A recent guest on Red Ice was Dennis Wise, an anonymous documentary maker whose purpose is to dispel the myths of Hitler. The 6 hour long documentary is narrated with a lot of reverb as if to make the story teller sound as if they were in a large auditorium with the added soundtrack of lulling or victorious music playing in the background where applicable throughout. Hollywood lite crossed my mind.

Red Ice in this instance, has the cheek to sit around umming and ahhing about whether Hitler was an overlooked messiah, while at the same time promoting propaganda while using the good old fallback of talking about things that are “taboo”. This video is one of several along the lines of white genocide etc that Red Ice has had on as of late.
Would the operators of Red Ice have the freedom be able to provide such a platform under a dictatorship? Probably not, unless of course they were for said dictatorship. Fitting though, as Hitler’s Germany basically created propaganda as we know it today. (David Icke also posted the documentary on his Headlines although took the post down after a while.)

Hitler is revised as Christian (there is the old footage and photographs of him with men of the church wearing vestments).

To keep things fair and balanced it is worth mentioning Miguel Serrano who was also a supporter of Hitler, Esoteric Hitlerism and Gnosticism.

“According to Serrano the SS were divided into two sections, an inner esoteric one and an outer one. The “exoteric SS” were selected to “be able to deal with the most difficult tasks and adventures in the external world”. “Nothing of the esoteric of the black order, its practices and teachings, its invisible connections and its occult doctrines was known” to them. (Serrano, 1987, p. 264). The “inner circle” of the SS consisted of “sun people, supermen, god-men, the total human, the human magician” (Serrano, n.d., p. 96). The esoteric SS were siddhas (magicians) from the underground kingdom of Shambhala, or at least their messengers In German, SS are the initials of the “black sun” (“schwarze Sonne”), and Serrano did also call the members of the order “the men of the black sun”. We are reminded that the planet of darkness, Rahu, which darkens the sun and moon, is also referred to in the Kalachakra Tantra as the black sun.”



The video of Miguel Serrano being interviewed here has subtitles.

Either one, or the other is right about Hitler. It is impossible for the two lines of thought to be correct.


  1. Well that makes sense because if what Joseph Chiappalone says about himself having been Hitler in a past life, he has a good and true foot solider doing his bidding….

    I think Hitler would be quite sad and disappointed with his new incarnation as Chiappalone.


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