The black square, black lodge players. The white square, white lodge players.
Appearing to be separate entities while all the time, working in unison.

The grand illusion. The black cabal and the great white brotherhood.

Piggybacking Creation. The white lodge being the solution,the “truth” for the problems created by the black cabal. the “lie”

Queen, King, Bishop, Knight, Pawn and Rook.

Rookies. New recruits. Pawns in the making, who will always wish they were knights, and when they are made into knights, they will do the bidding of the kings and queens-  of the black and white lodges.


Players playing the game.

While the game.has been  playing the players.

All along.



 futile game.

A Stalemate.


  If you aren’t playing.

You call


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