A great Dugpa trick is to have a cause. Something that people have a vested interest n. Like their health for example. Usually this good thing that the Dugpas speak about, but it has other things attached to it that are not so good.

Sometimes, the alternative media types take great pride in achieving mention in the MSM. It is looked upon as some kind of breakthrough for humanity, when in actuality it is just a portal into their designated dugpa hole. David Icke is an excellent example of this.
Although Icke was the opposite, he was an MSM puppet who took great pride in becoming an alternative puppet Here is an excellent example of the polar opposite.

You will definitely benefit from drinking water that doesn’t contain fluoride, that is a no brainer, but hey, if you are thirsty, what ya gonna do… You are going to drink something….just make sure that nobody slips you a mickey into your H20 that contains their special kool aid during your thirst.

8 thoughts on “SLIPPING A MICKEY INTO H20

    • Yes he is. He comes here every now and then to check out the truth about himself and to garner info he knows nothing about to put his own spin on it, then appears on alternative radio shows like red ice with his “revelations” lmao.


  1. There is a load aboutthe seven ray in there, so apart from icke the only other nutter going on about the were a bunch of lucifer worshiers.
    Even if you don belive he is contact with the same demons you are faced with the fact he nicked it all of alice baily either way it not looking very good
    These are the option for me
    1) he is channeling the same demons
    2)he nicked it (no very nice)


    • Icke talked about channeling “the guys” …he doesn’t mention them anymore. What happened to Rasorsky or whatever his name was..he doesn’t mention him any more. .Ickes claims as to being a major role player as an important part of the godhead or whatever has taken a back seat as his agenda has morphed over the years into a fear mongering liar and manipulator. He is fully possessed at this point. He has stolen a lot of work from a lot of sources and quite a few people have pointed this out. Jordan Maxwell being one of the people who Icke has garnered info from, but he is another one who is also luciferic in his nature, I think part of his role was to groom Icke. So it really does boil down to a bit of both of the options you mention.


  2. Yep Jordan Maxwell takes his name from Isis unveiled vol 2 if I am correct by Blavatsky. Maxwell is also is the narrator of the first zigest film.His main trick is to make a dumbed down version of astro theology for the masses which he nicked of manly palmer hall author of the hidden teachings of all time


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