This band of  Templar Knights are ready to assist you with any crusade you need.

 They are battle ready and having been training vigorously. You will not be able to equal their ferocious  battle strategy, cunning or wit.

Some of them even  have horses. Look at this beauty.


And what is even more exciting, is that they carry the  Holy Grail!


 “But it is all made out of  plastic” I hear you say.

Yes. That is because they are not really Knights Templar.

Although this one thinks it is funny that you actually thought he was real for a minute. Look how he mocks you.


                      This bunch are all ready and prepared to fight for you!


They are a little short on numbers right now and are looking for recruits and initiates to join them.


This sketchy looking  bloke below is the handler and the master of the Plastic Knights.


He ultimately wants to usher in a New World Religion and needs  the Plastic Knights Templar to do it for him.  In days of old, it was the white dugpas,  who were a similar group and  one of his original concepts.  A handful of people who hold a “secret that nobody else knows about, here to save the world, make themselves appear all knowing  gods” type of deal.

You know, hidden knowledge and all that.  But that mission failed horribly because it was thwarted by some one who knew the “secret” was a ruse to get people to bandy together under a new world religion under a false god.

So to cut a long story short, he had to come up with another plan. The Plastic Knights Templar. They work under the same kind of auspices as the White Dugpas; the same tactics, the same modus operandi, the same goal. 

Just a different name.

So there you have it. The origins and history of the renowned Plastic Knights Templar.( Condensed version for the semi illiterate)

edited to add : this video per Pop Lar / Martijn/ Filter / Gnostic Truth / Elizabeth etc etc….

They are back! With absolutely no connections to the Templars or Cathars whatsoever!

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