Here is an exquisite example of preemptive alt media / NWR programmer damage control.

On David Ickes site a week or so ago there was a link to an article written by Preston James who uses the JANUS PRINICPLE to portray the evils involved with and behind the MSM.

I had never heard of Preston James although I thought it was pretty interesting he is listed on Jeff Rense’s site, along with David Icke, Joseph Chiappalone and Zen Gardner (aka the rabbit hole cultivator and topiary trimmer),to name a few.

The alt media talking heads are heavily invested in making the MSM media talking heads look like the programmers that they are, because this diverts attention away from the plethora of programmers and social engineers who are operational in the alt media.

David Ickes ad.


Here is my rendition which portrays the truth.


From Renses site


From Renses site.

This was posted on Ickes site yesterday, a link to an article on Controlled Opposition by Zen Gardner, which outlines a carefully planned societal manipulation that eludes the public that is engineered to control all of us.
If Zen Gardner was on the up and up, he would not be too happy with himself upon the realization that he is involved in a carefully planned deception himself. As astute as Zen Gardner and the rest like to consider themselves, I think a re evaluation of said astuteness is required, because wool over my eyes is non existent and this attempt at corralling the herds into the alt media barns on the farm is a fail. So do not bother talking about your “concerns” of exploitation and subjugation of humanity when you are nothing more than a farm hand that is up to your knees in alt media controlled opposition shite yourself.

I have said it before and I will say it again, none of these people question each other on an open forum, none of them call each other out openly, despite the evidence of the multitudes of conflicting stories that are pumped out they continue to be a bunch of yes men that use “spiritual correctness” as a “polite” excuse to make themselves appearĀ  enlightened and on the ball.

Namaste motherfuckers.




Talk about trimming the topiary.