More from the holders of truth at the cafe. Glad to see you picked yourself up off the floor and made a come back. In more ways that one it appears.

RE: Dugpas and their role cont“When I look at your blog and the way you fill it in, the way you behave, then I get the impression you are stuck and are going round in circles. You are fighting something and I think it is your own shadow.

Elizabeth said [NO, it’s not her own shadow – it’s sadistic programming]

It doesn’t strike me as healthy what you are doing.

Elizabeth said [She might not be able to help it]

You carry an amount of delusion and paranoia, and are mistaken on a number of (essential) matters” (Filter).

Elizabeth said

Hang-strong, PurplePebble the warrior! You can see more than 90% out there and that’s H U M O N G O U S !!!!

Just remember S O B s manipulating are just that. READ “War in Heaven” to understand evil’s purpose for creating religions…ALL OF THEM…unfortunately…even Gnosticism if it was/were ever to become a religion would be tainted too.

Krist consciousness – as a bridge for humanity to connect to original home-base – is real, thank goodness. There’s just too much tinkering of the bible to take it literally and certainly “the blood of Christ” to wash away sins is a typical Satanic Modus Operandi.

I’m rooting for the pure impulse of your strong spirit.

Now you are claiming  I have sadistic programming. Is this because you think you can see more than 90% of what is going on?  You are a “viable”. A  Chiappalone Progammer/Handler and the good “doctor” is infallible,  you must have absolute awareness..  (He doesn’t have a very good track record you know, have you read the news?).

You also claim that I am a warrior which is just another programmer trigger word. Warrior programming . I think that you, Pop Lar/martjin/Gnostic truth are the real warriors. The true crusaders of this time. Almost as convincing as the White Dupgas/White Flame Warrior  failed racket.

Pop Lar being the head Warrior of your gnostic crusade. *We are back, We have returned”.

Elizabeth,Pop Lar  et al.. are you now trying to fob yourselves off as some hybrid Templar/Cathar/ gnostic wannabe crusaders that holds the Holy Grail? The bloodline of Christ?  Hasn’t Mr Pinkham for one tried that already?

If anyone is sadistic, it is you, with your gentle  terrorism. You might be able to fool three people on the internet, but you do not fool me. Your programming tactics  and truth’s have about as much spirit holding them up as the good doctors flaccid 


Edite to add.

 Pop Lar is Martijn is Filter also. Here is some more bullshit off of his YT channel.  Gave me a good larf.




“There is nothing coherent within the alternative media movements.
What I see happening for the most part is directly or indirectly the defiling of Gnostic pure Truth by Christians, New Agers, crypto New Agers, and other religious fanatics and pseudo-spiritual flights of fancy”.
There is also nothing coherent with NWR gnostics either. Just more self styled rabbit holes, lies and  programming.  Lash – Fail. Weidner Fail Chiappalone – Fail. Gnostic Truth/Pop Lar – Fail.
“Sadly the forum drones on various alternative media outlets will not realise they have been had until its too late, its the same with the moronic groupies too.
There are very few genuine writers and messengers in this world at the moment, those sent from Spirit, those who do not preach a physical revolution, as the soulless marketeers in the fake truthmovements do who bombard you with daily fodder, conspiracy entertainment and propaganda in any shape or form”.
Yeah, and you are not one of them genuine writers yourself are you?  You are currently promoting yourself as some kind of Templar/Cathar fronting some imaginary crusade.
You are just a wannabe who has no real roots in either the  Knight’s Templar or Cathars.
“In reality, the Truth/New Age movement is simply a den where the parrots parrot, and where the work thieves steal and alter information, to suit their own ends. A movement where the wide boys and wise guys simply provide ridiculously false showbiz personalities to sell us their wares”.
And all I see is you, Pop Lar,/Martijn,/Filter parroting and  ripping off this Christian’s info  and trying to fob it off as your gnosis.  You are also crap at pretending to be English.
How many movements does a stupefied human race need to join to see that movements actually move us nowhere?
I dunno. You tell us oh wise one. You are the one testing the waters right now to see how many people join your silly crusade.  And…this is just a small representation of what you have written on your YT site.  Your  NWR Gnostic Psy Op has failed without even getting off the ground.




13 thoughts on “ROUND 2.

    • Typical of a handler and programmer. If anyone believes that, she has programmed and handled you into an unreality. Which is what handlers and programmers do.

      Which is why she is happy to act as a wormhole into Chiappalone amongst others. I do think someone is yanking her chain. A Monarch handler/programmer older than she is.


    • To the Roman historians Suetonius and Tacitus, Christianity was seen as nothing but a new depraved and deadly superstition.

      adjective \di-ˈprāvd\

      : very evil : having or showing an evil and immoral character


  1. if im right gnostic means something like knows/learned – basically we know more than you bunch of plebs
    very much like illuminati / illuminated

    “professing themselves to be wise they became fools” Romans 1:22 lol


    • 2 Timothy 2:15King James Version (KJV)

      15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.


    • “Yes, and the majority of gnostics claim that they know themselves and end up in gnostic cults”

      WTF. Where do you come up with this fabricated delusional BS. You are just a walking cliche.

      noun: cliché; plural noun: clichés; noun: cliche; plural noun: cliches

      a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought.


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