At about 12.00 in.

(I have edited this since first posting it… I ended up busy with something else and did a half assed job of this post..so here it is again, updated…)

The above video is classic diversion tactic coming from a manipulative parasitical emissary of the archons. AKA Dugpa.

Icke fails to mention that language and words plays an important role when it comes to manipulation. It is one f the primary ways used to manipulate people. Linguistics and imagery, and these two components of manipulation are but a couple in Ickes repertoire. I am not sure if anyone has been reading some of the youtube comments on Ickes channel lately but there has been quite a backlash with regard to his bad management of his failing cult.

Linguistically –
Here is the wording from ticker on one of his videos

“A work of dot connecting genius, that reveals the world and reality as it really is, with a clarity and detail as it has never been seen before”

Who said so ? Icke, the people that market him who want people to listen to him? His mates? Who makes these claims? Icke does, that is who, the ticker sums up how Icke wants to control peoples perceptions…of what HE says and what HE wants people to thinka about him. Therefore, directing peoples perceptions.

Now THAT is real clarity and detail.

Why do you think Icke constantly uses horrific images on his site? Not to “lift up” vibrations, but to bombard people with fear, horror and terror so he can syphon it from the ethers. Classic dugpa tactics. The age old fear bomb love bomb technique.

As per usual he relies on his breath-work on the inhale to connect to the demonic force that controls him, then on the outbreath exhales the words he needs to manipulate people. If you pay attention, he never does this breathwork when doing one of his “read the newspaper” shows.

As all Dugpas know, they cannot reveal themselves, which is why they NEVER mention the word dugpas.
They will talk about djinn, they will talk about archons, reptile and greys, they will talk about demons…but NEVER will they mention Dugpas. EVER.

In the interview, Icke claims that Jesus is a mere thoughtform and boils it down to Jesus being “an idea of love” in the mind of a Christian. All well and good if you want to paint Jesus as a disembodied spirit / Tulpa of some love and light hippy, which is far from the truth…nothing about the Holy Spirit or redemption etc.. another classic parasitic spin. Black Lodge / White Lodge feebleness coming from Icke.

Icke claims that the archonic force is akin to a little boy in short trousers, then continues to to joke about people being terrified of demons and demonic entities….but hasn’t Icke been one of the main players fear mongering and prattling on about the “demonic reptilian entities controlling the world” ….slowly sucking people into his sad, yet thankfully dwindling little dugpa hole?

He then skirts around peadophilia (as if it is just the “higher echelons” of society invovled. (because ….that is the only place peadophiles congregate) sooo much focus on the higher echelons..very little focus on elsewhere…like his own backyard and some of his buddies.

Icke the exorcist!

Icke talks about being in Peru in 2012, and fleets over what can only be described as entering the abyss (which by the way is not a physical place on earth – dumbass) – funny that he is talking about the abyss now..lmao.

(in saying this he is inferring that he has some kind of high vibrational shit going on). Which he doesn’t.

He claims that he has some kind of spiritual power to rebuke demonic entities. He claims to have sent “love” to a demonic entity that was inhabiting a person while he was in Peru…via his heart chakra and other such luciferian shit.

Icke the Lightworker (he isn’t a new ager at all)

Icke has claimed to cast out a demon, taht really is the cherry on the cake. (While being full to the brim himself with demonic dugpa energy).

lmao! Lightworker fail.

You do know that the lightbringer, lucifer himself, will claim to have the ability of casting out demons with lightwork..I should know, I was trained in that shit, along with many other people.

He then continues to claim that these archon entities can take human form…(while previously saying they were grays reptilians and gnomes and elves) …stating that the ones that take human form are those that get to the top of the banking system, the corporations and the media….

YET he fails to mention those same entities work through, engineer and control the replicated parasitic spiritual .i.e people like himself, Swerdlow, Brand and the rest… new agers and some of the special ones in the alternative media etc..

The oldest trick on the book…”look over there” ..fools take a look…..”madest thou look” … the trick is doneth.

Dugpa fail.

And don’t you sit there and tell me Icke does not carry the traits of an “archon” or that he doesn’t know about Dugpas…(the thread on the Icke forum has 96,000 odd views, yet he has no clue? )

(I hope you are paying attention whoever you are in Canada..I have an idea though)

I am sure the gnostics will be happy to know they have Icke batting for the team. (especially the ones that decry Icke and the rest) Icke is an all knowing gnostic now. He is one of you…you must be so proud to have such a team member…along with Jay, Thomas and other gnostic blowhard farts in the wind.

The final piece of this dugpa joke is to claim that society is a “gut” society (in chakra terms) and that we need to go back to a “heart” society…because that is where society used to operate from…the heart.

Going by lightworker standards, Ickes gut is a pretty good indicator of where he is harboring all of his energy….by lightworker standards that is.

Too much fun for one blog post.

Shit rolls downhill….per this tweet from baby gnome.



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