Vinny. The  head honcho of the “Scumbaggery Advice Bureau”.

Here are some of his latest NLP riddled manipulations.

Vinny Eastwood
My listeners trigger thoughts,
thoughts sometimes more important than the comments of listeners themselves.
It’s a symbiotic relationship,
I’d never have the thought if not for the listener,
And the listener wouldn’t comment if not for the thought I published.
But believe me, I need listeners far more than they need me,
Which is why I’m grateful any of you would even care to listen or comment at all”.

Yeah Vinny….We heard the below plea for cash last year just before Christmas and a couple of months after you blew through that cash… and a couple of months after that..Vinny –  a parasite who needs listeners who contribute cash to his barn on the farm, which is one of the reasons why he needs listeners.Believe it or not, Vinny does need listeners more than his listeners need him.  Parasitical symbiosis.

“We’re in real financial strain this winter ladies and gentlemen
If anyone would be so kind as to donate to the Vinny Eastwood winter relief fund it’d be much appreciated!
It brings on a lot of anxiety when you and the wife only have enough money between us to shop for 1 meal at a time each day”.

“I didn’t earn most of my knowledge,
It was given to me freely by people much wiser and more experienced than I
People who often had to endure terrible hardships to earn such wisdom
I am grateful for this
One day I hope to pass on valuable knowledge that I too have suffered to gain so that others won’t have to.”
Vinny. Whoring yourself out and promoting charlatans  on your “internet radio show” with begathons for  donations every couple of months ( instead of having an  actual job that would support yourself ) doesn’t count as a  “terrible hardship”.
You are no better, even worse than those who suck off the teat of the government that  you are claim to be so vehemently opposed to (that is what you tell everyone that at least) .    If the truth movement psy ops was a tv station, you would be the equivalent of  Ron Popiel –  intermittent  infomercials for charlatans.

This has to be my favorite. Vinny Eastwood on cult leaders and frauds in the truth movement. This must be the quote of the century. Gave me a right old larf.
“I hate psychopathic cult leaders and frauds
Especially ones in the “half-truth” movement
They’re dangerous people who prey on the newly “awakened”
That have yet to realize there’s more than 1 false dream
More than 1 brand of scumbaggery
These followers are also dangerous
They enable, allow and promote their leaders actions
Without questioning them or their own behavior
Like vampires, they cannot see themselves in a mirror
Or see that they’ve become the very monster they claim to oppose”.
– Vinny Eastwood





Just a few of the charlatans Vinny has provided a platform for.

Now Vinny, you are  issuing damage control for yourself by blatantly lying and using double talk to suck energy and money out of  your  listeners . Using the old  “I am young and innocent, have learned wisdom from my elders” racket  as if you are some humble  sufferer, when the truth is, you are a big gob with an internet connection fobbing yourself off as a journalist.
Show hosts like Vinny are just as  dangerous as the cult leaders themselves because they give cult leaders  a platform from which to spread their deceit and accompanying snake oil in various forms.
Vinny has never researched any of his guests and has turned a blind eye to  any psychopathic behaviors and  agendas that they come with. In some instances Vinny has provided  a platform for cult leaders  to issue damage control against those who speak up about them.
Just another horsey on the merry go round.


    • The lying mass media will transition into, the lying alt media. Then your alt media will be mainstream.It is just another program. It is in transition already. If you think about it.
      Take the David Icke and Sonia Poulton debacle for example, they both came from msm to alt media. The Community Press Group is not mainstream lite as Icke states, it is alternative lite. The transition is a subtle one.

      The Community Press Group removed the link to all of the alternative videos they recommended. Including videos such as the Esoteric Agenda and Ickes videos.

      They can remove all they want to but that wont change the intentions.

      I don’t just “attack” the alt media blindly I make points and observations about it and those involved and have a fairly decent record of the shennanigans over the years. If more people observed the alt media like they do the msm they might just realize that the two aren’t that much different.

      The alt media is just another program for your amusement, that program is breaking down which is why there is so much infighting at the moment.


  1. Sheep Love Lies And Hate History

    The Sheep love being lied into wars and about wars:

    Spanish War ( USS Maine ) , WW1 (Lusitania) , WW2 (Pearl Harbour – prior knowledge) , Cold War ( Gladio) , Vietnam ( the fake Tonkin incident) , Iraq (wmds) , Gulf War ( Nayirah Testimony) , Afghanistan ( 9/11 ) , Libya & Syria ( both attacked covertly by NATO backed “rebels” ie. more lies ).

    So now the herd of mind controlled uninformed programmed sheep salivate over the lie of the terror threat .

    Why are sheep so dangerously mal-informed ?
    Ans: The dangerously grossly mal-informing MSM .

    Why does the MSM grossly mislead us ?
    Ans: Because thats how our owners , the banking corporate monied establishment ( the same ones who own MSM ) want it .

    Why do they want it like this ?
    Ans: So military piracy and murder can go unexposed !

    Where’s the TV documentary : “The Modern History of lies leading to War” ?

    You think it would be an important relevant story , wouldn’t you ?
    Especially considering the value of history and the concept of “historical context” ?

    But no , the herd of sheep are never presented with the dots let alone the chance to join them !

    Hence :


    • And you think you are not a “sheep” because you get your info from the alternative media barns on the farm? This blog, at times, connects the dots of the alt media fronts. Why does that piss you off? Why would someone who connects any kind of dots piss you off?
      As an example, a person “wakes up” about the msm, starts listening to the alt media for news source and info, doesn’t bother to connect the dots, or pay attention to the hosts or regular guests that do the circuit.
      Don’t call those that listen to the msm sheep (it is a shitty term when you think about it, at some point we have all been there, including yourself) to go on claim that in some way you are not a sheep now because you get your info from the alt media.

      Stop being a gatekeeper for the alt media fronts.


  2. No, it won’t.
    Another thing that some people do not realize is that the alt media fronts have a vested interest in promoting the New World Religion. You may not find much of that on the msm fronts but hey, the alt media fronts pick up the slack where that subject is concerned. Hence the plethora of programmers and re programmers that the alt media fronts have appear on their platforms.


  3. from an older post
    May 2012

    July 1, 2013

    Sick and tired of the Mainstream Media? Figured out that the Alternative Media is not much different?
    Well, fret not. David Icke is saving the day with his revolutionary idea of…..wait for it…the revolutionary idea of another media outlet for the playground. He has the mainstream AND alternative media figured out dontya know. He has claimed to be victims of both.


  4. “unless you’re hated by someone who has no life, you’re not living a good one yourself.”

    ^^^That^^^ is piss poor logic. A fallacious arguement. Non -Sequitur.

    No wonder you have the job that you do.


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