Found this, thought I would share it. Let us see if Icke challenges this shall we. He will get wind of it no and tell your master about this one fuckers….hey Icke…get a load of this fuckhead. You are in BIG fucking trouble now. B85906303 “What David Icke never discloses is that he was also has a criminal record from 1992. In that year Icke was busted in an FBI sting when he liaised with a supposed 16 year old girl on the Internet and arranged to meet her in a Connecticut car park . Icke settled for a deal with the FBI and pleaded guilty to a misdemenour and agreed to become not only an informant but a conduit for some of the more wackier conspiracy theories. In that way Icke assists to ‘water down ‘ genuine thought about the many real conspiracies- but none involving ‘reptiles’ or the ‘Illuminati’ , Royal Family, Bilderberg etc etc . Whether Icke was actually guilty of arranging to meet the 16 year old is beside the point : he may be innocent of the charge and the FBI are not beyond setting up a candidate. But the end result is they have got Icke in their pocket. He is the perfect “mis-information “agent”. 1/24/15.Edited to add – the above link to this information has been blocked. The blogger who posted the article with this information is Eric Hardcastle UK born, based in Australia. You can search his name although his blog is now accessible by invite only. I guess he doesn’t want this article that he posted being linked to him.

(reminder…factions within factions and all that to bear in mind regarding the rest of what is mentioned). Lets see how many of you cover for you peado cult leader.

blog accessible now 4/25/15

linchpinSo, if you have any questions about the validity of this information, you can contact private Investigator at the blog listed below.

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