I posted this article about Prince Charles a while back and am re-posting it to highlight the agenda of the New World Order and how Gnosticism is connected to the cause. Some of the Gnostisc who have contributed to and visited this blog (and still visit it today) have been promoters of Gnostics such as Dr Chiappalone, exposed here DR.J. CHIAPPALONE
and John Lash.

Some of them have had a change of heart about these individuals even after directing many people into the hands of these Gnostic Priest for edification. Mention has also made of True Christians, or Christian Gnostics while at the same time openly expressing hatred for Christians, that Christianity is just another religious cult with it’s different branches, churches and sects. Has it not occurred to them that the priests of the Gnostic agenda are no different from the some of the Christian priests who have tainted and continue to taint Christianity.

I think it is a little late to attempt last minute damage control for those who have funneled people off into the hands of Chiappalone and Lash.

There are a few Gnostic’s have taken it upon themselves to expose Chiappalone for example to then elevate themselves to appear as having more substance, insight, wisdom and knowledge than Chiappalone himself, or better still a Christian that exposes the same ilk of this world…Icke for instance. (Because according to them, they knew it all already) which is a little cheeky (as well as being a hairy lie) considering the amount of shilling for the likes of Lash and Chiappalone that they have openly and willingly played a hand in.

The difference is, the modern day Gnostic Priests only have themselves to draw their understanding from, and if the source of that individual is without the Holy Spirit, the information that is brought forth will be nothing more than a watered down intellectualization of something that is Supranatural / Supernatural and Holy.

The ancient hatred that is manifest through the modern day Gnostic Priests is an ill equipped attempt to draw seekers away from the Holy Spirit. Which is why Prince Charles is the ultimate embodiment of the Gnostic Pope.

Prince Charles is a keyholder to Gnostic truth. Much like the modern day lower level Gnostic priests and pushers, The Royals are without the Holy Spirit.

Below are a couple of excerpts from the article linked at the bottom of this post. It is an interesting and eye opening insight into the Gnostic construct. Carl Jung has been one of many who has played a vital role in the more recent revival of Gnosticism. (As mentioned in an earlier post, Jung’s red book is a modern day Voyinich Manuscript. A cipher).

Gnostic truth.


Gnostic truth?

“Charles’s flirtation with Jung, is an endorsement of the ideas of a man whose career was devoted to the destruction of Christianity, and to the creation of a New World Order based on gnosticism”.

As above so below.


Banksters Funding MK Ultra.





Link to article.


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