Here is what a message from humanswin aka alien fossil project posted to this blog.





You will “check this blog out for research”?

Something makes me think you were checking it out prior to posting that
silly message on this blog.

Unfortunately, your husband has missed the boat and since he has only been mentioning Icke for the past six months.He has a LOT of catching up to do as he has merely scratched the surface.

Too much time spent digging up rocks and palming them off as alien skulls has been a great distraction I guess.

Making such grandiose claims on your husbands behalf, such as he is going to “bring them all down” will more than likely end up in embarrassment.

If you didn’t notice, this blog has been up and running for a bit longer than six months and goes into things that more than likely you will not be able to add to. Infact, I challenge your husband to expound on what is mentioned here about Icke and Brand for example.

If you think your husband is going to “take them all down” I will kick back and watch him do it. Rest assured, he will need to use the info on this blog as a resource.

Infact I mentioned your husband here somewhere as an ancient alien pusher jumping on the Icke bandwagon back in September when his first video came out.



Now stop spamming this blog with your alien nonsense.

A little bit of a timeline.









The below screenshots are from a video that used to be titled 100% Proof Illuminati Reptilians Run the World, or something similar…which was uploaded 8 years ago. Alien Fossil Project recently changed the title to “Alex Jones David Icke Controlled Opposition Gatekeepers and the Govt Cointel “program” .” Which is hilarious seeing as the whole video is in support of the Reptilian “Program”. If you read the captions AFP put on the vid, it says it all. So yeah, you can change the title all you want, but the evidence that AFP was flogging  Icke’s reptilian bullshit speaks for itself. Cointel “Program” lolz!.



Despite the new title of the above vid, you will not find anything on Alien Fossil Project’s Youtube channel related Icke or Brand before the vids that were uploaded 2 years ago.

Alien Fossil Project Cointel Program fail.


Edited to add: Thought I would post this as Alien Fossil Project  set up a YT account under the name of this blog after losing troofer cred and proceeds to “like” all of his own vids  and a few others under the sock.haha!


What gives me an even bigger laugh than this?
Round Saturns Eye uses Alien Fossil Project crap info in his “Exposing Icke “

RSE your connections are showing  ya  fuckin useless bint.


courtesy of Mdm Balavatky.


*On the astral and psychic planes the Masters are always stronger than the Dugpas, because there, good is stronger than evil. But on our material plane, evil is stronger than good, and the Adepts having to exercise cunning if acting on this plane, (which is contrary to their natures) encounter great difficulty and can only palliate evil effects. In powers not good there is an absence of good, but not presence of evil, and the higher you go, the more does evil become the absence of good. The first exercise of Dugpaship is to psychologize people. Every man has a potential Dugpa in him.

When the 6th Race reaches its close, there will be no more Dugpas. A Dugpa may become converted during life, at the expense of terrible suffering and trials. Dugpas are usually destroyed by Kundalini, the astral fire. They consume themselves. The Dugpa is forced to his own destruction. He becomes fascinated, runs into the evil current and so destroys himself.

The beasts of Dugpas have nothing but the animal in them, and even when they awaken the highest spirituality in them, it is the spirituality of the beast where there is nothing but vile, selfish instinct. On earth there is no evil power higher than the Dugpas.
They cannot when seen psychically conceal the presence of red about them. It is always visible in their aura. The color is deep crimson red. The sign of the presence of a Dugpa is a cold, clammy, empty, snaky feeling. Do not mistake the above for another feeling, viz., when chelas materialize they create a vacuum around them, which feels to us like a change of atmosphere, like being suddenly removed to a high plateau in Thibet. (The one a dry cold like high atmosphere, the other clammy)”


In metaphysics and new age thinking, it is taught that all things are connected, why then, in this statement from Blavatsky, is the astral and material treated as something that is separate? Is it not all connected? Here Blavatsky states the the masters have power in the astral etc, but not the material?

Then maybe, they are not masters.

Some people talk about and claim that it is the entities that dwell in the astral for example that have all of this power, control over the material. Over humans and the planet.

So what are the masters (that are only masters in the astral according to Blavatsky) really achieving if it is true that this earth is under control of astral entities ?

Blavatsky is claiming that masters have control in the astral.

Therefore, the “masters” that Blavatsky claims are all powerful in the astral, are, (if it is all connected per metaphysics, quantum physics etc.. and per the self proclaimed enlightened individuals), the same entities that are supposedly in control of humans?

Does Blavatsky align with the masters, who she claims are in control of the astral? Who by all accounts, per the enlightened ones, are the ones that are taking care of business and running the show in this realm..

OR does she align herself with the Dugpas, and say, “look over there..madest thou look, so ends the trick?”

Dugpas are eventually destroyed by the Kundalini, the astral fire… and consumed by the evil current.

So, the enlightened ones, the ones that have so called dominion on the material, the false teachers, charlatans, false leaders, liars, double talkers, hypnotizer’s, seducers, sorcerers…the false light….


Is it the false light, that will consume itself, in time…please. In your own time of course. Plenty of that seeing as that time is an illusion.

Or is it the illusion that is running out of time?




And then little children, you will then be acquiesced via the TM program


You will be given one and it will be unique unto you, well, that is what we will tell you….


Sort of?


Via the TM program, we will start in American schools first…..then the world! Enjoy my “revolution”…bitches



(Russ thinks to himself…I would like to thank my stylist for my current “Jesus” look….this stylist, who I pay a small fortune for told me “if in doubt, accessorize with a beard”…I am not making the same mistake as Icke with that fucking mullet….)

See Dave, all you needed was a beard… to balance out that mullet… matey.. geezer.. blokey.




Here is an article from one of many recent articles about the TM program in public schools. the link to the full article is at the bottom of the page. Not sure why anyone would think that something backed by Brand, Lynch and cohorts would be anything other than a covert brainwashing program ushered into the public school system. Kiss art, music and other fun stuff that children love goodbye.

“In San Francisco, schools that participated in Quiet Time, a Transcendental Meditation program, had twice as many students score proficient in English on the California Achievement Test than in similar schools where the program didn’t exist”.

Ghannam believes her mindfulness program can serve as “an antidote to that stress” and so far, surveys results suggest the program works: 98 percent of students in the program reported feeling “less stressed” and more “ready to learn” after taking Headstand classes.

Ghannam wants to emphasize “smart practice.” When she observed existing programs, she felt they lacked a crucial element: delivery. She saw many yoga instructors, accustomed to teaching in studios with middle-aged participants, not adapting their teaching strategies for children in public schools.

(If you listened to the Alex Jones and Icke interview, they mentioned the word “smart” and claimed that anything that uses the word “smart” i.e smart phones, smart cars, smart technology etc is an indoctrination program)

Adam Moskowitz, a Headstand teacher, agreed that the practice can be difficult for some kids: “At their age—and in this age—the last thing some of them want to do is sit, with nothing to look at or play,”

(That is because children WOULD rather play, and look at things)

he says, “In some ways, despite its great challenge, mindfulness is a very simple, repetitive practice. It’s not always easy convincing kids that they’re learning something by doing the same, simple thing again and again.”

(depends on what the repetitive practice is – a repetitive mantra, a repetitive mantra, a repetitive mantra, a repetitive mantra,a repetitive mantra, a repetitive mantra, a repetitive mantra, a repetitive mantra a repetitive mantra, a repetitive mantra, a repetitive mantra, a repetitive mantra a repetitive mantra, a repetitive mantra, a repetitive mantra, a repetitive mantra)

Michael Rivera, now a senior in high school, admitted that at first, he found yoga class “dull.” His next response also seemed very telling: “It wasn’t as active as sports. There wasn’t a lot of movement going on, so it reminded me of a ‘time out,’ like a punishment. We were stuck inside, instead of being outside and having an extra 45 minutes of P.E.”

(I understand this sentiment)

Now looking back, Michael agrees that mindfulness practice was useful and appreciates the quiet environment the class provided: “Just having a good 45 minutes to not hear any noise and keep to yourself mentally actually helped me prepare for the next class periods. After yoga class, I would feel pretty rejuvenated.”

(TM and mindfulness are two completely different things)

Knoche thinks bringing a program like Headstand to her school district would help accomplish this: “Headstand has a beautiful way of redefining what we believe public education should be and blending yoga, mindfulness and character education into those beliefs.”

But with issues like funding, class scheduling, graduation requirements, and other logistics, I wondered whether programs like Headstand and others could ever become a part of our public-education system.

(The program is already in the public education system, and as for funding, art and music classes have been cut)

Parents and administrators have not always embraced these programs right away. Administrators at an Ohio elementary school discontinued the school’s mindfulness program after parents felt uncomfortable with the practice’s roots in Eastern religion and complained that the program did not use class time valuably. Last year, prosecutors in a prominent court case sued California’s Encinitas Union school district, arguing that the district’s yoga program indoctrinated students with Hindu beliefs.

(Because it is indoctrinating students with Hindu beliefs)

Michael also felt that teenage insecurities often played a role in students resisting the class: “As a 12-year-old kid, I didn’t always feel comfortable moving my body in such a way.”

(maybe, just maybe…he didnt feel comfortable because his body was telling him something)


Despite Brands pro TM hyperbole….In another yogic breath Brand encourages youth to sway away from democracy, promotes ayahuasca and other engineered revolutionary bollox which he puppets for.

More gnome programming. Courtesy of Angry Birds.

angrybird gnome



Chuck is walking on the beach when he sees a garden Gnome that has been washed up. He takes it, and wraps it up to give to Matilda . Matlida opens it, and finds out that it sings a very annoying song. Chuck then starts singing it, and Matilda pretends to like it. Matilda takes it to her garden and sets it on a rock. She does work, but gets distracted because the song got annoying. She then tries to meditate, but gets angry, and throws Gnome into the pond. Chuck then comes by, and sees him float up, so Matilda jumps in with bubble bath powder and a brush and starts cleaning him. Chuck then smiles and walks away.

Matilda continues to work, but Gnome bothers her even more. So, she takes a bottle of lemonade, shakes it, and puts it in Gnome’s hand and he shoots into the air. Matilda sighs in relief, but Chuck comes by. He wonders where Gnome is. Matilda pretends to look for him frantically. But he falls out of the sky and lands in the Slingshot, and launches itself into Matilda’s head, giving her a large lump. Chuck turns around and walks away.

Matilda gets very angry, and throws a large rock at Gnome. Chuck comes and sees this, and is confused. But Matilda picks up the rock scraps and stack them up like a shrine, and puts Gnome on top, then wraps him with lights. Chuck then becomes happy. But, Gnome catches on fire and melts. Chuck looks at Matilda, wondering if she even cares. So, she fake-cries. Then Chuck walks away. Matilda sighs with relief, until Chuck comes dressed like Gnome and sings the exact same song as the gnome would.



Because sometimes, you just have to spell it out for those who deny what is right in front of them.

David Icke talks to Alex Jones about the suppression of human consciousness via.

1. The Education system and Hollywood.

Please Dugpa blowhards, while your dirty little mouths claim that the education system is a programming tool, you are quite content to avoid this subject while inadvertently supporting the trance endental meditation program being implemented in schools
and other institutions such as prisons, Native American reservations and the military.

Engineered and brought forth to the children and aided by Hollywood agenda by who?

David lynch
Hollywood Producer

Platform and airtime – courtesy of Alex Jones (alt media) Hollywood, MSM
Used by David Icke in certain agenda pushing videos.
Handler and TM groomer of Russell brand

Russell Brand
Hollywood Puppet

Connected to
David Lynch kundalini activation partner – TM agenda puppet
David Icke cohort, kundalini activation partner
Platform and airtime – courtesy of Alex Jones MSM and alt media

David Icke
Alt media platform.

User of David Lynch info for spiritual educational ‘
purposes via video.
Kundalini activator and cohort of Russell Brand
Platform and airtime courtesy of Alex Jones, MSM and alt media

Ringo Starr – mainstream music puppet product of the mahareshi
Paul McCartney mainstream music puppet product of the mahareshi
Katy Perry – mainstream music puppet
Jerry Seinfeld – Hollywood puppet
Ellen Degeneres – Hollywood puppet
Russell Simmons – mainstream music puppet
Martin Scorcese – Hollywood producer
George Lucas – Hollywood producer
Clint Eastwood – Hollywood puppet
Oprah Winfrey – Hollywood puppet

to name a few.

ALL participants in the foundation for “consciousness based education and peace”


Another facet

AKA shut the fuck up and enjoy your outwardly imposed “quiet time” based education and indoctrination program, courtesy of the aforementioned dugpas, enablers, institutions, Hollywood and puppets.

Edited to add this oldie from around June 2012. It needs updating, few of these dugpas have fallen off the radar, but there are a couple more new dugpas to add to the list. One of these days I will get around to it. In all honesty, I don’t think I need to though.


At about 12.00 in.

(I have edited this since first posting it… I ended up busy with something else and did a half assed job of this here it is again, updated…)

The above video is classic diversion tactic coming from a manipulative parasitical emissary of the archons. AKA Dugpa.

Icke fails to mention that language and words plays an important role when it comes to manipulation. It is one f the primary ways used to manipulate people. Linguistics and imagery, and these two components of manipulation are but a couple in Ickes repertoire. I am not sure if anyone has been reading some of the youtube comments on Ickes channel lately but there has been quite a backlash with regard to his bad management of his failing cult.

Linguistically –
Here is the wording from ticker on one of his videos

“A work of dot connecting genius, that reveals the world and reality as it really is, with a clarity and detail as it has never been seen before”

Who said so ? Icke, the people that market him who want people to listen to him? His mates? Who makes these claims? Icke does, that is who, the ticker sums up how Icke wants to control peoples perceptions…of what HE says and what HE wants people to thinka about him. Therefore, directing peoples perceptions.

Now THAT is real clarity and detail.

Why do you think Icke constantly uses horrific images on his site? Not to “lift up” vibrations, but to bombard people with fear, horror and terror so he can syphon it from the ethers. Classic dugpa tactics. The age old fear bomb love bomb technique.

As per usual he relies on his breath-work on the inhale to connect to the demonic force that controls him, then on the outbreath exhales the words he needs to manipulate people. If you pay attention, he never does this breathwork when doing one of his “read the newspaper” shows.

As all Dugpas know, they cannot reveal themselves, which is why they NEVER mention the word dugpas.
They will talk about djinn, they will talk about archons, reptile and greys, they will talk about demons…but NEVER will they mention Dugpas. EVER.

In the interview, Icke claims that Jesus is a mere thoughtform and boils it down to Jesus being “an idea of love” in the mind of a Christian. All well and good if you want to paint Jesus as a disembodied spirit / Tulpa of some love and light hippy, which is far from the truth…nothing about the Holy Spirit or redemption etc.. another classic parasitic spin. Black Lodge / White Lodge feebleness coming from Icke.

Icke claims that the archonic force is akin to a little boy in short trousers, then continues to to joke about people being terrified of demons and demonic entities….but hasn’t Icke been one of the main players fear mongering and prattling on about the “demonic reptilian entities controlling the world” ….slowly sucking people into his sad, yet thankfully dwindling little dugpa hole?

He then skirts around peadophilia (as if it is just the “higher echelons” of society invovled. (because ….that is the only place peadophiles congregate) sooo much focus on the higher echelons..very little focus on elsewhere…like his own backyard and some of his buddies.

Icke the exorcist!

Icke talks about being in Peru in 2012, and fleets over what can only be described as entering the abyss (which by the way is not a physical place on earth – dumbass) – funny that he is talking about the abyss now..lmao.

(in saying this he is inferring that he has some kind of high vibrational shit going on). Which he doesn’t.

He claims that he has some kind of spiritual power to rebuke demonic entities. He claims to have sent “love” to a demonic entity that was inhabiting a person while he was in Peru…via his heart chakra and other such luciferian shit.

Icke the Lightworker (he isn’t a new ager at all)

Icke has claimed to cast out a demon, taht really is the cherry on the cake. (While being full to the brim himself with demonic dugpa energy).

lmao! Lightworker fail.

You do know that the lightbringer, lucifer himself, will claim to have the ability of casting out demons with lightwork..I should know, I was trained in that shit, along with many other people.

He then continues to claim that these archon entities can take human form…(while previously saying they were grays reptilians and gnomes and elves) …stating that the ones that take human form are those that get to the top of the banking system, the corporations and the media….

YET he fails to mention those same entities work through, engineer and control the replicated parasitic spiritual .i.e people like himself, Swerdlow, Brand and the rest… new agers and some of the special ones in the alternative media etc..

The oldest trick on the book…”look over there” ..fools take a look…..”madest thou look” … the trick is doneth.

Dugpa fail.

And don’t you sit there and tell me Icke does not carry the traits of an “archon” or that he doesn’t know about Dugpas…(the thread on the Icke forum has 96,000 odd views, yet he has no clue? )

(I hope you are paying attention whoever you are in Canada..I have an idea though)

I am sure the gnostics will be happy to know they have Icke batting for the team. (especially the ones that decry Icke and the rest) Icke is an all knowing gnostic now. He is one of you…you must be so proud to have such a team member…along with Jay, Thomas and other gnostic blowhard farts in the wind.

The final piece of this dugpa joke is to claim that society is a “gut” society (in chakra terms) and that we need to go back to a “heart” society…because that is where society used to operate from…the heart.

Going by lightworker standards, Ickes gut is a pretty good indicator of where he is harboring all of his energy….by lightworker standards that is.

Too much fun for one blog post.

Shit rolls downhill….per this tweet from baby gnome.



Courtesy of energetic piggy backing Dupgas and the respective black and white lodges.

One of Russell Brands influences is Daniel Pinchbeck. One of Daniel Pnchbeck’s influences is Rudolph Steiner….and Terence McKenna..Pinchbeck claims to have channeled Quetzalcoatl who he states began speaking to him in 2004. Daniel Pinchbeck has also been interviewed by David Lynch..puppet master and handler extraordinaire.

Nothing like waxing lyrical with a bunch of big words that don’t benefit anyone that the illiterati don’t give a shit about, right?

(People like Thomas Sheridan who have convinced themselves and a handful of people that listen to him that he is “awake” because he has one foot on the black square and one foot on the white square while telling people that he is “off the chessboard”… yes I know that one…it’s a goodun…. use this power to abuse the rode hard and put away wet alternative media platform, to distract attention away from the very thing that people need to be paying attention to). Pay attention. Pay attention to those especially that tell you not to pay attention.

Was that a run on sentence? Oh well.

I am not saying consume your life paying attention to people like the ones mentioned on this blog… I am saying PAY ATTENTION to the patterns, connections and consistent theme amongst them.

Brand tells one of the people in the crowd who said they have a rational mind and doesn’t understand it all, to “feed and clothe the poor” then turns away in shame, because he is a lying ass hypocrite. He isnt feeding and clothing the poor he is brainwashing them to accept their fate in shit schools, prisons, reservations, the military and wherever else he can spread his devil vibes through TM. Get the fuck out.


“I never spent every day from the age of 14 wondering if I was Jesus. Most boys go through a stage of wondering whether they are Jesus, I just dragged it out for several decades”

Erm..sorry to disappoint you Lucifer, but you are not Jesus Christ.


Just one of many, and there have been MANY… claiming to be.

So, all you people, who have children in shit schools, peeps in prisons, the military, reservations, and wherever else this crap is trying to gain a stronghold. TELL them the truth. SHOW them who is running this faux revolutionary show. Some jumped up cunt from Essex who is aligned with the devil who happens to be recruiting right now.

(Guess what Thomas…oh doubting one….you can’t lift this….you silly little luciferian liar)

I give ETERNAL THANKS to the HOLY SPIRIT, FATHER of ALL creation, for the wisdom, insight, guidance, knowledge, understanding and peace… that passeth all understanding. YOU and YOU alone give me, and those that are in YOU YOUR ETERNAL LOVE AND WISDOM.


I had a listen to the video posted below and thought I would bring up a few points that are worth taking note of. Comments on the youtube have been disabled. (and Sheridan has the nerve to talk about red flags)

Firstly, Thomas Sheridan as I have mentioned before comes here regularly to glean and lift info for his agenda.

Screenshot of Thomas coming here for the scoop. I can safely say this because the link on his site to this blog is not a direct link to this blog, thus the view is from Thomas Sheridan as moderator of his blog.


When you are a clown in the alt media circus and your material is old and tired eventually you need to look outside of yourself for new material to make fresh claims that in some way you are paving the way that has already been laid out.


Thomas has already exposed himself as an alternative media social climber flogging his ideologies, philosophies, books.talks and all that crap, .while moaning about those in the MSM that do the same thing…but with the alt media having shot itself in the foot, the ice is thin on the ground these days and he will take whatever he can get. If anyone has a book to flog in the alt media circus, it is because they have a need to make a few quid and because on some narcissistic level they want to be remembered as a great philosopher,author, genius and other such bullshit. They like the sound of their own voice. (We have seen this happen over the years with Icke and Swerdlow, who interestingly enough both claim to have books out at the moment that have all the answers and info you will ever need).

Sheridan doesn’t go into anything much deeper about Russell Brand, other than glossing over the bigger picture with statements that run along the lines of Brand being just some star who wants to front a spiritual revolution. In another breath Sheridan states that people need to be looking at the nuts and bolts of the system or whatever..then prattles on about Hegelian dialect?

At one point in the talk he urges people to “not pay attention” to Brand, that Brand is just jumping on a bandwagon in so many words. Truth be known, Brand has been groomed for quite some time for this role and I would not be surprised if he becomes the torchbearer for TM when David Lynch is finally sucked into the abyss.

Susan Posel is a supporter of Vinny Eastwood who has his own specific stink barn on the farm, Eastwood has followed trends of what is going on and his guests at the time have been mere reflections of whatever is the current trend in alt media circles. From shows rife with new agers to more recent shows about how new agers are suffering from PTSD.


Besides provide a platform for whatever is flavor of the month.

Too litle too late to back track and badmouth the alt media, the damage has been done, people have started to cotton on.


Check multiple sources to validate the story if you are a journalist right? Well, there is no need for that when cold hard evidence is right in front of you. I am not going to rail on Susan because I do think she has been genuinely misled and lied to by people in the alt media, for as much as Thomas mentions charm, he is nothing more than a charmer himself full of artistic charismatic bullshit, Hegelian dialect, double talk and a book to flog, Vinny Eastwood has proved himself over time to be an arse licking alt media bandwagon jumper with a donate button.

There is all of THIS that Susan and Vinny have been involved in to consider though.

Meth labs, precious metal trafficking , neo nazis and the FBI.

Are all two bit alt media radio shows backed and run by neo nazis? Looks that way. It also looks as if this show with Thomas is a miserable attempt at damage control for the neo nazi alt media front…fail.

Something funny happens at the end of the talk at about 1.02 at the very end of it…Sheridan claims “when I first started talking about the Russell Brand thing, I didn’t think anyone would pay attention to it, people went mental and I was absolutely attacked viciously for about 3 or 4 days, after that people started saying oh hold on a second, Thomas might be onto something here”…

Truth is, Thomas wasn’t onto anything, he just came here lifted info and downplayed what he found, put his own spin on it and fed his listeners with half truths.
Susan claimed that she, having been on both sides of the alt media and forums etc.. had a duty to tell her audience what she has seen and what she has learned, crying when she realized she had gone from one group to another then goes on to say “So I am not on the Red Team and I am not on the Blue Team, I am on the Purple Team”
Thomas stuttering through his sentence handles her by saying “the best thing to do is not be on any team, the purple team is a half way team…well…if the purple pill is what you are talking about it is a placebo, but I know what you are saying…I just like to um oh erm ugh the thing I personally like to say is I am not on the white square, I am not on the black square, I am off the bloody chessboard”


Curious…what does Thomas know about the bloody chess board?

Thomas by all accounts……….is partial to a bit of purple himself.

Integrity, honesty, truth and loving God…. the highest currency that there is. If you don’t have that, you have nothing.




Erm…didn’t Terence McKenna, Mr Ayahuasca / DMT himself die of brain cancer?


Please bear in mind Terence McKenna’s numerous ayahuasca / dmt trips ended in brain cancer. My brother died of cancer at a very young age and left a family behind. It was devastating for everyone. He was not a tripper either. (unlike myself way back when)

What a lot of people do not, and probably will not take into consideration (especially if they are taking Ickes words and headline news etc… and running with it) is that Ayahuasca does not bode well with people who are on antidepressants, existing medications or have existing health conditions and or pre existing “psychological” problems.. If you end up in the hands of an Ayahusca charlatan who is out to rip you off, they will not give a shit about any of this. They wont even have a clue.



Article worth taking into consideration.

Also bear in mind that David Icke specializes in pushing Ayahuasca / DMT to send people out on a big fat trips in hopes of keeping them perched in the astral, Babylon style…Icke as per usual is using this claim as a justification for his hallucinogenic pushings.

Another point I would like to make for people to take into consideration is that there are people who live in the regions where Ayahuasca is used that also die of cancer themselves. I knew a couple who had lived with a tribe in Peru since the mid 50’s and there were tribe members who did pass way from cancer.

So, if you have cancer for example, do your research, take care of yourself as best you can, and most importantly do not think that David Icke gives a flying fuck either way. He doesn’t. He just wants to justify his sponsored Ayahuasca/ DMT campaign.

I would also like to mention that shamans know that plants and their derivatives, the physical and chemical aspects of plants are secondary to the energy that produces and creates them. The energy exists and comes before the physical manifestation. That would be God.

Take care of your good souls people.

Report and concluding Summary by Eduardo Schenburg.

“In conclusion, the data available so far is not sufficient to claim whether ayahuasca indeed helps in cancer treatment or not. However, there is enough available evidence that aya-huasca’s active principles, especially DMT and harmine, have positive effects in some cell cultures used to study can-cer, and in biochemical processes important in cancer treat-ment, both in vitro and in vivo. Therefore, the few available reports of people benefiting from ayahuasca in their cancer treatment experiences should be taken seriously, and the hypothesis presented here, fully testable by rigorous scien-tific experimentation, helps to understand the available cases and pave the way for new experiments”

So the data is not sufficient enough yet there is enough available evidence? Did I just read that from a scientist making claims about ayahuasca’s active principles being DMT curing cancer?

We are talking here about what, 9 people or so in this experiment? Not all results were positive?

DMT is naturally occuring in us as humans via cerebral spinal fluid (and as well as all things living). It is not exclusive to Ayahuasca, it is in you already. Doing it’s thing.Then again, so is God. If you listen.

Did Icke actually read that report or is he just once again jumping on shit he knows nothing about to make a claim vicariously through those who make such claims to push his agenda?

I don’t think he has the attention span to have read that whole report. Icke the Cherry picker.

Lest we forget