If you put the below statement into context with the alternative media for example, this could be construed as a damage control attempt from Jan Irvin. He is part of the alternative media, yet desires to set himself apart from the alt media and his associations within the alt media.



See Red Ferrari metaphor below that Jan provides for this statement on division. Again, if put into context of the alt media, the whole will not operate, function and achieve desired goal to the maximum if one of the parts is not present.



His metaphor of the Red Ferrari is where he states that “The parts of of the Red Ferrari are not the Red Ferrari” at 1.07.50 in.

What he fails to mention is that the parts of the Red Ferrari are indeed all needed and necessary to make said Ferrari function at optimum performance.



Despite Jan Irvins claims in the above video of violence and threats being a form of mind control, and the legal system and magistrates being the magi (magi-strates) here are a few comments made by Jan Irvin to someone posting on his Youtube Channel. Jan Irvin threatening to sue someone via the legal system. ( I would think that you would need laywers etc of said legal system that you shit mouth to accomplish said suing)




So what we have in the above statements by Jan Irvin is in fact him “peacocking” and casting a spell on the person he was responding to by getting his “victim” to believe” in the spell that he was casting via violence, the legal system and magi-strates and lawyers that would potentially do his bidding.


Well, even though this is not an indepth post, it doesn’t need to be. The Onus is on me.



Throwing around terms that you heard about logic doesn’t make you a scholar, it makes you a repeater of scholars who wrote things about logic. And given the way you loosely throws around these terms to defend youself against any criticism, you clearly do not logically understand what you are talking about. It’s intellectually dishonest and just stupid to attempt to reduce all of life’s questions down to poorly thought out gnosis.


  1. If said vehicle model(Ferrari lmao) has had several reported crashes due to defective parts A&B then I would think a recall by Gnostic Motors on that model vehicle is in order. Also any other vehicle made by Gnostic Motors employing said parts A&B should be recalled and thoroughly examined.

    Also the engineers and other employees at Gnostic Motors should be looked at as well.


    However that doesn’t seem to be the case. Gnostic Motors continually releases vehicles with blatant flaws that under normal driving conditions and testing conditions crash and burn.


  2. It’s difficult to tell, sometimes, whether these so-called “researchers are actually rotten lying scumbags, insane, or just too gullible and lazy to check their info sources. In Jan Irvin’s case though, there is no doubt that he is the former. He pretends to teach the trivium, but he doesn’t even know what grammar means. It means: the rules of a language. He, and his groupies, use it as a synonym for research; as in, “I’ve done my grammar on that subject.” Very funny. Also, he has memorized the entire list of logical fallacies, but doesn’t apply them to his own “reasoning”; he only uses them to score cheap points in arguments with unarmed opponents. It’s true that the source of information has no bearing on its veracity, but keeping bad company does speak to the character (or lack thereof) of the source. It doesn’t offend logic to say that Jan Irvin’s info is crap AND he keeps company with scum. It’s hard to feel sorry for people taken in by that psycho because the threatening abuse, posted in this article, is far from unusual. This, in spite of the fact that only people who “friend” him on facebook are allowed to comment on his site.


    • Let’s just hope he never attempts to add “nomenclature” to his vocabulary. I think that Jan Irvin is on par with Jordan Maxwell with his usage of word association and terminology that he doesn’t fully understand. He uses a lot of the tactics that he claims to be used in mind control, I thought that the above video is a blatant example and I agree, that this would go over the heads of unarmed opponents. I think it is typical for researchers of his caliber to pander to those that they can bamboozle.

      On a side note, I don’t think I have never heard a discourse in the alt media where a guest has been put on the hot seat by any host. The interviews are all very nice and amicable and a lot of guests would not appear on some of the alt media platforms if they knew upfront that that there was a possibility that they could come under fire for being a hypocrite or a charlatan etc..

      I just see and hear a lot of yes men agreeing with each other at the end of the day. If anyone does decide to upset their various apple carts, it is those that comment on their YT sites, facebook pages and blogs etc…If the commenter says something that really holds some water, the comments will either be ignored and the researchers let the fans/ groupies bat for them in their stead..or the comments get deleted altogether.( Or in Jan Irvins case, he will threaten to use the magi strates and courts that he shit mouths to do his bidding)


  3. one thing that always struck me as rather suspicious about jan is one moment he is releasing all the she who remembers archives if terence mckenna and the next he is revealing that mckenna was a CIA agent and not to be trusted. Secondly his appearances on various shows who’s credibility is in question, namely vinny eastwood, joe rogan, red ice radio among them. the 21st century eh…….


    • I never heard of this Jan Irvin fellow until Purple Pebble posted her article. So in my looking , just a bit ,into him I read where he believes McKenna was a CIA” agent.” But that wasn’t the troubling aspect. It was why he believes Mckenna was a spook and that was based on something McKenna said in an interview . The thing is it was cherry picked and taken out of context. The neo-Gnostic crowd excels at that sport.

      I do think Mckenna was a tool,not an “agent “, but don’t think he actually came out and announced such employed status.

      The other fellow I find questionable is Dave McGowan.


  4. oh and before i forget, his association with former military intelligence officer general stubblebine and his wife rima laibow (a clear CIA trained asset if there ever was one) set my alarm bells tingling sharply.


  5. Yes, he did come in a as a McKenna promoter to then “reveal” that McKenna was an agent. Bait n switch…Jan Irvin is proving himself to be another bandwagon jumper and I think that it is more proof that damage control is underway and the order of the day. Some of these researchers in the alt media that are part of the social engineering via mind control programming will often dish up a plateful of the good old “hiding in plain sight” giving their audience a teaspoon of truth while they themselves are hiding in plain sight working on getting their audience to focus their attention on some other aspect of mind control for instance. The video of Jan Irvin posted above is a perfect example of this.

    Alex Jones is another one who has had Jan on his show. Recently Jones and Icke did the usual blowing of smoke for each others orifices and Jones stated towards the end of the interview that he and Icke were the “Icons of the awakening” which gave me a good laugh.

    Thanks for mentioning Stubblebine as well, I guess Ed Dames was not available for an interview that day.


  6. The history channel has been fairly busy as well in regards to their efforts of damage control,I think the show can be used as a yardstick to identify some of the programmers. I recently watched a show where they had members of the OTO who were filmed doing a ritual and basically advocating damage control for Crowley who was very much favored by Hubbard.


  7. Jan Irvin bandwagon jumper and fungus extraordinaire

    From promoting McKenna to this…
    Sophisticated radio host, author and political analyst.

    and a few of these

    From June 5th 2012

    CIA IR investigates not Crime itself, but the prevention of crime.

    Based around the Himalaya Regions and dedicated to Fringe Science, Bio-energetics, tantric Taoism, shamanism, and psychedelic Research for the sole purpose of individual and collective evolution of consciousness in the world.
    Our aim is to investigate crime on subtle levels of the psyche and the prevention of misuse of psychic powers, to avoid degradation in physical manifestation.

    Dampa Sangye used to say:
    “If the old generation could perceive the world with the same heart as the new crystal children, they would realize, that the world they have been living in, is really a Matrix, a prison for the mind.”
    He is also delighted to see the advanced evolution in western psychedelic research, and how it affects People to live a life with deeper Consciousness.

    Dampa also explained how Psychedelic Research is building a bridge between the young and the old generation:
    “A conservative old human ON LSD can easily keep up with the high vibrant frequency of a
    crystal rainbow child ON MEDITATION”, and with a smile he would add: “So what happens if a crystal rainbow is on LSD!?
    Levitation, Teleportation or even Mutation?! And there we have the X-MEN, that´s how movies are created!”

    Dr Jacoby the psychedelic shrink – and Terence McKenna doppelganger.

    David Icke and programming via hallucinogens


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