1. That was up and running when I posted it about an hour ago. Anyway the movie is called David wants to Fly. I guess the NWR cultists dont want people to see or hear certain things…

    The video had been up since July of this year with 11,000 views, yet I post it here and it is removed within an hour lmao! It doesn’t get better than that.

    Dugpas pooin their rotten little pants.

    Here is a trailer at least…


  2. Hi Danny, I know about the school that is posted in the article that you linked. I saw a speech by the headmaster of that school on the TM website a few years back, I am not sure if it is still available to watch. The headmaster stated that “anyone who GOT IN THE WAY of this program, had better get out of the way” which reeks of bully boy tactics, an adult who is using bully boy tactics on other adults, the very mindset this organization the headmaster was touting that claims TM will eradicate.

    What a lot of people do not know is that TM has been implemented in plenty of other schools that would be considered middle class schools that do not have the problems mentioned in that quite timely article..it is not the first time that article has been posted btw.This school mentioned in the article as far as I am concerned is being used as the poster child for this organization. There have been protests at other schools for the TM program to not be implemented. I think one or two schools have turned the program down because parents (some of which had been involved in TM at some point) had something to say about it.


    It is unfortunate that the video was removed from Youtube as it had a lot of very useful insights, and took a good look into the attitude and workings of the organization.

    The film maker paid a visit to a neuro scientist and went through a couple of tests. He had his brainwaves tested while repeating the mantra he was given (the mantras are given according to the birth year of the person, and according the roots of TM the mantras are used to invoke deities etc) anyway it had no effect at all, he then had the same test repeated while using his own language and there was a notable change. The scientist also stated that if children were exposed to TM for example, they may forget about it as they grow up, but will draw from it as an adult which would colour their thinking as to who they may vote for and,what they might buy for example.

    The film maker also interviewed someone who had donated something like 150 million dollars to help set up TM campuses in India, he then went to check out how his money had been used and it had more or less mysteriously disappeared and the Maharishis family were living like royalty. He then went on to say that India could have been revolutionized with his and his brothers donation. David Lynch has stated that TM is money in the bank.

    It is not only schools where this is being implemented, it is being employed at Native American Reservations , Prisons, and the Military to name a few.

    There is a TM camp in the US that is heavily guarded. The name of the street it sits on is called Invincible America.

    See the contents of this short video at a David Lynch lecture on TM ESPECIALLY at 2.20 or so in. Clearly stated by Lynch henchman that Hitler wanted an invincible Germany, but unfortunately he did not succeed.

    The campus that was going to be built in Gernany was on a plae called Devils Hill. This place used to be a CIA watchtowe in World War 2.


    If people took the time to look into who is backing this program, the sponsors and the target, it would probably raise a few more questions. This is not coming from the goodness of David Lynch’s heart. If you would have been able to see the video that was removed, it would have probably answered more questions you may have.

    I also find it disturbing that a lot of activities in schools such as art and music are being cut because of financial issues, and TM is slowly taking the place of these activities to “ease stress” or whatever. Because it is cheaper (ultimately it is not) than hiring a music or art teacher, no supplies are needed…
    I think if we can remember being children ourselves that art and music were much more fun than sitting cross legged chanting mantras in our minds to ourselves. As for the school mentioned in the article, I think that the program is just a band aid being slapped on a much bigger problem, it may placate a few kids for now, but it will not solve the bigger issues in the long run. There has not been enough time to understand the results of this experiment.

    People are quite happy to call schools institutions, did something change overnight that nobody knows about?

    I am sure David Lynch wants Silencio on the subject. He stated in the movie that if people don’t want it, just go far away. While his TM organization is not going far away at all.


  3. Hi unifiedserenity I had a look at your blog and saw the bit about the return of the nephlin I posted this reply there but i put a copy hear too

    Purple pebble if you think this is out of place/order please just delete it
    but also I would like you to maybe read this. I have strong views on this as i was duped by it

    Can you give any more scriptural evidence for the return of the nephalin ? Or explain your exegesis of luke 17 to arrive at you conclusion ? other wise it appears bogus in the extreme to get this meaning from the bible and is a prime exale of cherry picking rather that reading the bible in contex
    The bible mentions giants a lot so it no surprise you might find a few. As for looking forward to fighting nephlim hybrids in the end time not once, which is surprising when meditating of the level of detail discussed in the writings of the john the revelator in the bible. Guess he goffed up and forgot that bit right ?

    People like steve quale and L a marzuli like to scare people that don’t read the bible with this like a big stick and make a fair few sharckels. They scared me to until I read the words of my savior telling me to have faith.
    However if you read that passage complete with references to thives in the nigh AND the return of a slaves master I find it very deceptive to suggest this means the nephalin will return. jesus is ssaying his return will be swift and unexpected and come upon the people like the flood in noahs time.
    Some links
    The Meaning of the Word Nephilim is Giants
    La marzule dizdar debunk
    chris white video

    exegesis of luke
    section covering luke 17
    “Jesus compares the day of that arrival to the times of Noah and Lot. The two examples are parallel. Life went on with eating, drinking, marriage, buying and selling–and then judgment came. For one it was the flood, for the other fire and sulfur. But to be outside the family that day was to face instant judgment. The time of the Son of Man will be no different: it will be just like this on the day the Son of Man is revealed.”


    • I posted your comment on my blog. It was a bit acerbic in tone, and my reply may reflect that. I believe we are both seeking truth, and if we both love Messiah Yeshua / Jesus then we can sharpen one another in love and kindness.

      I have read my bible a lot and your opening salvo was a bit aggressive. If you want to truly talk this stuff over, then great, but if it’s going to be one of throwing out jabs then I would rather not. We are each working to our best in the Lord, and I think there is ample evidence of Giants on the earth then and across the world. It is quite possible they have been doing genetic manipulation so they will not stand out as they once did.

      I do not believe in aliens flying around in UFO’s but the fact that there is great demonic deception playing out. Thanks for checking out my blog. Peace to you and yours.


  4. My main issues is with use of the holy bible for a hidden agenda
    partcualy the “in the days of noah”and yes it angers me greatly because I to fell for it

    below s the full quote from matthew

    “But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.”

    If after reading that with a hand on your heart you can still say its about Nephillim them fill your boots but I for one resent it

    Why ?becuase unlike me my sweet savior can express him self with such beauty and so clearly. I am a fallen being and can be faul mouthed and crude as well as angry however the sweet words of my lord will let those know the score.See below


    It covers all the teaching Jesus Christ gave about the end times it is also called the olivet discorses in biblical study circles if you wish to study more which I ugre you to do time is short.

    I resent it and it makes me angry because Very few biblical christains will fall for this BS and will be spending there time on the great commission. Instead those new to the faith or those that do not read the bible and have been had by this nasty/culty little money spinner/time waster shit scarier that it is will be sent into dark place worrying about hybrid nephillim

    Jesus tell us to watch for a subtle delusion that would even fool the elect, how id 13 footdemonic mutants sublte ?


    • I don’t believe people are believing huge giants will appear, but another sort of fallen being(s). They will be deceptive, probably beautiful and fool the world. Could it be them playing pleadians or some such bunk? It’s possible we will see UFO’s coming to bring us light and wisdom. I do know that the days of Noah are tied to these fallen ones for they were a key part to what was going on then.

      The coming deception is of spiritual nature, but there will be enough going on in the physical realm to have the people demanding their own demise in a trojan horse offering.


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