Hey Holmes, or can I call you Dave?  If you are writing a book on Transhumanism,  and MK Ultra, your info will be lacking if you don’t mention Gnome.   No intellectual property theft allowed though. Bummer for you. You would actually have to know something more about MK Ultra, than the stuff you find on the nets Holmey.

What a shitter!

The Gnome Project.

Of course the Gnome Project didn’t use a gnome as their logo,  that would be too obvious.  But where there is a Gnome, there is a red hat. That’s a given.

So, here are the connections and links.


Since GNOME 2, usability has been a key focus for GNOME. To this end, the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) were created. All GNOME programs share a common graphical user interface.

One of the biggest contributors to the Gnome Project is Red Hat.

(The Gnome Project, not to be confused with Project Gnome).

“Red Hat went public  on August 11, 1999, achieving the eighth-biggest first-day gain in the history of Wall Street.[7] Matthew Szulik succeeded Bob Young as CEO in December of that year.[11] Before its IPO, Red Hat had received some funding from Joyce Young, the aunt of founder Bob Young. When Red Hat went public, she cashed in enough stock to recoup her initial investment, then left the remaining stock to linger, “for fun”. Her return on investment was so great that, by January 2000 she was a millionaire, allowing her to donate CAD$40 million to the Hamilton Community Foundation in June 2000″

“On November 15, 1999, Red Hat acquired Cygnus Solutions. Cygnus provided commercial support for free software and housed maintainers of GNU  software products such as the GNU Debugger and GNU Binutils. One of the founders of Cygnus, Michael Tiemann, became the chief technical officer of Red Hat and by 2008 the vice president of open source affairs. Later Red Hat acquired WireSpeed, C2Net and Hell’s Kitchen Systems”


Cygnus /ˈsɪɡnəs/ is a northern constellation lying on the plane of the Milky Way, deriving its name from the Latinized Greek word for swan. The swan is one of the most recognizable constellations of the northern summer and autumn, it features a prominent asterism known as the Northern Cross (in contrast to the Southern Cross). Cygnus was among the 48 constellations listed by the 2nd century astronomer Ptolemy, and it remains one of the 88 modern constellations.


That’s interesting Sherlock…What else happened on August 11 1999?

“A total solar eclipse occurred on 11 August 1999 with an eclipse magnitude of 1.029. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby totally or partly obscuring the image of the Sun for a viewer on Earth. A total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon’s apparent diameter is larger than the Sun, blocking all direct sunlight, turning day into darkness. Totality occurs in a narrow path across the surface of the Earth, while a partial solar eclipse will be visible over a region thousands of kilometres wide”,_1999

Remember the start date of the Mayan Calendar.

(The Gnome Project also has ties to the Fedora Project).


iamgnome gnomeportal gnomefoundationredhatgnomesponor

The Gnome Project symbol reminded me of  the image on the cover of the book by Umberto Eco, The Gnomes of Gnu.



Talking About Umberto Eco…..



More on Umberto next.



  1. Hah, good one, and very timely for me. I actually wanted to suggest this last week, reading about all this gnome stuff and having actually used GNOME on Linux years ago, as well as Fedora. Not sure what you think of synchronicity but I’ve experienced so much of it lately that I’m convinced it’s real and significant.


  2. Hi X,

    I had read a little about the Gnome Project a while ago but never got around to posting about it. The Red Hat sponsors seems like the icing on the cake. Even though I didn’t have much time to write about this and for the sake of time constraints had to cut and paste the info from wiki, it is still pretty wild synchronicity wise. I thought that the GNU info hat is linked to the Gnome Project was weird too. I mean, what are the odds of that?

    I think the synchronicity is real, Although there is also a pseudo synchronicity at play as well that serves as a diversion. I myself have had synchronistic events happen that I thought were valid when they weren’t. It seems in retrospect that it was the evil intelligence at play. Demonic synchronicity, if that makes sense. I guess that this blog takes a look at that kind of synchronicity at times.

    I have had experiences in the past where say an occultist or handler etc has sent me on a wild goose chase that has been riddled with synchronicity that I thought was real although it was bullshit.

    There is also synchromysticism / multicontextual research.

    Pretty wild as well that you used the Gnome platform. lol!


  3. I seem to rather like the way you think.

    Your comments on pseudo-synchronicity are insightful, but there’s another angle I’d like to throw out there on the matter, which is not mutually exclusive with the demonic one – the “black helicopter” theory: secret agencies with advanced technologies rather than spiritual entities, although the two sometimes appear to overlap as exemplified by things like the “men in black”. This angle is generally shunned and ridiculed even in the “truth” movement (which doesn’t actually exist, it’s just another bogus label), and is usually associated with paranoia and insanity, even more so than the demonic paradigm for some bizarre reason. But we can entertain an idea without buying it outright; I believe Aristotle had something to say about that. In any case, technologies capable of manipulating individuals from a distance exist, and there is plenty of literature on declassified projects like weather modification going back over 50 years. I think synchronicity is extremely likely to be researched in black budget programs, and I can say that coolly and without paranoia.

    I keep a synchronicity journal from which patterns emerge, making it easier to sort out the wheat from the chaff.


  4. A long time ago I was told that there is a portable low frequency electronic device that can be aimed at a target for mind control purposes and I don’t doubt it. I do have a hard time believing some claims that are along the lines of being more or less harassed and followed by black helicopters and have read a few blogs where people are claiming that they are writing a specific blog post or whatever and a helicopter turns up, I think that kind of stuff does fuel paranoia. I think as well some people use the black helicopter scenario to draw attention to themselves.

    Kind of like Kerry Cassidy who did an interview with someone and claimed that helicopters turned up when she was in fact interviewing someone that was close by to a heliport lol!

    So yes, some of those technologies do exist and maybe they overlap on a spiritual level in a synchronistic way because the original idea of creating these technologies came from demonic sources./ evil intelligence.


  5. Talking about evil intelligence and synchronicity Zen Gardner who is another nwr dugpa who frequents alt media fronts and who is touted intermittently by Icke posted this on synchronicity today. November 15. Piggy backers are always a day late I guess. It would have been too obvious he if mentioned synchromysticism. This for me was a case of synchronicity, for some reason I checked out Zen Gardners page which I hardly ever do, here is his post.

    Which is funny because here on Before Its News (another joke of a website) he posts this

    “First of all, the mystical synchronicity mechanism just is. It’s a manifestation of the great conscious Universal Truth that underlies and drives everything with or without our conscious recognition of it.

    To me it distills down to neophyte mankind uncovering clearly connecting events that supersede our mental understandings. And when we do it serves as an inspiration and continual wake up call”.

    ” Follow the Leads

    We can only live and learn. That there is more than this matrix of societal interaction and worldly understanding has been ridiculed and marginalized for ages. Truth is we’re in an inter-dimensional soup we’re only barely aware of.

    Learn to live and deal with that.

    Stay fully conscious. That’s all that matters.

    Love, Zen”

    This is an excellent example of demonic intelligence working synchronistically. Icke recommends Gardner, or LEADS and Gardner gives a half truth. He doesn’t mention demonic synchronicity. Telling people to blindly follow the Leads is ignorance at its best. But that is what people like Icke and Gardner rely on. Ignorance.

    Original link directly from Ickes website

    Here is a post that mentions synchronicity from a few months ago.
    Much more interesting as it exposes demonic synchronicity and another piggy backer.


  6. I actually no longer have much interest in “truth seeking”. I think the cabal has already won, and the only way humanity might survive is if somewhere down the road the structure implodes under the weight of its own corruption and falsity, and a few shrewd survivors who pretended to be insiders but were really fighting the good fight emerge to take over and herald a true golden age of righteousness. It’s unlikely, but I’m still hopeful. But for now, it’s over. We’ve been so dumbed down and mangled, it’s disheartening. I mostly hang around “educated” people, and they are complete imbeciles for the most part, entirely asleep, talking about subjects that would bore a second grader. I truly feel alone. The only reason I even stop by your site is because I had it added to my Pulse reader app which I sometimes open out of boredom. The hidden hand is too powerful, it has successfully constructed a carceral reality where opposition exists across every division imaginable, biologically, economically, politically, spiritually. The Great Work is almost finished, a few more touch-ups and the capstone will be installed. Cold, dark, brutal, that is the real world. Then again, it’s always darkest before dawn. At least, we can hope.


  7. I like your take on the future outcome that involves shrewd survivors and I think there are more people that envision that kind of scenario. Even though many of them may seem to be looking to the wrong people to provide that hoped for result, I do have hope for humankind as I too have looked to the wrong people in the past, even though it seemed to be by design. The fact is,for whatever reason, none of them succeeded and there is no going backwards.
    With that in mind, I can only come to the conclusion that I am not the only one who hasn’t been had. Because I am not. So I know I am not alone.

    A long time ago I was talking to someone about a problem that I had, this person was at a better place in their life than I was at the time, I had gone to her for some help and we were having a conversation about some spiritual thing, I felt very alone with it all that was going on at the time, Anyway, she turned around to me and said “When you are in the right place, you won’t need people like me anymore” This made me kind of sad as I loved her and she made me feel less alone.
    I didn’t understand it at the time, but what she said was turned out to be true. When I eventually found that place, and I didn’t have to go far to find it, I realized that I was alone, and funnily enough I was OK with it. The penny dropped and I never felt alone after a lifetime of feeling!

    I had eventually figured out that “feeling” alone, wasn’t a feeling after all. It was a thought. A thought that hinged on my perspective /opinion of what being alone meant to me at the time.
    I had also felt that the world was a cold and brutal place, not because I was alone, but because I had isolated myself because I had been a slave to “thinking” I was alone.

    So it is a bit of a dichotomy, we are always going to be alone on some level, so it boils down to how we handle it. The only solution that I can find to that one is to accept it and be OK with it and go from there. 0)

    I counteract the cold hard world by being warm funnily enough. Although I don’t extend that warmth to handlers, liars, programmers or charlatans, they are fully aware of what they are doing and I would not even piss on them if any of them were on fire.


  8. “The hidden hand is too powerful, it has successfully constructed a carceral reality where opposition exists across every division imaginable, biologically, economically, politically, spiritually”

    Which is why so many people have been blindsided by Ickes covert spiritual manifesto.. It never occurs to them that he aims for their blind spot with covert “spiritual” politics.. Dugpas such as Icke spend so much time getting people to pay attention to satanic corruption.

    For example…
    Ickes Headlines today
    “Peadophilia,, Satanism, political,and financial manipulation are all connected”

    While Ickes spiritual politics and connections harbor as much corruption as the aforementioned satanists. He has manipulated people financially, spiritually and politically…(and biologically if you take into account his DMT /shroom pushing agenda). I would love to see him encourage his grandkids to imbibe in some DMT or shrooms at some point to get them up to par “spiritually”…what is good for the goose eh.



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