Disappointing as that may be to one or two people at the Icke forum, Beaton had no shapeshifting skills.

This is what happens when someone like David Icke comes along and “informs” the uninformed about shape shifting reptilians. They spend hour upon hour down rabbit holes dissecting photos and are still none the wiser.




Beaton was however a master of shapeshifting into a woman by way of putting on a dress.


Beaton also had a brother, Reggie who was in the RAF.

NPG x126125; Reginald Beaton; Cecil Beaton; Etty Beaton by Lallie Charles (nÈe Charlotte Elizabeth Martin)

He committed suicide by jumping infront of a train because this whore woman “Lady” Camoys blackmailed him with threats of exposing his homosexuality to his mother unless Beaton photographed her…


She was also shagging this Nazi.


Who ended up like this after being hanged…..for being a Nazi.



  1. Your “work” is really turning to shiite mate,I liked some of your other posts but this is just lazy drivel.what point are you trying to make here?that some loser put up an idiotic thing on the DIF,so YOU REPOST IT?? now then who’s the bigger loser?must be nice to have all that the time to scan icke’s forum for your “groundbreaking revelations” lol!…but since no one cares or even comments anymore i thought i would,may be time to finally get that job and clean up mom’s basement,just sayin


  2. Oh look its the tosser from Alien Fossil Project…whats up? Am i not posting enough fodder to inspire you for your own alien rabbit hole? As for moderation, I am sitting right here approving your comments as they pop up


  3. Oh and FYI I think I am within my rights to call out some twat on the Icke forum who thinks Beaton is a shapshifter seeing as he was a relative and all…ya know, he only photographed the royals for 40 fucking years. Infact Beaton photographed anyone who was anyone, including Orwell and Huxley, he didn’t photograph anyone he didn’t know.

    I must say that your ego comes cross as twice the size of Ickes and your poxy alien skulls are as convincing as Ickes reptile bullshit.

    As for comments, this is the first time you have ever commented although it isn’t the first time you have been here is it.

    Oh and I am a female you silly skull fucker.


  4. Top work pebble another turd flushed, looks like you made him angry the nasty turd has made a youtube channel and is busy subscribing to all your channels you have subscribed to. He has left a message on one of my videos.
    Congratulation pebble you have clearly exposed a extreamly vile and nasty turd and he is replying like only low life imature scum can. You are clearly hurting these fuckwits at a level I never could, I salute you for you war on these vile turd polishers

    ps I have signed in with my email so you may have my private email also my guitar videos have my private email if you drop me a line I can mail you, Youtube email is to perplexing I have some stuff i wouuld like to say in private if that is ok ?


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