More entertainment from PurplePebble! 😀 Again, thanks for the publicity.
You are welcome, as for the publicity, it is my honor to call you out on your bulshit.
As for Dr. Chiappalone losing his license(after 40+ decades of working? Sniggers… Most Docs decide to retire about that age) He did tell everybody that. What conclusion could you draw if you’re a truthseeker-type having read his information? Agree with him or not…Hmmm…do you think the medical cabal would approve of information like that? Are we currying favor of their “Evil Handmaiden of big pharma and Satanic Cabal opinion now?”
Seeing as your buddy  gnostic truth needed to do the math to prove  to himself  that Chiappalone is a fraud, (too bad he didn’t figure that out when Chiappalone was grooming him… and despite many people over the years mentioning that he was a fraud, without the need for algebra) I can only conclude that you suffer from Stockholm Syndrome or something.
The conclusion I draw reading and having listened to Chiappalone and by at long last him having his license revoked is that he is a quack. I also don’t know how you came up with me currying favor for satanic cabals?

They don’t like the Health Ranger either, or naturopaths, or medical marijuana spokespeople. Knowing many, many personally, Drs are the most conservative groupfor covering their own asses first and formost. They are consensus thinkers and actors, they eschew publicity, doing anything that could get their licenses revoked…will be the first to throw a nurse, aid, colleague under the bus if it saves their own hide etc. This should not come as a surprise to any who have worked with them. The Rigorous, abusive medical education system itself hammers down the tall nail so they are terrified and traumatized to speak out anything controversial.

Weak argument there, PP. I know you’re capable of better work.
 Most Doctors do not claim that they are here to take viables off of this planet in spaceships either. If more Doctors made such claims I am sure that you would be at their sides currying favor for them. You fail to mention medical marijuana doctors,  are doctors too. Some of them are Federal Doctors. You also fail to mention that a lot of naturopaths would, if the worst came to it, visit a hospital or have surgery etc. if needs be. Yourself  included.
As for you claiming that the whole Chiappalone BS is a “weak argument” If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck. My “work” is good enough for you to cherry pick from it when it suits you. I think the article on Chiappalone was one of my finer pieces accompanied by immaculate timing.
I on the other hand know that you are not capable of anything other than promoting rabbit holes and jumping on any bandwagon that you can. Curious, do you get a cut of the ad money from the forum? Is that why you are enjoying the publicity?

Pediatricians have absolutely no problem injecting tiny babies with vaccines even though there’s more than enough evidence to give them pause.
Seriously, why do you give a shit about all those children ? After all according to you, they are only here because a bunch of ignorant “breeders” gave birth to them. Do you extend your feigned concern and veneer of compassion to Christian babies?

Your defense of the machine of society, medical cabal, the Queen and royal family, Christianity etc. shows us clearly who and what you’re trying to represent under the thin veneer of “cool skepticism” I wish those satanic bastards would stop using you.
Again, how am i defending the machine of society or medical cabal by calling Chiappalone a quack.  He is.  How am I defending the Royal Family?  If we take a good look at your track record, you defend charlatans, liars, deceivers and keepers of rabbit holes. I will take Christ’s guidance over yours any day. I also think it is a bit rich coming from you, don’t you yourself work for the medical cabal yourself? Aren’t you a gnostic? Religion of the royals? Haven’t we covered this already? From where I am sitting, it looks as if you are the true and real supporter of both.
  I think after all is said and done, it is pretty obvious as to what you represent by who you defend. You  are so up to your neck in shilling for charlatans and quacks, that if you changed your ideas now, you would have to admit that you have been wrong about a lot of things for a very long time. Carry on your trajectory by all means.
I bet you’re a fan of Darwin and mainstream “ScIenCe” too – lol!
Not really, I don’t know much about that realm at all and don’t plan on knowing anything about it either.  I revel in my own ignorance when it comes to those subjects.  The last science book I read was at school and tbh I was pre occupied with not being brainwashed by “the machine”.  Conjur up some more delusional assessments by all means.  Now scurry off and tend to your crusade. There are knights, infantry, wizards and witches out there that need your wise counsel.

 I did forget to respond to Richards claims that anyone who left the cafe did so because their egos got too big,  which gave me a laugh considering that is an egotistical statement in and of itself. What if, people just left the forum without the need to justify themselves for doing so?  What if they just got bored, or tired of it? I for one, left the cafe without fighting or arguing with anyone.  It reminded me of when Stewart used to claim that anyone who disagreed with him or left his inner circle or whatever needed psychiatric help.  I also remember you claimed that the forum would be the last bastion of “truth” .  It isn’t and it won’t be, not as long as you are at the helm Elizabeth. In retrospect, I think that the forum was indeed merely started up as a revenge forum against Stewart.  Richard is obviously prepared to allow you promote whoever you want to promote regardless of  whether it is the truth or not.  You might as well start shilling for Stewart again while you are at it, both himself and Chiappalone seem to be cut from the same cloth.




Per Elizabeth.


Lawdy, Ms. Pebble…such attentions to me?

…well…you tell your tell yo’ Tavistock  ‘circle-jerk-’til-dey
cash in der pensions’ handlers that they’re always welcome for a
mint julip should they evah want one.


Nobody parasites off of me, (unless you want to talk about those who lift off this blog, but I have been over that already, it does give me a good larf though.)  I am handler free baby. Unlike you who is bound  to  Chiappalone amongst others for Eternity.


Richard, you said.

“Purple Pebble, the only reason I said what I did was because I was
surprised to see how much you focus on this forum and cutting the
members down and saying bad things about them and their posts and
telling people to stay away from here. You didn’t expect me to post
praises about that did you?”


If you paid attention Richard,  you would know that the forum members you claim that I “cut down”  have posted at this blog also, infact, the posters in question, followed me over from your forum.  In the process they attempted to take a shit on some of the posters here, including myself. As well as deeming this blog satanic in the process.  I haven’t really focused on your forum very much at all if you look at the bigger picture. If this blog were an ocean, what I have mentioned about your forum would be akin to me taking a piss in said ocean.



“Also you should remember from being here that members are allowed
to post what they want whether I agree with it or not. The posts
aren’t censored here like they are on other forums and blogs. Call
it good or bad it’s just the way it is. If you want to disagree
with a thread here you’re free to post your comments here”.

It wasn’t via your forum that I discovered that Martijn was indeed Pop Lar.  It was via YouTube. What Martijn/Poplar forgot, was that I was a also member of the sub forum  that he belonged to  and I noticed that he had changed his avatar and name to Pop Lar. (with the same email address attached)  It isn’t my problem he is sloppy when it comes to disguising himself.  (and after him taking trying to take a shit on this blog and some of the info here,  to then almost duplicate it under the guise of his gnosis. ) . Not about your forum ultimately.

There is a difference between allowing members to post whatever they want without being censored to allowing moderators to shill for known charlatans without having anyone question or challenge  them. Including yourself?  There was a time when there was a diverse group of people who posted at your forum, That is not true any more. It has become a platform for Elizabeth to do her bidding.  A lot of people who questioned or would have at least questioned people like Chiappalone have left the forum and not because of any influence of mine. Why aren’t you more proactive and post more about what you think about Chiappalone for example?

I have not censored anything that anyone has posted on this blog either. It isn’t just your forum that is an “open book” per say.

I haven’t posted at your forum for quite some time, and don’t plan on it.  Although if I want to mention stuff from your forum, I will and if you don’t like it you can try and censor me. Which would be a bit hypocritical. And if you did censor me,  I will then find a way to uncensor any censoring .


“Also I read so many sites a day that it’s rare if I check a members
blog out unless it is pointed out to me they are talking about this
site. So yes your blog could have been about dehydrated water and I
never would have known that”.

I do not care whether you come here or not. I made a point. According to you, you said you had never visited this blog. I said I find that hard to believe, seeing as this blog has been linked to your forum for over two years,and  that I find it a little bit odd, that you hadn’t visited it until last week. Plus you did pin it at one point as an “important thread” after I posted the link to the blog.

I think I have said all there is to say about it to be honest.  And that is called freedom of speech. Likewise, feel free to come here and post something whenever you like. People from your forum obviously come here, because you got wind of it.  None of them post here.  And as far as I know, the ones that do come here have called it satanic. Why sit and look at shit if you know what it looks like?

Ultimately I think that I have contributed enough to your forum, while you on the other hand have not contributed anything here. Except for what I post about what you post about me.

Consider this blog as good as dehydrated water. It hasn’t quenched any thirst you have had for two years, so you haven’t missed out.






7 thoughts on “ROUND 3.

  1. Elizabeth has so much logic fail and utter BS in her spew.

    I’ll begin with the recent Chiappalone publicity.

    1. Chiappalone was a medical doctor.

    2. 40 years in practice doesn’t permit him to do what he did.

    3. Being a retired MD doesn’t mean you can’t practice medicine. Having your license revoked does.

    4. There are naturopaths that vaccinate.
    Ignorance is never a valid reason to either vaccinate or not vaccinate your child.

    I’m a Birkenstocks and cowboy boots kind of girl but still I ‘ve got heels higher than Lizzies’ standards.


  2. Here is an older contribution from “Allors” aka Pop Lar. This time Pop Lar /Martijn claims that Templars were not gnostics, I guess it comes in handy if you want play crusader to throw the Templar name around and claim that they were gnostics when it suits you.

    Funny how Pop Lar/martijn (amongst others) claims that gnosticism does not result in cultish behaviors because it “relies on ones own experiences and perceptions”, which of course is a big moldy festering lie. Which is glaringly obvious when you take a look at how they rally for and promote their nwr gnostic leaders.

    Allors says:
    January 6, 2014 at 1:24 am Edit

    “Hi purplepebble,
    Thank you for finally revealing your creed. Not much of a surprise, however.

    I would gather that people like you would help persecute and slaughter the true Gnostics back in those days, and spit on their books and burn. Gnostic groups like the Cathars, the Paulicians, the Bogomils, the Manichaeans etcetera. They were all persecuted and slaughtered by the demons of the Christian Church, because they KNEW and LIVED the Truth!

    The Templars were certainly not Gnostics, btw … The CATHARS were Gnostic. You would have to look that up, I guess. The Cathars were beautiful human beings, they lived and breathed the Truth. Anything else is the pain of this world.
    The Templars were a Roman Catholic order who were after power and materialistic gain, certainly initially. It could be that some of them found and lived the Truth at some point, and that’s why a number of them were burned at the stake…

    Modern day pseudo-Gnostics like John Lash and Mark Passio distort and corrupt ancient Gnostic wisdom.
    Who can present the Gnostic Truth better than the originals? From Zoroaster to Plato, from Laozi to Buddha, and from Moses to Mani, it is all there in many forms, sometimes boldly, sometimes cryptically.
    And yes, also Jesus Christ, who has been, to some extent, misrepresented in the bible by the evil reforming agents, just as all the teachings of the several Messengers of Light have been suppressed, corrupted and distorted throughout history. That’s how fake religion and philosophy came into being.

    ‘Gnosis’, by its very nature, does not result in cultish behaviors because it is about relying on one’s own experience and perceptions. Gnostics consider the world religions to be cults, in a way. Each one has some Truth but this Truth is always mixed in with a bunch of lies and outright deception, the purpose being obfuscation of the Truth and manipulation of the masses. Power for the few, obedience for the many. The Truth is that relationship with Spirit does not require the authority of a “church”, a priesthood to serve as an intermediary or even a “holy” book.

    A world like this is meant to end. It can end in only one of two ways. It can end with a bang, or it can end with a sigh. But either way, it ends. This world must be brought to a conclusion. There were many possible ways it could have ended before we reached this point, but people just wouldn’t listen. Instead, people mocked the Truth and murdered and worse. All in the false belief that “god is on our side”. God isn’t.
    God doesn’t take sides. God IS the Great Light, but those who were to cowardly to embrace it have directly caused the majority of the suffering on this planet by far. That Light is within you, or it isn’t. You’ve heeded it, or you haven’t. Sure, people make mistakes, sometimes very bad ones. Maybe when they were young and confused, and under duress from an evil world. They might be forgiven THEIR sins, if they have repented, and moreover done what is Right.

    But people who stood by, incarnation after incarnation, and let this happen, have shown they are spiritual cowards. They caved in to the vanities of the flesh, and the false gold of this world. Even their mouths uttered the distorted words from texts which once had some connection to Truth, but now twisted utterly out of shape. And even to these words they did not hold true in life. Fearing physical death like cowards, fearing losing “thing”, all ill-gotten, smeared with injustice and every vile energy and emotion.

    Humans are willing slaves, it is easy for anyone to see.
    Willing slaves to the flesh. To the idea that this body and this world were made by a Good God. Only a fool could believe such a lie! That is why this world was allowed to persist and progress. The ignavi go back and forth between false alternatives. Fear, attachment, anger, delusion, these are all their possessions. They have no barter value in Higher Places.
    It’s the True Gnostics who are not fooled by this charade, this great deception.

    You are as biased and tainted as the next, purple pebble, and are leading astray from the Truth with the disinformation and sometimes outright lies you provide on this blog.

    You are a crypto agent of the “White Brotherhood”, whether you realise this yourself, or not”.


    Coming from someone who is masquerading as the light while ultimately being used as a salve and operative of the nwr black brotherhood.


    • Reminds me of when I went to New Age school. There was a”teacher” there that claimed he was a Breatharian, He used to prattle on about how eating meat,and in his case, food in general, was bad for you. Yet he would intermittently sing the praises of shamans and tribal people etc who eat meat and well, food. I pulled him up about it and he hated me after that. lmao! Total arsehole.

      And yes if meat and vegetables etc is pumped with crap, it isn’t going to be that great for you. Not everyone can afford organic, even if something is labelled organic does not mean it isn’t sprayed with something or another,the rules are pretty lax.. So it can be hit or miss at times when buying organic. Unless you know your farmer, which isn’t possible for the majority of people.

      I hadn’t heard of him before, but I have met a few people who have that food nazi vibe. I dont think that being a vegetarian makes anyone better than someone who eats meat. Hitler was a vegetarian. Didn’t do much for him spiritually.

      If you are hungry, don’t have much money, if you don’t have any money and you are starving, does it make you less “spiritual” if you eat what you can afford to eat? No it doesn’t. If a homeless person who is starving/hungry can only afford a cheap burger, do you judge them for eating one?


  3. FTR I was a reiki master, and lightworker/bodyworker for about 15, maybe more or so years. I don’t need a lecture from Elizabeth about alternative therapies anything. During that time, I met lots of people who had the “next best supplement, food, vitamin, modality” etc.I met one woman who did Myofacial Release for a living who had plastic surgery to convince her clients that what she did worked.

    Btw, that was an excellent expose on him.


    • There is a woman in my area who for many ,many years was the media yoga queen regionally if not nationally.
      I guess she didn’t believe that people would would recognize her with all the bruising and swelling of her face. So she ventured out in public.

      She had a facelift and other cosmetic procedures to look younger.


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