Put em up. I will respond from here, because you responded over there? I guess that is how it works. You might catch cooties or sumfin.


RE: The Gnostic Truth Guy
“Pathetic Internet Games by saddo’s and blatant anonymous liars
such as “
Purple Pebble”; spreading vicious lies and gossip around whilst
behind an avatar, but that is what pathetic con artists with big
egos do
sometimes. That’s one symptom which you can recognise a
psychopathic troll online.

That blog is a den of delusion and hypocrisy, at best”.

Filter, whoever you are. (are you Pop Lar as well?)
Funny that you claim that I am a “pathetic con artist”
Explain what I have conned you of of. At least have the savvy to know what a con artist is if you are going to call me one.

I for one, have not gained anything from you or anyone else whatsoever, con artists always have something to gain.

You sound just like Pop Lar and his final post…maybe even a little like Janet Swerdlow who is another one who pisses and whines about, and for some reason cannot handle anonymous internet posters with avatars. Seeing as the cafe (and 99% of the internet) compromises of anonymous posters with avatars, including yourself …erm get a grip.

Please provide proof and evidence of hypocrisy on this blog. Do you find me shilling for whilst corralling people to the real con artists and psychopaths like Chiappalone, Lash, Amitakh or anyone else for that matter. Sure, make sweeping statements sealed with an exclamation mark about me being a psychopathic troll with a big ego. If it helps justify to yourself the lack of evidence of me being a con artist.

BTW..If I have conned you unbeknownst to me, you probably owe me fifty quid.

Oh,,,and you certainly wont find me telling people fleets of spaceships will come save their “viable” asses.

Elizabeth. I will respond to you as you are talking directly to me somewhat.

“This is entertaining coverage from former HCF poster Purple Pebble

appreciate the publicity!”

If anyone wants to make a shitload of publicity for demons, you are the right person for the job. So this demonic blog should be right up your alley. FTR I don’t need any publicity agents, not my bag man… If I did I wouldn’t be “hiding” behind a fucking “avatar” would I?

“To clear up some factual errors: PopLar is not Octahedron although
are Dutch. William is William separate from those two and is
certainly not
Afshin (TheGnosticTruthGuy). These are 4 separate individuals with
opinions not 4 different alters”.

If they are separate entities and GROWN men, why do you feel the need to wet nurse them?

“I came to your defense, Purple
Pebble when
TheFormerWhiteHat called you Sarah Stanga, so you know how it feels
someone publicly, intentionally makes a wrong identification”.

Truth is, FWH knew I wasn’t who he claimed me to be. It was intentional on his part. I actually thought as much of an arsehole as he was it was pretty funny. I guess he isn’t laughing about much now? As well, I on the other hand TOLD FWH of his confusion on his blog and had some fun with him in the process. Now, if I had asked you to come “save” me from FWH that would be a different thing altogether, but I didn’t ask you. I didn’t ask anyone for anything. I also did not ask anyone to save my ass either when yourself and Pop Lar tried to take a shit on this blog. I can pretty much handle myself.

“If a researcher changes their opinion (has a change of heart as
you say)
that they
are doing the best job of using their
heart/mind/soul/intuition/logic etc”.

Well, I certainly didn’t change my opinion, or heart as you say, over what is written on this blog. Pop Lar and yourself did, when I posted about Chiappalone and when mud slinging at your perceived notions and opinions about “Christians” started.

Gnostic truth guy, who is not Pop Lar as you claim, even though the writing mannerisms are almost, if not identical… states on his Youtube Channel that he “loves Jesus”. Which is funny because I have not seen Pop Lar accuse gnostic truth guy of being demonic for his “loving of Jesus”, yu neither. Pointless to attack oneself I guess?

Which begs the question, why do you still bother to frequent this demonic delusional blog?

“to grapple with complex and deceptive material. Kudos to those who
their opinions to accomodate incoming data as TheGnosticTruthGuy
did after
having his personal dealings with Dr. Chiappalone. He eloquently
his reasoning and I respect his opinion”.

You can blow smoke all you like to the researchers you continually shill for. I do not respect either his opinion, nor Chiappalones opinion and I see gnostic truth guys attempt of dismantling Chiappalone via equations as nothing more that damage control for the NWR/NWO gnostics. The next question is, is gnostic truth guy the baton carrier for Chiappalone? Do you KNOW? Does this idiot, me… need a white board and algebra to figure that out?

“I don’t have a problem with Dr. Chiappalone except when he calls
Stanford a demon”.

I don’t have a problem with him calling her demon either, I personally don’t have a problem calling the pair of them a couple of demons.

“I don’t get that from her or her work so I read
the Docs
stuff, her stuff, TheGnosticTruthGuy’s stuff, your stuff,
everyone’s stuff out there without feeling like I have to BABYSIT
readers who
stumble upon The Hyperspace Cafe Forum and warn them away from
people based on
superficial or perhaps egotistical observations”.

You don’t need to babysit anyone ultimately. How considerate of you though to make that kind of gesture to everyone.

So having said that, you actually believe and KNOW that Chiapallone IS here to save everyone form this “evil universe”? While on the other hand gnostic truth guy has worked it out with equations that it is not possible and that the man is a deceiver? How do you bat for both teams? Is it a simultaneous universe type of deal that I don’t understand yet>

“Part of awakening
out of
our human programming is passing this plethora of material through
our own
filters to suss it out. I did make a ruckus over John Lash’s ideas
appealing to Kali would help us. Also the rite action kill of
needs to be handled very carefully. Who gets to kill whom? Who do
we agree is a
psychopath vs. programmed, or robots, class 4,5,6,etc. Who makes

I am a little concerned that if for some odd reason, I let you babysit me, I would end up goosestepping in a onesy. Handle the topic of “rite action” kill? Seeing as I am now a psychopath via Filters gnosis, who gets to do me? Just make sure Lash doesn’t have a hand in it if you want a rite action kill to be successful. He is crap.

Personally I try to cut the seekers of truth some slack if I can
approach these boards experientially.

While using the cafe s a moderator to spread the gnostic princes info about. Really.

“TGTG wearing a cone hat does not make him a dugpa. Historically
that shape
amplifies energy. If it’s divine energy he’s communing with then
it has
been enhanced by the cone”.

I know what it is symbolic of. Truth is, it doesn’t actually DO anything. It is symbolic and does about as much as Credo Mutwa and his chicken bones.

“As for Gnosticism, the reason PopLar and TGTG amongst others have
distilled that truth to the best of their understanding is because
the dark side
has twisted and reversed what they could of this …commandeered it”

“They” haven’t distilled anything.

“until even
people who should know better conflate it with the NWO/NWR.
and its rich bully pulpit hammers its ubiquitous POV. Gnosticism
has only a
few voices to clear up the confusion”.

And whose voices are those exactly that are clearing it up for everyone? You and Pop Lar/gnostic truth guy? For all you claim to know I could be a gnostic christian lmao! There is NOTHING that any of you have cleared up. If anything, you have muddied the well with those you have promoted.

Richard. You said you do not come here and that this is the first time, which I find very hard to believe. Maybe its just me, but, if I ran and owned a forum that had a thread that had a good amount of views on it, and while the thread unfolded, a blog was added to it, I would definitely want to take a peek at the wizard behind the curtain. This blog has been linked to the forum for over two years and you, the forum owner, have had no clue as to what this on this blog up until today? For all you know then, it could have been a link to a blog about the wonders of dehydrated water.

You said.
“I use to think Purple Pebble was a nice person. I never read her
site and
today after reading a little bit of it I see she has slipped into
being a
delusional person with a huge ego kind of like the Swerdlows. Sad
to see
this happen”.

Likewise, I used to think that you were a nice person Richard. The forum was an awesome place. Now it is a forum with moderators turning it into a platform for angsty NWO gnostic disinfo agents. Just like the Swerdlows site with less the new age tinsel. Seeing as you aren’t reading this anyway, this blog, will now morph into a site that promotes the wonders of dehydrated water, ten quid a can….. Fifteen quid a can for you, Filter.


2 thoughts on “FISTICUFFS N THAT.

  1. Hey Filter / Falter…….You’re anonymous. ( I’m getting some deja vu vibe with that 😉 )

    As for being “conned” by PurplePebble I’d like to read your explanation.

    BTW…I see no “DONATE” button here .

    There is a DONATE button at that Hyperspace place and at Gnotic Truth Guy’s however.



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