At about 1.05 in..honoring Joseph Campbell the Blavatskyite and Krishnamurti who was groomed by Alice Bailey at one point.

Icke Grooming Oxford Union

No need for quiet time or the TM program for this lot.

Just an educated guess.


    • He is a Dugpa, and they are all creepy once you get past the charade they all put on. One thing is for sure, I am not going to take part in his Luciferic engineered nwr revolution. Over my dead body.


  1. its a bit weird finding it really, I while back I did some basic research and found they did have the magazine called lucifer then changed it. However when i have challenged some blavaskites about this they flat out deny it. I could never find much primary evidence
    now it appears the theosophist them self’s have scanned them and put them on line for me as evidence !!!! oh the irony . It will be interesting to see if they stay up


  2. I remember reading about this at the time it was buzzing around, but never got around to posting it.

    This is in relation to Kundalini Yoga, and Brands Tantric Yoga Teacher

    Quote from a former follower.

    “I have talked about Guru Singh before here. He has carefully studied and, yes, mastered an art which I have never seen discussed anywhere: the science of making yourself appear to be way more important and spiritual than you really are. Of course, he studied under a master.

    In my travels I was fortunate enough to come across others who practiced this art and so I know how it works, even though it’s practice revolts me”.

    Gursant Singh says:” I know it sounds bizarre to westerners and “educated” people but if you’ve ever lived in India like myself for any length of time you may understand more of this idea that Yogi Bhajan almost seems possessed by a demon or controlled by black magic. I think YB could have gotten involved with some kind of tantric cult at an early age. I have talked to several people from India who after viewing YB’s videos and hearing my experiences feel strongly there is a case to be made for YB’s involvement in black magic and the occult.”

    more here.



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