Alex Jones jumped on this story when it was circulating and likened it to his Bohemian Grove exposé.



From Ickes headlines today. He we have a news story that is not so new news if you are a reader of this blog.  Icke doing his part to spread the word of  Transcendental  Meditation in schools.

Remember that David Lynch is the ultimate king pin of T. M. program  in schools and several other institutions with people such as Russell Brand, Katy Perry, Ringo Star, Oprah Winfrey and numerous other celebs backing this program.  What Icke does not mention is the number of parents that oppose their children being indoctrinated further, who  have been successful in getting this program shut down.  Uninformed parents are unaware of the pasty faced men behind this cult who prance around in gold crowns and white gowns. David Icke is not doing himself or these children any favors , he is pushing a cult based program that reeks of mind control. Mantra mantra mantra. Robot robot robot. 




The Education system and Hollywood.

Engineered and brought forth to the children and aided by Hollywood agenda by who?

David lynch
Hollywood Producer

Platform and airtime ‚Äď courtesy of Alex Jones (alt media) Hollywood, MSM
Used by David Icke in certain agenda pushing videos.
Handler and TM groomer of Russell brand


Russell Brand
Hollywood Puppet

Connected to
David Lynch kundalini activation partner ‚Äď TM agenda puppet
David Icke cohort, kundalini activation partner
Platform and airtime ‚Äď courtesy of Alex Jones MSM and alt media

David Icke
Alt media platform.

User of David Lynch info for spiritual educational ‚Äė
purposes via video.
Kundalini activator and cohort of Russell Brand
Platform and airtime courtesy of Alex Jones, MSM and alt media

Ringo Starr ‚Äď mainstream music puppet product of the Mahareshi
Paul McCartney mainstream music puppet product of the Mahareshi
Katy Perry ‚Äď mainstream music puppet
Jerry Seinfeld ‚Äď Hollywood puppet
Ellen Degeneres ‚Äď Hollywood puppet
Russell Simmons ‚Äď mainstream music puppet
Martin Scorcese ‚Äď Hollywood producer
George Lucas ‚Äď Hollywood producer
Clint Eastwood ‚Äď Hollywood puppet
Oprah Winfrey ‚Äď Hollywood puppet

to name a few.

ALL participants in the foundation for ‚Äúconsciousness based education and peace‚ÄĚ

AKA pass that common core test.