Here is what Elizabeth stated.

“Specifically programmed people are being handled. Period. The real
crime was committed on them when they were trauma based mind
controlled and that goes for Swerdlow too.

The true portion of her personality hates these hypocritical
bastards more than anybody and wants to expose them. She also has a
tremendously compassionate side. PurplePebble has experienced many
sick, dark places in order to psychically see a great deal of
truth…much more than most out there!!! She’s very brave but she’s
not right all the time. I do see the great good within you
PurplePebble, your amazing talent and intelligence and I will
always root for that. That’s what I think you truly are when you’re
not being messed with”.

Love Bomb.

You are a handler Elizabeth. Trust me, I know handlers and what they consist of. You over time, have proven yourself to be a constant promoter of disinformation agents, death cultists and rabbit holers that lead to absolutely nowhere. The latest of which is Pop Lar et al. You intentionally and purposefully mislead people and lead them into the hands of the Chiappalones of the world. Especially those that frequent the hyperspace cafe forum , many of whom have been on the receiving end of Swerdlow. As if they haven’t been through enough already, they now have you waiting for them, ready to babysit them (or handle them) into bigger and better handlers and programmers.

Her alters get triggered to attack other specifically programmed
people like Khris of Clandestine Rage Revealed who had to deal with
her slander right before he got ritually sacrificed. She’s gone
after Duncan O’finaoan, Randy Maurgans, Santos Bonnaci, I think
Matthew Delooze’s name popped up even. All the while she can’t see
how she’s been programmed to protect the Queen and Christianity.

Hate Bomb.

Pretty low of you to use someones death in a sick and twisted manner in an attempt to amplify your above claim. Shit, you sound like FWH. You should let the dead rest in peace instead of using them to fluff up the above claim of yours. I did not slander anybody, I had some questions and I asked them. The whole discourse is on the blog. Pop Lar.MartJIN and yourself also commented.

I don’t think I ever “went after” Matt Delooze, in fact, I think I mentioned somewhere at the cafe, that I thought he was kind of OK.

You do understand that the Royals are as Christian as much as Russell Brand is Christ. See previous post about Royals being NWR / NWO gnostics. Oh and Beatons photos for Monarch/Luciferic programming promotion and Royal damage control.

Once a Bush/Windsor slave always a Bush/Windsor slave and that is
the greatest tragedy.

THEY ARE THE WORST and the most powerful and I pity anyone who
conditioned and owned by these monsters. Try continuing to live
after that yet.


I think you give them far too much credit. I also think that you give yourself far too much credit when it comes to your analysis of me.


edited to add: link to your and Pop Lars input re above accusations of slander. while shilling for the doctor (who recently appeared on Randy Maugans show)


3 thoughts on “DING DING

    • Re: Khris Neal RIP

      The truth is Elizabeth(Liz) is one of the last people to comment on Khris’ blog before his death .
      Read for yourself .
      Whether she had personal email contact with him I don’t know but I do know others did and PurplePebble wasn’t one of them.

      PurplePebble simply questioned Khris’ choice of FB “friends” given his own allegations.

      He was the one who attacked PurplePebble.

      Just like “Liz” to spin and manipulate the truth.


      • Elizabeth also claimed that I talked shit about Duncan O’finioan while it was Pop Lar / Martijn, All here on the blog somewhere.

        Same goes for her saying I shit talked about Santos Bonacci. I don’t ever remember mentioning him. at all. . I didn’t know anything about him until a few months ago.

        Edited to add. Forgot to mention Santos Bonnaci – just another dugpa

        He has “figured” out CSF without having ever done a cranial course.


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