1. Thanks pebble the new age turd thing is mine. I have not written anything for a while,You are inspiring me though !

    A few years back a group called humanity healing used one of my songs, this was before I was saved and before I had learnt some stuff. I thought they were kinda weird but basically ok.

    Anyway it looks now like these bastards are in fact a front for Lucius front ! oh dear
    I have written them a email asking them about worship of Lucifer and Alice Baily etc perhaps unsurprisingly they have not replied so far

    Maybe if I get a dialog with them I will make that a new post as they are forced to deal with some of the tugid/satainc quotes from odious wind bag Blavaski

    The gnome thing is awesome I put it on my face book with a link to your blog.


  2. Oh lol! that cracked me up. What songs do you have? Do you an instrument or both? Start writing again,Do it! share your gifts :o)

    Windbag Blavatsky…I read some of the Lucferian stuff you shared. She was definitely a master at being a windbag. Thats about all. she was a master of..


  3. This is the track , they are dugpas for sure mate

    I have spent too much time trying to get into the music industy
    I pressed my own record in the 90s and got distribution and stuff, its not a nice industry really from what I saw
    All I can say is my heart has been changed now and can it spend 12hrs programming tracks any more
    Also I would have issue with the whole dance culture and stuff now
    I was writing for film and tv and got my first licence for a few hundred quid last year
    How ever as I don’t have a TV and also think most entertainment is made by dugpas I have now stopped doing that also, I don’t feel the lord wants me there really.

    You can see me play my guitars that I make and sell on line now as I am self employed making them
    I like playing the cigar box guitar now but just do it for my own music therapy or the fun of it really

    Hears a few that turned out ok I think theres a load on there if you dig around

    Never ever invite me to your house get me drunk and say you have a turn table


  4. Hey, that is pretty awesome. I have a new favorite instrument, cigar box guitars..those make an excllent sound! …..puts me in the mood for some moonshine lmao! I have never been able to play the guitar, but I do have a drum kit although I dont play it very much these days. I played the clarinet in school and did manage to get the theme to coronation street down lol! and almost as good Les Dawson on the piano.

    You have a new fan. Hopefully you can drum up some business for your cigar box guitars here…drum roll cymbal crash..

    I worked in the music industry for a while when I left school…I used to work in an office for someone connected to a band member of Jethro Tull…just an office monkey though :o)


  5. Thanks for your kind words pebble
    I have changed a lot since i started, I now realize the ultimate use of music in my opinion is to glorify the creator rather than man as it was made by god.

    Have you ever noticed how most songs say stuff about following your heart and doing what you want ? the bible says the heart of man is a very dark thing and doing what you want (do what though wilt ?) is not a good for correct living.

    There are some good documentarys called They sold there souls for rock and roll, some of it on line, quite an eye opener. They do bang on about backward messages which im am not totally believing but the rest seams about right to me. There is a spirit at work in my opinion. Its not all bad but I take care about what i listen too now

    On a funny tip I kinda freaked out and stopped listening to a lot of stuff after comming to christ.I thought I would dabble in clasical to get away from heathen rock. Guess what I was listening to !
    Wagner ! After getting a werid vibe i look the dude up. Lets just say he would put most moders death metal bands to shame and washitler favorite composer. Handel and vivaldi are very good though (I expect i will find they were free mansons soon though)

    Crowly wrote about the magus achiveing musical power through occult magic
    Also there is that vary interesting bit in the bible about when god made satan with all bells and timrals and pipes if I remember. I does appear he has some afinity with music and I feel he can operate through it. I personally have experienced its ability to call demons

    Glad you like the guitars. I love them too.
    Did you know they have quite an old history ? it Americana really

    Have a look at this

    Red dog has has such a nice touch with these things. love this one


  6. I think a lot of music can be summed up as a type of incantation. Lyrics especially can help with that…I have been into all kinds of music myself, I dont listen to much these days, although I have my moments, I will find a song that will fit with a blog post or something, that is usually a bit cheeky of me and taking the piss. I remember going to raves for instance and loving that music…especially in the early days…I used to like Todd Terry etc…Grooverider mixes. I remember driving through London when I was getting disillusioned with the rave scene, I was playing some house music in the car and a cabbie drove past and yelled ‘that music will make you stupid” I actually heeded his warning and stopped listening to it lmao! Pearls of wisdom from a cabbie.


  7. Before the sixties was deliberately hijacked and poisoned by Tavistock ,Lucifer et al, there existed a very vibrant and pure spark within the baby boomer generation. Innocence? Perhaps

    “We are but a moment’s sunshine fading in the grass.” How prophetic!!

    Some held on to it longer than others . This song epitomizes that very brief window. From it I garnered my signature.

    “You can make the mountains ring or make the angels cry.”

    The Beatles wish they sounded as good.

    I’m not fond of much of the art used for this video but it is the best sound .


  8. Hello Mercy
    Not sure what video you are commenting on if its the brave new world one . I would like to say my opinions of Huxley have changed since i made the video. I used to see Huxley as some kind of decent chap warning us about stuff,
    My views on him have changed now. I am not so sure what his motives were but I suspect he was infact very much into creating the new age and down with the program.
    If your talking about red dogs video, he is no Nazi its a actuall bomber shot down in America from the second world war he also did one in a scrap yard
    That boy can play


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