Here is what a message from humanswin aka alien fossil project posted to this blog.





You will “check this blog out for research”?

Something makes me think you were checking it out prior to posting that
silly message on this blog.

Unfortunately, your husband has missed the boat and since he has only been mentioning Icke for the past six months.He has a LOT of catching up to do as he has merely scratched the surface.

Too much time spent digging up rocks and palming them off as alien skulls has been a great distraction I guess.

Making such grandiose claims on your husbands behalf, such as he is going to “bring them all down” will more than likely end up in embarrassment.

If you didn’t notice, this blog has been up and running for a bit longer than six months and goes into things that more than likely you will not be able to add to. Infact, I challenge your husband to expound on what is mentioned here about Icke and Brand for example.

If you think your husband is going to “take them all down” I will kick back and watch him do it. Rest assured, he will need to use the info on this blog as a resource.

Infact I mentioned your husband here somewhere as an ancient alien pusher jumping on the Icke bandwagon back in September when his first video came out.



Now stop spamming this blog with your alien nonsense.

A little bit of a timeline.









The below screenshots are from a video that used to be titled 100% Proof Illuminati Reptilians Run the World, or something similar…which was uploaded 8 years ago. Alien Fossil Project recently changed the title to “Alex Jones David Icke Controlled Opposition Gatekeepers and the Govt Cointel “program” .” Which is hilarious seeing as the whole video is in support of the Reptilian “Program”. If you read the captions AFP put on the vid, it says it all. So yeah, you can change the title all you want, but the evidence that AFP was flogging  Icke’s reptilian bullshit speaks for itself. Cointel “Program” lolz!.



Despite the new title of the above vid, you will not find anything on Alien Fossil Project’s Youtube channel related Icke or Brand before the vids that were uploaded 2 years ago.

Alien Fossil Project Cointel Program fail.


Edited to add: Thought I would post this as Alien Fossil Project  set up a YT account under the name of this blog after losing troofer cred and proceeds to “like” all of his own vids  and a few others under the sock.haha!


What gives me an even bigger laugh than this?
Round Saturns Eye uses Alien Fossil Project crap info in his “Exposing Icke “

RSE your connections are showing  ya  fuckin useless bint.


  1. Sorry it not related to the post again but it kinda relevant especially if people listen to this guy like i did and do not notice is is a sneaky dugpa. A lot of people treat this guy like a guru but he is another pushing the mystery schools but very subtle (not so much in his crap expensive books/comics)


  2. Hey I got your message :0) for skme reason i cant reply back on YT. he is another one and thanks for posting this. His books cost a small fortune right and he is treated like a guru.

    Comics is a good term I think.


  3. Glad you got it Youtube is a nightmare now I try not to look at in a conspiratorial way but its interesting. The document is long but well worth it in my opinion, he is very very subtle and has tricked many including me
    Earthling has not allowed my post, very very interesting as the document is very well written and for those with eyes to see and hears to hear. It calls allan out on many of his lies. lies we mainly find propagated by dugpas masons and the mystery schools


  4. A dugpa will usually have a referral, a recommendation, another ride at the fair to keep people on the merry go round. Allan Watts is just providing another ride at the fairground. As per usual the people that are promoted are never really researched by those that promote them.

    They give themselves big titles, big themselves up as the ones who can save people from themselves. “I have figured this money problem out”
    “I have a bunch of alien fossils like you have never seen” ” I have figured it all out, buy my book” “I have had alien contact and have it all bagged up” ” I have the best alt media radio show with the most interesting guests” “I have a direct connect to god mind” bla bla bla.

    Earthlinggb responded to one of my youtube comments claiming that I am a troll and to take my bile elsewhere. Well, some of this “bile” has come in quite useful for him and a few others who have been mentioned here. They are quite happy to parasite off of some christian to then claim it as insights of their own. Some of them go as low as claiming to be christians themselves such as the mystery of the iniquity lot.

    Dugpas hate being called out on their bullshit and will usually end up working alongside each other and or promoting each other, as if strength in numbers equates the truth. People can huddle around a lie to defend it, ultimately, the truth can stand alone in a room full of liars and deceivers. I saw that Earthlinggb has an “alien fossil project” video posted on his blog, just another ride promoting another ride.


  5. Alan Watt on the Vinny Show..the radio show that promotes scumbaggery under the guise of exposing scumbaggery… then begs for donations for everyone to listen to his commie bullshit. Sound familiar?

    I have been having quite a good laugh at the alien fossil project twat. He seems to think that because Icke mentioned him on The Peoples Voice that it is some claim to fame and that it must therefore mean that Alien Fossil Project dood is “THE ONE”. If I remember rightly, Icke also did this with Gorilla 199 a few years back. It looks as if the Alien Fossil Project aka “believe this fucking rock is an alien project” has also lifted info off of Gorilla 199 lmao!

    useless alien agenda bints.

    2014 Alien Fossil Project mentioned by Icke on TPV.

    Gorilla 199 in 2010 mentioned by Icke.

    You are not the first, or “THE ONE”… alien fossil boy aka “rock thingy dood”… but you have had your 15 minutes.

    Keep using this blog as a resource though you silly alien fucker.

    I was really looking forward to a debate, but I guess that alien boy will continue to hover over this blog so that he can make videos about things he lifted off of this blog. Replica.



  6. Alien Fossil Project – “exposing fake Christian’s,, fake truthers and fake reptilians”

    While absolutely NO mention whatsoever about fake alien fossils.

    That curiously enough have all found their way into those behind the Alien Fossil Projects hands.

    Whattup tough guy.


  7. i love your work…but on one thing you are 1000000% wrong!!the kenyal mall shooting was/is a HOAX!!!max malone is 100% right it’s a hoax!!how on earth can such a smart guy like you,don’t understand that it is a HOAX?!?!?can you please corrected it?because it is a HOAX!!!


  8. You need to post this at the Alien Fossil Projects site, but you knew that already didn’t you. Just because Alien Fossil Project blocks comments on his youtube channel doesn’t mean that you can come here and use this blog as a message board for your comments to him. Post on one of his videos that allows comments .If you cannot figure out how to do that, how on earth do you expect how to figure out what is and what is not a hoax.


  9. I don’t know whether the mall shooting was a hoax or not. What I got from your comment is that you love alien fossil projects work but disagree with him about the mall shooting video he posted and you have asked him to correct his error.vicariously through this blog.
    What I am saying is contact him. So we have someone called Max Malone who is claiming the shooting was a hoax and AFP saying it wasn’t. This is something that Max Malone (whoever he is) and AFP need to sort out between themselves. All I can see is muddy water between the pair of them.

    And yes, Michael Moore is a shill.


  10. You are right, I could do a post on Michael Moore, although this blog focuses on the esoteric/new world religion agenda for the best part. and he doesn’t have anything to do with that as far as I know. You probably know more about him than I do to be honest. Re the one eyed gnome. I think it is funny, although I don’t think it is a joke. Gnomes are old school programming that is still around. The hat is symbolic.


  11. No only DR PEPPER;)and BRAINS!…no mercy for lies,shills,hoaxes,discovery channel,ales jones,david icke,michael moore,mindcontrol,satanist….and FINDING BIGFOOT;)what do you have to say…MERCY NOW…only More kool aid comment?is that all?(by the way ,i change my name..i go now under the name…..MAX CADY…o.k?


  12. And i must say,in the case of the alien fossil project…FUCK HIM..arrogant bastard!!FOOL!!the kenyal mall shooting is a HOAX!!!..DOMBO!!even PEE WEE HERMAN knows that…check max malone’s video about the kenyal mall shooting HOAX…again and again…maybe you see it also…make it a new project;)lolthe max malone kenyal mall hoax is 100% right project…max malone is a HERO just like JUNGLE SURFER!!


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