I had a laugh about this because as in true Dugpa fashion, both Icke and Sheridan (amongst others in the alt media circus) are cut from the same cloth and are much more alike than they would both like to think. They BOTH love to play the victim, this old victim thing is a great empathy sucker, ooh poor ole Icke, poor ole Thomas have been attacked, people are trying to bring them down. I tend to see it as people calling you out on their bullshit and playing the victim, it’s an easy way of vampiring empathy from people.

BOTH have books to flog, BOTH have seminars to flog and BOTH of them ride the alt media like a couple of cowboys on a rode hard and put away wet horse.

Posted at the Icke site. Curious as to why Icke didn’t have the nuts to defend his pal Russell Brand, its all a bit convoluted, is he agreeing with Dugpa Tom, is he defending Dugpa Brand? History has shown that whoever Icke gives a platform to on his headlines always turns out to be an agent of derision on some level. Veitch, Spivey, and numerous others have been happy to reeive the Icke accolades until shit goes pear shaped. Thomas is riding that wave right now. For a day.

So moving forward, is Icke going to play the old “I got suckered by some Illuminartee puppet”? Is that what is next from the Icke corner?

I see that Sheridan doesn’t have the nuts to keep the comments up on his original post (they have all disappeared) nor does he mention Icke in his self bloating accomplishment of getting on Ickes headline news.

Fuckeries eh?

This was posted in

ERM MAY 2012

May 1, 2012

Dugpa is a term used for someone who is a Master of the Dark Arts, male or female, that uses tools such as Hypnosis, Neural Linguistic Programming, Hegelian Dialect, Hallucinogens (sometimes) and other mind control techniques designed to attach a person to the lower astral realms. Not only are Dugpas masters of the the (LHP) left hand path, they are masters of the the (RHP) right hand path also. Dugpas are masters of duality.

I originally started out with this information at the David Icke forum here.


and then here at the Hyperspace Cafe. There are some excellent threads exposing this agenda on this forum.

There is a reason why some of the main players of the Truth Movement / New Age religion / Conspiracy Theory circuit repeatedly appear on certain alternative radio shows, hold intermittent talks, and appear regularly at conferences, (with the help of their networks / connections). Add a little back patting, ego massaging and willy waving from time to time and you’ve got one big fat distraction which is exactly what it is designed to do.

To get a bigger picture of this subject on an esoteric level it is worth looking into the lives of people like Madam Blavatsky (Freemason) Adolf Hitler – Nazi Dictator and Occultist (Expedition to Tibet 1938-39), Initiates into the New Age /Luciferian Religion Alice Bailey (Freemason) – Lucis Trust, Mystics Alexandra David Neel – (Freemason) and Film Producer David Lynch – Twin Peaks and the David Lynch Foundation.

The agenda dates back to antiquity and the symbolism has been hidden in plain sight for eons.

Here is Dugpa Sheridans lift and spin that was posted on Ickes headlines.

Do you honestly think that these bottom feeding Dugpas are leaders?
Do you want these liars and charlatans to be the ones to hijack the future of this planet?







History has also shown that neither Russell Brand, David Icke nor Thomas Sheridan have any integrity whatsoever, today again Sheridan was prowling this blog to see if he got a mention due to his appearance on Ickes headlines.

Well, here ya go Thomas. You can stop jerking off in anticipation, you knew it was coming.

Yours Truly,


and JC









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