Courtesy of energetic piggy backing Dupgas and the respective black and white lodges.

One of Russell Brands influences is Daniel Pinchbeck. One of Daniel Pnchbeck’s influences is Rudolph Steiner….and Terence McKenna..Pinchbeck claims to have channeled Quetzalcoatl who he states began speaking to him in 2004. Daniel Pinchbeck has also been interviewed by David Lynch..puppet master and handler extraordinaire.

Nothing like waxing lyrical with a bunch of big words that don’t benefit anyone that the illiterati don’t give a shit about, right?

(People like Thomas Sheridan who have convinced themselves and a handful of people that listen to him that he is “awake” because he has one foot on the black square and one foot on the white square while telling people that he is “off the chessboard”… yes I know that one…it’s a goodun…. use this power to abuse the rode hard and put away wet alternative media platform, to distract attention away from the very thing that people need to be paying attention to). Pay attention. Pay attention to those especially that tell you not to pay attention.

Was that a run on sentence? Oh well.

I am not saying consume your life paying attention to people like the ones mentioned on this blog… I am saying PAY ATTENTION to the patterns, connections and consistent theme amongst them.

Brand tells one of the people in the crowd who said they have a rational mind and doesn’t understand it all, to “feed and clothe the poor” then turns away in shame, because he is a lying ass hypocrite. He isnt feeding and clothing the poor he is brainwashing them to accept their fate in shit schools, prisons, reservations, the military and wherever else he can spread his devil vibes through TM. Get the fuck out.


“I never spent every day from the age of 14 wondering if I was Jesus. Most boys go through a stage of wondering whether they are Jesus, I just dragged it out for several decades”

Erm..sorry to disappoint you Lucifer, but you are not Jesus Christ.


Just one of many, and there have been MANY… claiming to be.

So, all you people, who have children in shit schools, peeps in prisons, the military, reservations, and wherever else this crap is trying to gain a stronghold. TELL them the truth. SHOW them who is running this faux revolutionary show. Some jumped up cunt from Essex who is aligned with the devil who happens to be recruiting right now.

(Guess what Thomas…oh doubting one….you can’t lift this….you silly little luciferian liar)

I give ETERNAL THANKS to the HOLY SPIRIT, FATHER of ALL creation, for the wisdom, insight, guidance, knowledge, understanding and peace… that passeth all understanding. YOU and YOU alone give me, and those that are in YOU YOUR ETERNAL LOVE AND WISDOM.


  1. It is obvious that hallucinogens and have a role to play in the manufactured awakening.of the NWR.
    In the video above Russell Brand jokes about using smack to come down off of Ayahuasca. Encouraging people to get bombed out of their brains to follow an agenda.

    The Mckenna brothers pseudonyms of the book “Magic Mushroom Growers Guide – . O.T. Oss and O.N. Oeric.

    On of the more recent books by Dennis McKenna is titled “The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss” which I think sums up these brothers , the entities involved and where this agenda is heading quite well.


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