Archons are described as definitively reptilian at about 34 minutes in. At round 35 minutes in Icke mentions that they are very “robot like, machine like” therefore very predictable…. and that archons are reptilian.

From an older TPV video, at about 12 minutes in, Icke claims Archons were Gnomes.

Mentioned here.


So there you have it. Just another NWR social engineering  psy op. Way back when they were called gnomes. Nobody would believe that these days so the  new world religion gnostic spin – reptilians.

Does that mean that the bloodlines were shapeshifting gnomes originally? Was human DNA blended with gnome DNA per George Tsoukalos notion that reptilian DNA was blended with human DNA?

Were our ancestors human/gnome hybrids?


Kind of blows that royal reptilian bloodline shapeshifting theory out of the water if at one point the archons were gnomes (per Icke)


7/27 Edited to add

link below re: Icke Exposing Saville while failing to mention Stewart Swerdlow claiming to have sodomized thousands of young boys to death for Montaulk.



  1. Your welcome :o)

    Here is a vid on the Nachash. If you take into consideration those who would have men want to become as God (in the present day) it would be luciferic whispering certain knowledge as ultimate truth. Black square/white square replica knowledge.
    The true hijacking.
    Not as David Icke claims which is that reptilians want to infiltrate the planet, people and society etc..it is happening but not in the way that ancient aliens would have people think. David Icke has been heavily invested in resuscitating reptilian ideas and the way that reptilians are perceived, yet he deflects the truth all the time with luciferic black square/white square knowledge.


  2. before the sixtes it,s like occultists or dugpas were more honest in a way. Icke is an occultist but very much through the lense of the 6o revolution to me, so only hard core nutters like the process church atually mention satan really, most new agers dugpas are crystall rubbers and tree huggers, i bet the hard core know the score though


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