champagne money Whoever ran down to the offy to buy this bottle of champers (and I am sure it wasn’t the only bottle) to celebrate The Peoples Voice could have ultimately donated the money to The Peoples Voice. Hows that for your hard earned beer money being put to work. While on the subject o donations, Vinny Eastwood is back on the ponce. After using slave worker donations to fix his computer issues, he took a took week vaycay over Christmas and is now asking for money to move house and fix cars. He is a parasite…and parasites, more than anyone, know, there is a sucker born every minute. Don’t let that sucker be you.


  1. Exit strategy. “I’m exhausted, my adrenals are shot” …

    followed by 35 minutes of blow hardiness followed with give us your beer money or else this front is going down.

    Then a sweet “adios amigos” at the end.



  2. problem reaction solution…problem-cause the problem themselves and blame on hackers,reaction-people are fooled thinking its the authorities.Solution-more sympathy and money pouring in !…


  3. Exactly. Icke is an expert manipulator.

    I have always found it humorous how Ickes accent has changed over the years. In the beginning, he had his BBC voice….after some voice coaching he now has a pseudo cockney accent. .

    Also from one of his 1990’ish interviews, he STATES that if you need the money to do a certain job you will be given enough…at about 5.30 in..(BBC accent in those days) lmao.


  4. Yes I know.
    However I wasn’t confident enough to make that assertion as I really haven’t listened to much of dugpa Icke via youtube and other sound recordinds. Just read the jibber jabber.

    But I think a little education in NLP via the links you posted will benefit the uninformed .


  5. So, it was an “inside job”….. and if you believe that, you are a good and proper idiot. If you make Icke a victim in all of this, you are a bigger idiot…

    Can you really trust people in the media who call other people involved in the media “media whores” lmao!

    I have to laugh at Chris Spivey too…who has come a long way from “give the bloke a chance”…referring to Icke. lmao again and again. Pissing and moaning about his damp council flat, yet buys a jaguar on peoples donations…did I get that right?


    • Hasn’t dugpa Icke complained from the get go that he suffers from physical problems related to his rugby days?

      If so I know that such conditions are treated with cortisone which ,with frequent use ,can cause adrenal exhaustion which in turn causes exhaustion.


  6. Yeah pretty disgusting right…Here, you might get a laugh out of this…This couple o dugpas plays the “emote” card

    at about 4.20 in…”The Peoples Choice”???? Listen, if you are going to shill for your mate, at least get the name of his racket correct. It is The Peoples Voice…and NO you do not support the people, THEY have supported you… Much like they have been duped into supporting Icke over the years, with their hard earned money.The Empire crumbleth, and it will land hard on those who have helped to build it. Keep up the charade though, while you can.

    Oh and for all those who are no longer donating to TPV…I hear that Vinny Eastwood is getting married and needs some donations for his honeymoon, maybe you can swing by his paypal account and throw him a few quid so he can go to the Bahamas and whoop it up, while you slave on.


    • “People’s Choice” lmao . Apparently NOT !!

      I rarely watch these two or any other Dugpas on YT but I notice this dugpa duette has adapted that annoying move that MSNewcasters do. Looking at each other, frequently , instead of the camera/audience during the delivery. lol!

      I had a somewhat lengthy ,(for me)detailed piece all ready to post here about what it is they are up to in this video.( If you know them at all you know if their lips are moving they are scamming. That’s a given and really no exaggeration.)

      But I’ll be brief and to the point. They are attempting to set the stage for major a psy op, (Bluebeam comes to mind) ,involving the return of “Yeshua”. ( In reality it would be the Anti-Christ)

      Scripture tells us no one knows when Yeshua will return. NO ONE. Not even a kabbalistic(occult) rabbi. So IMHO , if this really happened to this now deceased rabbi ,he was deceived by dark forces. Possibly the Anti-Christ himself.


      • Icke could get a job with them doing the weather … “Its a bit cloudy here today on the Isle of Wight, then again, it usually is..back to Janet who is busy in the kitchen cooking up some radiation with the Irradia couple…you can eat that shit dontchya know, later on Gareth will be sticking straws up his bum for some light entertainment”…



  7. Dugpas coming out of the woodwork to support this one.. Foster Gamble…

    ‘Virtually all of the critical issues threatening our survival result from a breakdown in the wholeness of a natural system. Whether it’s the contamination of an ecosystem, the corrupt manipulation of an economy, a violent and dirty approach to accessing energy, turning “healthcare” into “sickness promotion,” or bending schools and media outlets into propaganda tools, the integrity of human interactions has been co-opted by an elite cabal of would-be controllers.

    The response that is needed is to expose the truth – about the destructive agenda, as well as about how to restore the natural integrity of all our systems. To that end, THE PEOPLE’S VOICE is a rare and courageous tool for creating a world where all have the opportunity to thrive.’

    Hang in there. What you are doing is sooooo important!’

    Flogging a dead horse at this point…how much did Foster pay TPV for this advertisement…


  8. “But I’ll be brief and to the point. They are attempting to set the stage for major a psy op, (Bluebeam comes to mind) ,involving the return of “Yeshua”. ( In reality it would be the Anti-Christ)”

    Sounds about right to me.


  9. I think Gareth is butt hurt about the straws up arse episode….moaning about the relevance of it in the awakening …..who said it was relevant to the awakening? ..I think it just proves what an idiot he is….talk about straw man argument.


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