Red Ice removing FB comments.


Do you see this?


Over the years Red Ice has promoted lots of these….


In the name of truth.

Little rackets  censorship and  socially engineered info.

Another story that has been pushed on RI  lately is the whole life on Mars is impossible  story.

People would only have about 60 or so days to survive on Mars according to MIT

Which is the polar opposite of  previous RI guest Dugpa “I frequent Mars all the time” Eisenhower.

 Red Ice – Bringing  you the news and cutting edge information with transparency and honesty.

Not like the MSM at all eh?

(updated 10/20 – comments put back on FB  lmao)

Updated 10/27/14. – Entire post deleted of Facebook lmao!

Whats the matter Red Ice? I thought you were all for transparency n shit.

Don’t tell me that little dicktater Thomas is pulling your puppet strings and getting you to remove posts on his behalf.

You are Perception Racketeers.

Failed Perception Racketeers.


  1. Here is another crock of shit from barn of the farm Jeff Renses platform. Some of the usual shills “fishing” in the comments section for syphoning purposes.You know the ones. Chiappalone has also been spamming Germany lately. Isn’t that right “doctor”…..


    • I don’t know that Red Ice or Jeff Rense refer to what they do(?) as “journalism” but ….

      “The essence of journalism is a discipline of verification.” (Elements of Journalism, p. 71).

      Journalism is not about simply asserting something is true (or not). It is about following particular methods to verify the truth (or falsity) of information.

      These methods are the core of “objectivity” in journalism. Again, it’s not about the journalist (an unavoidably subjective human being, as we all are). It is about the ways in which the journalist goes about gathering, organizing and disseminating information.

      “The method is objective, not the journalist. The key (is) in the discipline of the craft, not the aim.”(Elements of Journalism, p. 74).

      The authors suggest five principles of a “science of reporting” that make up this discipline of verification:

      * Do not add anything that did not happen, was not said, or in any other way was not part of the reality.

      * Do not deceive the public, your sources, your editors or anyone else.

      * Be transparent about both motives and methods: “Explain how you learned something and why you believe it — so the audience can do the same” (p. 81).

      * Do your own work.
      * Be humble. Recognize and acknowledge what you do not know.

      And they offer several “techniques” of verification, a sort of “scientific method” of reporting. These include:

      * Editing skeptically.

      Editors have a special responsibility to question how the reporter knows the information he or she put in the story — and to make sure any information that is unverified or based on assumptions is not disseminated to the public.

      * Checking for accuracy.

      The authors offer a checklist that includes not just ensuring the facts are correct but also includes asking such questions as “Will some people like this story more than they should?” and “Have all the stakeholders been given a chance to speak here?”

      * Questioning all assumptions.

      Journalists should methodically and systematically verify — and then corroborate — what people tell them.

      * Using anonymous sources only with extreme caution (and never solely for the purpose of expressing an opinion about someone else).

      A couple of useful questions for reporters to ask themselves before promising a source confidentiality:

      * How much direct knowledge does the source have about whatever he or she is telling you about?

      * What motive might the source have for misleading you, hiding certain information or otherwise “spinning” the story to his or her advantage?

      [link to]

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      • I can tick off everything on that list as something that Jeff Rense and a lot of others (and not all of then are mentioned on this blog) in the alt media don’t bother doing when it comes to who and what brings the “truth” and “news” in the alt media. If anything listeners are basically listening to a couple of people (the interviewer and the guest) blowing smoke up each others arses for an hour or two. So is Jeff Rense a jounralist in the truest send of the word? Not at all… (Is Jeff Rense a viable? I hope so, because if we are lucky, he will end up on some spaceship with Chiappalone.Win win)


      • Right . Jeff Rense is not a journalist but I do hope he is one of Chiappalones’ “viables”.

        Awesome win ,win. !!!


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