On a daily basis I get quite a few views from Australia, so with that in mind, I thought I would post this little schpiel/appeal by Duncan Roads,  NWR/UFO?Alien propagator.

“I am looking for people with some inside info on what happened to David Icke, the liquidation of ThePeoplesVoice.tv, and the crowd-funded half million pounds that was spent in 4 months before it all went belly-up. From what I can see so far, all that money, all that hype, all those broken promises of transparency and all the broken promises of creating the world’s first ‘alternative’ news TV channel – has ended in nothing but missing money, and everyone blaming each other. I have read a LOT of detail, from different perspectives – and I do not say this lightly – but the infamous David Icke is looking more and more complicit in a massive fraud perpetuated upon thousands of supporters from all around the world. Given my own experiences with David Icke in the past, I am not surprised – but the scale of this fraud and embezzlement is quite shocking, and is going to have repercussions on other attempts to create genuine alt media channels on TV or the net. This was no conspiracy by the system or the illuminati. This is good old ego, greed and deceit back at work by those who profess to denounce such traits – and they are NOT going to get away with it without scrutiny. So anyone with personal experience in that mess is invited to email me: editor@nexusmagazine.com”

Well, in the grand scheme of things,  the money is not  that important, it is only money. What is more important is  the fact that  Icke is complicit in a massive conspiracy/psy ops to usher in a NWR  along with his cahooting buddies. If Duncan Roads thinks that his own  little NWR empire that has been created off of the same scientology-esque blue print as Ickes, is that much different, Roads is not only fooling himself, he too is fooling everyone else.  So yeah, nice try.  As for “genuine” alt media channels there are none. 

“Consider exospeakers information as giving pieces to a large jigsaw, we don’t really know what the big picture looks like,” 

You will never be able to give the bigger picture, when you are in the frame yourself  dictating to the photographer on  what you want him to focus on. Boiling the whole TPV thing down to good old ego, greed and deceit is not the full story and it is not the bigger picture either.  The TPV front did what it was supposed to do, it doubled it’s output on some level as it is still running via Sean and Co plus Richie Allen has his offshoot show which was seeded in TPV.  When a big barn starts to stink tear it down and build two small ones in it’s place.

So back to the land of make believe and fairy tales,  what really happened to the gnomes of old?

Well, they were abducted by the grays.


And to prove it, here is one of their experimental hybrids.


The failed programmers and handlers know that their psy ops has been rumbled, which is why there are a few alt media fronts out there that have moved away from the reptilian, alien bullshit.

You will know who they are because they will have some obscure convoluted connection to people like Icke,  who has in some way recommended them at some point.

Too late.


  1. Roads vs. Icke / Pot calls out Kettle

    I suspect Roads is looking for payback for Icke after Icke had no qualms about posting some
    info about Laurence Gardner. Info that partially came from Stewart Swerdlow.lmao

    Roads is a big fan of Gardner . Laurence Gardner claimed Yahweh had sex with Eve and fathered Cain.

    Below is that disinfo sorted out:

    Cain Fathered by Extraterrestrials?

    Laurence Gardner, that pseudo-ancient text researcher of Jesus bloodline nonsense fame, wants Eve and Yahweh to be the ones having sex-or, “more realistically” in his mind, to have the extraterrestrial god known as Yahweh (who is really Sumerian Enki) genetically implant his DNA in her. In an online lecture on this topic Gardner (largely parroting Zecharia Sitchin) says:

    Conventional teaching generally cites Cain as being the first son of Adam and Eve – but he was not; even the book of Genesis tells us that he was not. In fact, it confirms how Eve told Adam that Cain’s father was the Lord, who was of course Enki the Archetype. Even outside the Bible, the writings of the Hebrew Talmud and Midrash make it quite plain that Cain was not the son of Adam . . . Around 6000 years ago, Adam and Eve . . . were purpose-bred for kingship by Enki and his sister-wife Ninkhursag. This took place at a ‘creation chamber’ which the Sumerian annals refer to as the House of Shimta (Shi-im-tA meaning ‘breath – wind – life‘ ). Adam and Eve were certainly not the first people on Earth, but they were the first of the alchemically devised kingly succession. Nin-khursag was called the Lady of the Embryo or the Lady of Life, and she was the surrogate mother for Adam and Eve, who were created from human ova fertilized by the Lord Enki. 1
    In regard to how the book of Genesis tells us Cain was not the son of Adam and Eve, Gardner has this quotation in his book about the birth of Cain. Let me go on record as saying this is one of my favorite Gardner quotations, only because it’s a crystal clear example of how Gardner DELIBERATELY misleads his readers, likely because he hates Christianity so much:

    “In the opening verse of Genesis 4, it is written that Hawah [Eve] said, I have gotten a man from the Lord’. Other variations are I have got me a man with the Lord’ and I have acquired a man from the Lord’.”2
    Gardner’s quotation creates the distinct impression for his readers that Genesis 4:1contains ONLY this line about Eve saying she “got a man from/with the Lord.” It’s an incomplete citation, though-and you’ll see right away why Gardner wouldn’t give you the rest of the verse in his book. Here’s the whole verse in Hebrew and English (I have given the English and the Hebrew matching colors so you can follow the translation):

    http://michaelsheiser.com/PaleoBabble/ (It’s a pic of the Hebrew that won’t post here..you’ll have to go to the link)

    It’s easy to see here how Gardner only gave his readers the second half of the verse – omitting the part that explicitly says that ADAM “knew” Eve (a common sexual euphemism in the Bible) and so fathered Cain. How convenient. How self-serving. How dishonest.

    Again, it’s just PaleoBabble.

    Laurence Gardner, Genesis of the Grail Kings, 128 ↩



      • IQ (or is it Abhie)..paid a visit,today he didn’t make the top 11 though.Word travels fast. Maybe not so much of a barn split but as well as intel gathering there is an opportunity to lay out some fresh hay for the hungry.


  2. LMAO……

    Oh ,I’ve some news for you.(Which is why I’ve been checking your blog frequently) Not really important but interesting. Catch ya later.


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