The last time I posted at Purple Pebble’s Dugpa Blog was over 2 years ago, same with Martijn/Filter/PopLar who is certainly no liar.

Thank you for finally clearing up the truth about Martijn/Pop Lar being Filter.  Amongst the many other names he uses across the nets.

He is a liar who uses multiple persona’s.

Didn’t Richard just claim that Martijn has never posted at the cafe?  If Richard was unaware of it, you certainly were.  The last time you posted here was January 2013.

I recognized PP to be a unique, dedicated researcher with an opaque core view. I was an open book from using my own name to telling everyone what I felt and thought about this material including my Gnostic symphathies. I still DO THAT. Purple Pebble did not reveal her POV until the BruHaHa at her Dugpa blog.

I still am and it still is unique info with unique insights.

Just because you and you little ring of NWR handlers  have been caught with their knickers down, while trying to fuck everyone in the good old fashioned way, doesn’t diminish what is written here because you  say so.  You still come here and glean the info don’t ya.

I don’t care if people use their real names or not. Although I am not a  supporter of those who disguise themselves  under several different names, using several different alters and psychological angles when looking to recruit people  into their NWR.

The lowest of the low being the ones who  use multiple persona’s and life history’s (i.e. pretending to be English when they are not) and you talk about transparency?

Richard was in hiatus at that time so was not keeping up with the postings at HCF or Dugpas Blog either and innocently missed many posts. I tried to help her in the beginning by posting over there and because it is important to expose many things that are hard to see or accept about compromised people of the NWR contingent of the NWO.

 I started this blog  because it is the best way to keep the info in one place. I had previously posted at the Icke forum and then at the cafe.   Additionally, at  the time the stability of the cafe was up in the air.   I had contributed a fair amount at the cafe and did not want to lose what I had contributed.  And again, I did not ask you for help, and never have.  You just ad libbed  what I wrote about, in the hopes that I would fall for Chiappalones BS which you kept hidden until the very end of your posting here.I

Due to discovering irreconcileable, foundational differences in philosphy I left. Preceding that a brief scuffle ensued whereby Gnosticism was “somewhat” defended from distortion and smear by Martijn, Sifter and myself. We made our points and left. None of us have time for hopeless, elementary arguments with Christians.

Oh contraire. I did  not mention anything about being Christian until I responded to a post which was a good year after you left . That  was when Martin/Pop Lar/ Filter posted his little rant about my “creed” under the name “Allors”.

While you of course seem to think that everyone and their mother has time to waste on the  NWR gnostic charlatans that you promote. The truth is,you got fucked off because neither I nor MN  took your Chiappalone bait. Shill fail.

The disrespectful, roving attacks on other researchers based upon trivialities and innuendo is not just W R O N G ethically, morally and humanely but shows a mean-spiritedness that I don’t want to be associated with.

I don’t think that a slew of charlatans who having gaping holes in their claims,  some of which have claimed to either be Jesus, gone back in time to shoot Jesus for instance is a triviality or innuendo. 

What is “ethically. morally or  inhumanely wrong about me,  pointing out the bullshitters and bullshit. You think it is moral, ethical and humane to lead people into bullshit and bullshitters? Programs and programmers? You are OK with people being handled and programmed, people being mind controlled  via the hands of programmers?  Of course you do, because that is who you associate with.

 Like I said the only thing you do is promote charlatans and NWR operatives. You had better tell Martijn/Filter Pop Lar to recant his spin on those such as Icke, Swerdlow and whoever else done via his modus operandi of gentle terrorism.

Haranging Vinny Eastwood unmercifully for instance for having the Swerdlows on his radio show whereby Janet mentioned your name;

If you are a wet behind the ears recruit who is in the business of providing a platform for Dugpas of varying degrees, and you take the piss out of  people like me,  who have experience with  various handlers and programmers, and you laugh and joke about me along with re- programmers, who are only on your show for damage control purposes , do not expect my sympathy or support.

When it comes to Vinny Eastwood, he  has been more than willing  and  compliant, promoting Icke, the Swerdlows and whoever else has disinfo to spread via his alt media platform. 

He has promoted  NWR operatives and  New Agers to then moved on to discounting  said operatives and New Agers in his next breath vicariously through people like Mark Passio.

Who is also a  fraudulent occultist.

While this blog on the other hand,   has been and is consistent and known for pointing out both agents and tactics amongst other things. 

The difference is, this blog  is written by me, who additionally has had a fair amount of experience in the New Age circuit  and writing about the machinations of the New Age and NWR while Vinny Eastwood was busy promoting it.   And way before it crossed Mark Passio’s mind to “expose” the New Age.

attacking the late Khris Neal from Clandestine Rage Revealed’s blog for some minor misunderstanding on your part and your never apologizing or putting it to rights.

   Stop regurgitating  falsehoods. I know it is all you are good at but please, let the dead rest in peace. Whatever was written between myself and Khris Neal in the grand scheme of things is akin to  a fart in the wind.

Using   those that have passed on to fuel the fires of your internet wars just proves to everyone what a cunt you are.  I am sure Khris Neal has forgiven me for whatever it was that you seem to think I did that was so terrible. Why don’t you go after those who did the real damage when it comes to Khris Neal? That would be an honorable thing to do.

You have cried  foul about millions of missing kids, yet have probably spent more time answering my rebuttals than you have spent doing something about said missing kids.

You are a trifler and a Band wagon jumper.

The list goes on. Santos Bonacci you attacked due to his association with other more nefarious truthers out there when he is not of their ilk.

If you go by the laws of attraction, you ultimately will attract those that are of your like mind. No big secret.

YOUR BELIEF that everyone should be judged by the company they keep is flawed especially when it comes to being on a one off radio program or presenting on a stage.

 The people who are the regulars in the alt media are very rarely one off’s are they? The usually end up visiting many of the barns on the farm. Not just one.

More subtlety is needed to determine who is being handled and why, who is basically decent but their lives are compromised if they reveal more, who is a double, triple agent, who it ok sometimes and not other times.

And who is going to do that for everyone? You? Martjin/Pop Lar/ Filter?  When you are an operative / handler yourself you have no room to be the one to determine anything.

NWR agents and operatives like you are the only ones that wear kid gloves and  use  subtlety to handle prospective recruits. (When necessary). Gentle terror.

But if the SIEVE through which ALL OF THESE PEOPLE ARE JUDGED is a Christian one than good god it’s the Spanish Inquision and THAT is the tenor of your blog.

 While your NWR gnostic sieve has landed you where? How is your judgement lately. Little flawed is it?  Your great wisdom and spiritual discernment leads people into the hands of  much bigger handlers and programmers than you. But you want to be a BIG handler and a BIG programmer .  Being a low level shill is not enough for you.

You have taken it upon yourself to do battle with me in an attempt to elevate yourself  with your NWR “gnosis” vicariously through this blog. Other than this blog, you are a forum moderator at the cafe where you shill away and nobody much listens to you. People that come here might though eh?  So be grateful that this fick fuckin Christian is posting your tuppenceworth.

Spanish inquisition?  Coming from someone who is good buddies with MartijnPopLarFilterAllors who is leading the Plastic Knights Templar crusade is a little rich.

Tenor? You sound more and more like MartijnPopLarFilterAllor as time goes by.

 I don’t agree with all that the MANY, MANY, conflicting researchers I keep up with. I select them because they strike me as bringing up authentic information. If I hadn’t recognized swaths of truth from their material based on my own inner travels I’d never present them here.

Your inner travels have led you to be a shill for Chiappalone  and the only truths you have brought forth are cut and paste jobs with a link or two to your cohorts.  Therefore, you have posted some of your “truths’ here already.

I certainly can’t ascertain if they’ve been slipped a bad-intel mickey. All I know is that it is interesting and original info. that they get from within their inner travels.

An goldilocks was interesting in a different way from Snow White.

There’s probably not a one of them that would want to be in the same room with each other interestingly enough.

Yeah, I have mentioned that already. Page 1.

I APPRECIATE people of all sorts, always have, and generally try to see the good as well as the INTENTION of the person’s heart. Call me a shill then.

I appreciate all sorts of people to. Although I do not appreciate handlers, shills, programmers, re programmers, charlatans, deceivers, liars, bandwagon jumpers, spiritual frauds of ANY “spiritual” orientation/ Even christian ones. And there are a lot of them about too. I do not appreciate alt media fronts as much as I do not appreciate msm fronts and I do not appreciate forums that are fronts either.

You are more than a shill, you are a Shillfiltraitor. You shill and infiltrate simultaneously.


Updated …..July 22 2014   PopLar .Filter. Martijn.Allors  …….. When you are busted as a supershill due to multiple alters and personas.. just go to another “government run center for  truth” under another name and shill on.

How to Recognize a Tar Baby

From June 2013 – related to similar instances at the Hyperspace Cafe Forum.

15 thoughts on “SHILLFILTRAITION.

  1. Elizabeth and her buddies have repeatedly attempted to discredit PurplePebble for remaining anonymous.

    She did it here again . ” I was an open book from using my own name …” ( yes ,it was subtle)

    Yet she and they are anonymous as well .


    Elizabeth said:
    “The disrespectful, roving attacks on other researchers based upon trivialities and innuendo is not just W R O N G ethically, morally and humanely but shows a mean-spiritedness that I don’t want to be associated with.”

    Yeah… you would rather “lovingly” mislead them. That’s just chock full of ethics,morals and humanity.

    But the truth is I have seen you on other websites. You are far from respectful.In fact you’re vile and contemptible. You consistently attack people there simply because they are Christian and/or point out the holes and lies in your Sovereign citizen / FMOL crap.

    You cherry pick passages from the Bible that suit your agenda deliberately misconstruing it’s meaning .
    You’re a snake.


    • And really, who is to say she is using her own name? Because an email addy with a name on it is some kind of proof? If she is using her own name why don’t we see her posting under it at Pop Lars or gnostictruths Youtube channel? You would think she would post there giving them her moral support…with her real name. Yeah, I have seen her post there alright. Not under the name Elizabeth though. lmao!


      • Exactly. She is still anonymous and yet seems to have an issue with you remaining anon. ????

        Hey Elizabeth! I once knew a family whose childrens’ names are(on their birth certificates ) Shake,Silver, Seven ,Storm and Stone.


  2. Gnostic Truth removed this from youtube channel about a year ago, although. it an be found on the way back machine. Someone has changed their tune. Below are some of his quotes/truths.

    “All Liars are Enemies of the Truth, and are Evil, and so are Enemies of God and and of Me. Liars BEGONE!”

    “New Age Twits, Abrahamic Morons, Atheistic Robotoids, and Common Lemmings, this concerns you, also. But this channel is primarily dedicated to the continuing awakening, education and enlightenment of True Beings, for the sake of their Spiritual Welfare in order to survive the hell that was made by the rest of you. However, no Gnomes are allowed as this is a Gnome-Free Zone. Oh, and Korn and Slipknot are utter GARBAGE, as are any children who enjoy such crap, or who even MIGHT enjoy it, or who even seem like they might enjoy it.”

    “I began to go deeper into the Gnostic teachings at that point, with Dr. Chiappalone just one of many points of research. I spent a couple of years on this and it wasn’t until the latter 8 months or so of that time that I began reading everything on his website. As soon as I got back to the States and got on my financial feet and also could use a financial instrument capable of using ebay (I couldn’t in China…) I then began buying his works in order as he suggests. My TRUE Awakening began in EARNEST after that point, and therefore I can sincerely recommend reading his website and his works.

    I don’t give this sort of recommendation lightly, as I was the most skeptical and careful intellect I ever knew, carefully thinking spirals around any idea or phenomena until I could understand it multiple ways and from various paradigms, and even then would probably just shelve it and go on to the next thing. The greatest problem I ever encountered, overall, was the Problem of Evil, and I encountered this only after I fully constructed a philosophy of value which placed Axiology in the center of Metaphysics. This then caused me to further explore the world in an optimistic vein of seeking to grow as a spiritual being under the WAY overoptimistic aegis of basically a well-structured “New Age” perspective augmented by a willful value dualism but not quite a SUBSTANCE dualism concerning good versus evil. It turns out that this is not sufficient, and that only a most radical interpretation of the world as an UTTER WAR of Good against Evil IN GENERAL AND NOT ONLY PERSONAL TERMS could lead to True Awakening.”

    Here is his damage Control for himself a year later.

    “I am here clarifying some things which need to be addressed concerning the person known as Dr. Joseph Chiappalone. It doesn’t reflect on Gnosticism per se, at least not in much detail, but on the special and outlandish claims made by, and the improper behavior of a person who makes such claims (as if the claims themselves weren’t bad enough), and the effect such things have on what is otherwise a very SACRED TRUTH. This nonsense has to stop, and something has to be done and said about it. The last straw came when a third-party idiot stirred up some discord, which seemed possessed of elements of irrational reactionism unbefitting a Real Being by the second party, who has refused to deal with any of it when confronted about it sincerely and diplomatically, and which now forces me to make appropriate assumptions, combine these with things previously known, forces interpretations of some of those things formerly known but left to simmer until further evidence was acquired, but all now has developed satisfactorily, reached an appropriate boiling point, and now allows me to move ahead to make some much needed clarifications about who I am, what my relationship is to the Truth, to Dr. Chiappalone’s work (and the works of others generally), all so as to end any potential bullshit which may further arise, and to force a redress of some ugly, damaging misrepresentation of Truthful Matters rendered in mutilated form by Dr. Chiappalone, said second party”.

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY for 3rd party idiots !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. So, what idiot at the cafe still thinks I am Sarah Stanga? I also had a laugh at your comment Elizabeth alluding to wars between programmed people while your tongue is still rooted up the arse of “Dr”.Guiseppe Stephano Chiapplaone. Don’t fucking patronize me. As for Khris Neal, I have a copy of an email that I had sent to you PRIOR to Khris Neal exposing FWH..where I told you who was behind that site. Just wondering, was it you that triggered Khris Neal into exposing FWH? oooh girl look what you done did.. hot wattah…Edited to add, you even posted the info at the cafe and apologized to me for taking the info and running with it. Id you delete that for your private viewing as well?

    Elizabeth said at the cafe….

    “Wars between programmed people – as entertaining as it might seem to some – are very sad.
    TheFormerWhiteHat is an absolute moral wreck himself and I wouldn’t let his word be the authority on
    anything more substantial than which scotch he’s guzzling that evening.
    That being said, not only is this “old news” but I’m not convinced Purple Pebble really IS Sarah Stanga.
    What say you? We have the hOneRaBlE word of a washed-up ONI agent accusing her of being a: “bit*h,
    witch, draco-whore, dominatrix-property owned by Draco, fully possessed, blah blah turned etc. He only
    wishes she was inviting him into some action.
    Well…jumpin’ pollywogs…I says we’s gotz ourselves a neighborhood, garden variety handler, Jimmy-Saville
    style. Rape ’em young, blame ’em young.
    Khris, of ‘Clandestine Rage Revealed’ nailed the BigWhiteSplat’s MO early on and then was promptly
    sacrificed. More like, TFWH is working for the ‘ole Drako fartin’ fruit-cake, himself”

    Edited to add: The reason that the cafe posted this old FWH news is to muddy the waters and keep people confused. Plus they are desperate to keep people visiting the forum and this kind of thing is what keeps people locked in to their rabbit hole.

    Juicy gossip …built on crap fabricated stories, kind of like the National Enquirer of the conspiracy forum world… Sarah Stanga has already been exposed as a fraud, liar and bandwagon jumper who steals other peoples info by a few people. That is old news too. She was also buddies with Khris Neal, which makes that stupid thread over there null and void of any truth whatsoever, seeing as Elizabeth ranted about me “attacking” Khris Neal.

    Those who stir the pot, should be prepared to lick the spoon.


    • No worries. The cafe has no credibility any longer . Especially since they removed your work from the front page. Pollywogs and all that….


      • I bet PM’s are being read as well lmao! Daisygate at the Icke forum comes to mind. I don’t like people that confuse other people, and by posting that worn out crap, just confuses people, soooo I just wanted to clear it up. Again.


  4. ” Wars between programmed people” is from the Swerdlow narrative. (shakes head and rolls eyes) And is itself “mind control”.

    When will they ever learn ,when will they ever learn …longtime passing.


  5. Richard Wrote:SI, long time no hear. What got you to drop by?

    Silver INfinity Said:-“I dropped by because I noticed Mercy Now was no longer a member here. A bunch of members and I left here because of her. We got tired of her lying all the time and her obsessive need to argue with everyone. We felt she was programmed to disrupt this forum to keep people from having productive conversations. The forum seems more peaceful now. It’s like a breath of fresh air.”

    Silver Infinity said:-

    “I wouldn’t worry much about those bitches. They are just starved for attention and they’ll do whatever it takes to get it. Mercy Now is a pathological liar and you can’t believe anything she says. Sadly it looks like Mercy Now has taken control of apurplepebble’s mind. She is hopelessly lost now. Has anyone noticed there isn’t anything positive posted on PP’s blog? She dwells on the negative. There’s nothing worth reading over there”.

    Do you know how much you sound like Poplar? I mean, Filter, I mean Martijn, or the other sock, Allors?
    MN doesn’t have control of my mind, and she is the furthest thing from a pathological liar that I know tbh.
    Just because I don’t kowtow to the New World Religion leaders n lies that you give credence to and I expose their bs, doesn’t mean I dwell on the negative. You are free to believe whatever and whoever is flavor of the month.

    I see you don’t have the guts or wherewithal to post here yourself and bring up you concerns. about people not posting here. Instead, like a little bitch yourself, you whine about the lack of posters on this blog at forum.lmao! What a fucking laugh!

    Elizabeth Said
    “How come some specifically programmed people are able to still keep their human kindness and integrity and others aren’t able to?”

    “Jay Parker says that he wasn’t able to be turned, so early on his Satanic family farmed him out for Monarch programming. He still was able to get well enough to expose this crap AND keep a sense of right and wrong.”

    If you didn’t know already, Jay Parker is also working alongside Stewart and several other handlers n whatnot this weekend at the Free Your Mind Con. Ironic. As well, odd that Vinny Eastwood mocks people that expose Swerdlow, yet is quite happy to interview those that are working alongside Swerdlow at the Free Your Mind Con. I think that speaks volumes. So I do not believe for a second that Jay Parker is no longer under Monarch Programming. Vinny gravitates towards people who are in one way or another pro New World Religion.

    “MN and PP, try to stay up through the night on key ritual evenings so there’s less chance of being pulled into the fray. At the very least turn your justified rage on your handlers and not the other victims”.

    Elizabeth, I don’t know where you get your info from, but I had a flash of inspiration that told me that the idea you have about me and rituals, sprang from your rather vivid imagination.

    “If you focus on neutralizing yourselves so as not to add to the pain and misery out there, then just maybe you’ll still have a shot at a Christ consciousness salvation”.

    Tell that to your homey “The Fister” Chiappalone. I am pretty sure that “neutralizing” yourself will not save you in the long run. Where is your spaceship? Still waiting for it are we? It’ll come soon. Just… keep.. waiting. ( Even though I know YOU know it is a load of bollox as well lmao!)

    And more:-

    “Lol …. The “dugpas” thread posted by “dugpa” “PurplePebble”… That thread is still there, I can see, btw. Only not on top anymore.The delusion and outright hypocrisy of that blog is just unimaginable, and apparently still continues. Another demiurgic “barn on the farm”. Bill Cooper and Chris White addled brains as well, I would gather. Bullsh*t artists”.

    I am not angry, I am not in a rage, I am not staying up on ritual nights, In all honesty, I don’t pay attention to them lol! So sorry to disappoint but once again you are way off, but that is nothing new with you is it? You can thank your piggybacking failed Christ Consciousness for your results.


    • They are still applying the manipulative techniques of twist, spin,rinse and mind fu*k again.

      The truth doesn’t serve them well so they rewrite history.

      BTW.. I saved many, many posts from there as I knew it was yet another barn. Glad I did because they are altering some of the original posts.

      For example …There was an original post in which Richard says that IQ was *banned*. Now that post says that IQ was *demoted*. lmao A rewrite of history.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Richard and Poplar/Filter/martijn/Allors take time out to post on Chris La Sala’s YT channel. Talk about hypocrisy and cult leaders. I think La Sala is a condescending prick.

        RicK C 3 months ago
        Chris, if you’re interested in exposing Expansions, you should join us at It’s a forum dedicated to exposing Expansions.

        Poplars comment
        Pop Lar 1 year ago
        Misrepresented and placed in a false context, I’d say.

        Here is an expose on Chris from a former follower.
        @4.30 in


  6. As for attention seeking, if you haven’t noticed, this blog is not about me or MN. I do however think people need to pay attention to the nwr agents and their respective bullshit, which this blog has always been about.

    Seeing as there are a few of them that I have mentioned here that are stupid enough to piggy back i.e Thomas Sheridan and Aaron Franz, do you consider them to be attention seekers as well?

    Lets see, how does one draw attention to themselves? Some say they are here to save viables and have been a plethora of famous icons in past lives, some claim they are the leading meta physicians on the planet and went back in time to shoot Jesus, some say they are the Son of God and fill arenas (almost) , some say they have been to Mars, just a few examples there. Now these kinds of statements come from attention seekers. So my challenge to you is, show me exactly where you find me making attention seeking claims and specifically how I am an attention seeker. You can’t can you?

    And as for MN being programmed to disrupt your forum, does it ever occur to you that now that people like myself and MN no longer have anything to do with your forum, that it is only more “peaceful ” because you are all programmed yourselves to acquiesce to the spiritual side of the NWO? People like you are stupid enough to believe that in some way you are doing a great service, when all you are doing is acting on behalf of tptb with your promotion of the NWR? That is all that you are experiencing when it comes to the “peace” you think you are getting at the forum. You have absolutely become everything the NWO has worked on creating. Mindless drones who are on board with the program.

    As for you Elizabeth talking about hypocrisy on this blog, wasn’t it you Elizabeth and your socky pal Poplar/Martijn/Filter/Allors who got all bent out of shape about MN and Myself being Christians.
    Yet you think that your gnostic idea of Christ consciousness is going to bring you salvation?

    You have led people to Chiappalone with your idea of Christ consciousness for example, does it ever occur to you that you are inhabited by the piggybacking spirit that has been deceiving you all these years? Do you ever question yourself, your motives? Your failure to be a discerner of spirits.
    You attack Christians yet think that in some way you are going to be saved due to your own efforts, which if we go by your standards and who people should listen to and follow, we would all be attending the Free Your Mind Con this weekend for some additional programming.

    You allude to me attacking “victims” what victims are you talking about exactly? Are you alluding to the Ickes, Swerdlows and Chiappalones of this world being “victims”?
    If anything, the info on this blog will help steer people away from becoming victims because it exposes frauds and handlers with pretty much undeniable proof that the sad little ring of “leaders” in the alt media are nothing more than social engineers , programmers and handlers. You ya spook are intent on driving people into the arms of them all. It must really fuck you off that the info I have posted here is true and correct.

    “Jay Parker says that he wasn’t able to be turned, so early on his Satanic family farmed him out for Monarch programming. He still was able to get well enough to expose this crap AND keep a sense of right and wrong.”

    Yet according to you, I do not have a sense of right from wrong, I wonder what you would have to say if I was speaking at the Free Your Mind Con alongside Swerdlow like Jay Parker is. Jay obviously turning a blind eye to Swerdlows fucking bullshit lmao! And there you are on a forum that was “set up” for victims of the Swerdlows. So yeah, right from wrong in your gnostic world view is just another inversion.


  7. Oh and here are the views from the past week – as of Monday. Apparently quite a few people who frequent this blog are also like Silver Infinity and are unable to type a comment. Especially those from English speaking countries such as Canada, New Zealand, The UK, Ireland, Australia and the USA.

    United Kingdom Flag United Kingdom 348
    United States Flag United States 305
    Australia Flag Australia 27
    Switzerland Flag Switzerland 23
    Germany Flag Germany 21
    Romania Flag Romania 19
    Canada Flag Canada 17
    Netherlands Flag Netherlands 17
    Slovenia Flag Slovenia 17
    Ireland Flag Ireland 16
    Bosnia & Herzegovina Flag Bosnia & Herzegovina 14
    New Zealand Flag New Zealand 14
    Sweden Flag Sweden 12
    Bermuda Flag Bermuda 11
    Greece Flag Greece 10
    Bulgaria Flag Bulgaria 10
    France Flag France 9
    Croatia Flag Croatia 7
    Spain Flag Spain 7
    South Korea Flag South Korea 4
    European Union Flag European Union 4
    Austria Flag Austria 6
    Saudi Arabia Flag Saudi Arabia 5
    Cambodia Flag Cambodia 5
    Russia Flag Russia 5
    Italy Flag Italy 5
    Argentina Flag Argentina 3
    Estonia Flag Estonia 2
    Norway Flag Norway 2
    Thailand Flag Thailand 2
    Singapore Flag Singapore 2
    Serbia Flag Serbia 2
    Macau SAR China Flag Macau SAR China 2
    Belgium Flag Belgium 1
    Lithuania Flag Lithuania 1
    Finland Flag Finland 1
    Chile Flag Chile 1
    India Flag India 1
    Peru Flag Peru 1
    Poland Flag Poland 1


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