Erm…didn’t Terence McKenna, Mr Ayahuasca / DMT himself die of brain cancer?



Please bear in mind Terence McKenna’s numerous ayahuasca / dmt trips ended in brain cancer. My brother died of cancer at a very young age and left a family behind. It was devastating for everyone. He was not a tripper either. (unlike myself way back when)

What a lot of people do not, and probably will not take into consideration (especially if they are taking Ickes words and headline news etc… and running with it) is that Ayahuasca does not bode well with people who are on antidepressants, existing medications or have existing health conditions and or pre existing “psychological” problems.. If you end up in the hands of an Ayahusca charlatan who is out to rip you off, they will not give a shit about any of this. They wont even have a clue.




Article worth taking into consideration.


Also bear in mind that David Icke specializes in pushing Ayahuasca / DMT to send people out on a big fat trips in hopes of keeping them perched in the astral, Babylon style…Icke as per usual is using this claim as a justification for his hallucinogenic pushings.

Another point I would like to make for people to take into consideration is that there are people who live in the regions where Ayahuasca is used that also die of cancer themselves. I knew a couple who had lived with a tribe in Peru since the mid 50’s and there were tribe members who did pass way from cancer.

So, if you have cancer for example, do your research, take care of yourself as best you can, and most importantly do not think that David Icke gives a flying fuck either way. He doesn’t. He just wants to justify his sponsored Ayahuasca/ DMT campaign.

I would also like to mention that shamans know that plants and their derivatives, the physical and chemical aspects of plants are secondary to the energy that produces and creates them. The energy exists and comes before the physical manifestation. That would be God.

Take care of your good souls people.

Report and concluding Summary by Eduardo Schenburg.

“In conclusion, the data available so far is not sufficient to claim whether ayahuasca indeed helps in cancer treatment or not. However, there is enough available evidence that aya-huasca’s active principles, especially DMT and harmine, have positive effects in some cell cultures used to study can-cer, and in biochemical processes important in cancer treat-ment, both in vitro and in vivo. Therefore, the few available reports of people benefiting from ayahuasca in their cancer treatment experiences should be taken seriously, and the hypothesis presented here, fully testable by rigorous scien-tific experimentation, helps to understand the available cases and pave the way for new experiments”


So the data is not sufficient enough yet there is enough available evidence? Did I just read that from a scientist making claims about ayahuasca’s active principles being DMT curing cancer?

We are talking here about what, 9 people or so in this experiment? Not all results were positive?

DMT is naturally occuring in us as humans via cerebral spinal fluid (and as well as all things living). It is not exclusive to Ayahuasca, it is in you already. Doing it’s thing.Then again, so is God. If you listen.

Did Icke actually read that report or is he just once again jumping on shit he knows nothing about to make a claim vicariously through those who make such claims to push his agenda?

I don’t think he has the attention span to have read that whole report. Icke the Cherry picker.

Lest we forget



    • Unfortunately for those that would want to have it, we aren’t all bombed on that astral hallucinogen shit that they want us to swallow..

      Tangent..This makes Thomas Sheridans rip off “purple pill info” look like flintstones vitamins for wee-uns)

      Thomas is playing the ” I am not into cults or starting one” game…oh yeah…talking about nazis and what not.. the nazi game never ended blah blah blah…true…but can he deal with those that were part of the program…..that have overcome?

      (edited to add…forgot to mention the reason that I mention this is because Thomas Sheridan put a Terence McKenna quote on one of his latest velocity vids…)

      These fools that think they are dong a great service via alternative media…watch out.


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