Thonas Sheridan does some damage control on behalf of the psy ops.  Using religious metaphors that he decries  as being programming, like  the devil ,salvation and apocalyptic scenes of having “golden opportunities” of bringing it all down . Thomas Sheridan manages to use each metaphor to portray his inner visions,

A Brand distraction. No mention of meditation ins schools. Just pay attention to the superficial Jesus side of Russell brands role. The usual.

A bit about anonymous posters who talk shit about him on the intranets, need to “get busy washing their dirty dishes” and stay  out of the truth movement. Because they are not qualified. It  is sounding more and more like Thomas’s movement as time moves on if I am not mistaken. In his fuckin dreams.

If you are anonymous and want to to be a part of the “change” , you had best write a book, hold seminars, do the alt media radio circuit etc..If you have none of the above qualifications you have no room to talk about anything.  It would make Thomas very happy if you let the experts such as himself do all the talking.

David Icke blah blah blah…Gorilla 199 got a mention. Thomas mentions Gorilla 199s love for Icke, because supposedly  his fixation with Icke equates to some kind of Oedipus Complex or something.  While on the other hand, Sheridans fixation on  Jimmy Saville or  Hitler  for instance goes unnoticed and unmentioned.

Then some fun stuff at the end, with focus being on humor. Thomas tells stories about how funny he has been and still is, satire and all of that. Like the real  news does. The feel good story at the end.

If you are going to circle jerk, at least jerk each other off. Instead of yourselves. That is the polite thing to do.

Kings of truth.


(Edited to add : Thomas it is now July 22 at 4.24 pm and you are here again. That makes the total of your visits 34 times over the past  week.  Glad to see my blog is an inspiration for your erm “work” lmao) You are now claiming that the alternative movement is dying per your last blog post. where will you and all yer buddies  end  up?


  1. Great article, excellent blog. Only just found it,

    after watching the interview you posted above with that clown sheridan on you tube, and hearing his rant about insignificant people (pleb’s ) daring to question the cult leaders….. sorry the truth movement leaders, i decided find out more about him – and luckly i ended up here.
    I’ve had a good old laugh reading through your site, and you have expressed just how i feel about all these clowns

    thank you and keep up the good work

    oh and thank you also thomas (i got a feeling your reading this) if not for your rant about people daring to question the great leaders i would have just gone on my way lol

    i’m now going to see if you have an article about operation camel-toe (her and her side kick do my head right in !


  2. Hi Geronimo, I am happy to have given you a laugh. I have a good laugh myself when I post some of this stuff. I am not sure if I have done anything on Operation Camel Toe though, I figure that these days it is pretty much a wash. I do need to do something on Miles Johnston at some point.
    I think he is a real bottom feeder.


  3. To be honest i just enjoy calling her operation camel-toe to be honest , and as i was having a laugh i thought i’d spoil myself by writting it down (simple things please simple minds).
    carry on as you are, any dugpa baiting is fine by me.

    hats off to you, you seem to have had the measure of these parasites for quite a while (a while longer than me anyway)

    keep up the good work

    p.s – that alien fossil fool is a right bellend, i knew he was right about icke but could never hear him over his massive ego, talking about how great he is and showing pictures of his wife


  4. hehe, yeah, his ego is massive, and the whole thing he does showcasing his wife is just
    awful and well,, it just isn’t relevant . It would be like me posting pictures of myself in a bikini intermittently on this blog. lmao.


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