Because this blog is does not pander to NWR gnostics and what they can glean from it (while at the same time shilling for NWR Dugpas and their accompanying rabbit holes) I will now continue to prattle on about the bigger picture of Merry go Rounds. As in David Icke, and his fuckeries.

Icke is hearing whispers and what not…(not sure if “the guys” told him), but I think the truth is he saw some website) of people “trying to take him down”. Again.
I am guessing the latest attempts to bring down Icke will have something to do with The Community Press Group. Finally, some “cuttin edge” news from top shelf shills journalists who have the inside scoop.

From Ickes Headline News. Seems as if Icke is pulling an Al Gore. Before the “truth movement” was invented, there was David Icke, the inventor of truth.

“Why would these people attempt to damage the work of someone who was at the front line 25 years ago before there was a ‘truth movement’ and has already done more to alert people to the truth worldwide than this lot will do collectively if they live to be a thousand?
(I agree with that)

Who benefits? The System. ( I agree, then again Icke is part of the system.)
Why would they be so quick to criticise the UKColumn which is way further down the rabbit hole than they will ever be prepared to go?
(Because it is supposed to pander to the anti Ickers, especially the miffed ones that got ripped off by the whole TPV bollox. You know, keep them on the merry go round)

Just thinking.
You can expect some major attempts to discredit me in the next few months which are bubbling in the background at the moment because I am getting far too close to the truth and they know that I won’t be intimidated or silenced.
I take it as a compliment and I’ll just run at them quicker.
Watch this space and all that”.

(Expect the Community Press to serve as a another watering hole come rabbit hole for those thirsty for truth, because Icke has told far too many lies and by golly, someone needs to do something about it. These journalists haven gone further down the rabbit hole than anyone. Icke has been getting closer to the truth for the past 25 years. Funny thing is, the only time someone “tries” to bring him down is because he is getting far too close to the truth. I think this is “close to the truth” schpeel number 25.

Please take note of those who the Community Press Group promotes and allows to contribute, regardless of who is on their present and prior “have shilled and will shill for” resume.

Screenshot of an old shill for Icke video’

Screenshot of a present day “Icke is a Con” article.


Just another hole.



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