Some Gnome action which made Drudge Report.

400 gnomes disappeared in Austria, and it's causing political scandal...

From Drudge.

“Television does not play a major role in the country’s election campaigns because public TV channels (which dominate the market) are not allowed to broadcast political advertisement. Gnomes seemed like a welcome alternative for the Social Democrats, a party that is among the strongest political forces in Austria but has been historically weak in Vorarlberg and the west of the country”.


2 thoughts on “GNOME PROGRAMMING

  1. Ahem….
    “According to the Social Democratic Party, it spent roughly a third of its campaign resources in the state, $660,000 in total, on the gnomes.”

    *rolls eyes*


  2. I am sure the SD think that is money well spent ……maybe they are relying on the gnomes to vote for them…

    20,000 Gnomes!

    “The Social Democrats have ordered a total of 20,000 gnomes, which they will roll out over the next few weeks of campaigning.

    They have filed an official complaint with the police, and a reward of €1,000 has been offered to anyone with information about where the missing gnomes are”.


    I will up the reward to 20,000.00 if the gnome nabbers mail a few hundred of them to Icke, Sheridan, Swerdlow Passio and Irvin as a gesture of my generosity. lmao!


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