On some weird level, Thomas Sheridan hates the colour purple. He is ultimately assigning some kind of negativity to a colour and trying to colour peoples thoughts.

Be thankful that you are not purple people.

You would be on his shit list.

Vigilant Citizen, giving dugpas vicariously through reader submissions. Or so he says.

Vigilant Citizen has been given a platform vicariously through David Icke.

shillingofrthe dugpas2


The author of this reader contribution, is Paul W Marko, who is no stranger to the seminar circuit (and seems to dislike the colour purple as well) and has spoken at such events as the Free Your Mind Conference alongside people such as Alfred Webre and Andrew Basagio to name a couple. Notice how his intent is on focusing readers attention to “truth and outrage”, the color Red, or in New Age terms, the root chakra.

I will call this fine work of art that I found..Dugpas Meet Themselves. Or DMT for short.


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