I was looking at images from this years Rose Parade, which had symbology of roses of course. A few people mentioned the Times Square new years eve ball drop and the roses that were on the ball etc.. so I thought I would mention the imagery of the rose parade.


This led me to have a further look into the symbology of past parades, here are a couple of images from the parade in 1933. The theme was fairies.

1933 parade – mushrooms.

1933 parade Alice in Wonderland.

Here is a float full of monarchs which is more recent, although not the first time monarchs have been featured at the parade. There have also been a few Alice in Wonderland themed floats over time.


What caught my eye was a float from the parade in 2005 which was sponsored by Subway called Fresh Magic, here is a description of the float and a couple of pics.

“In a mystical magic land, burrowed deep below the forest floor, a community of cheerful and friendly gnomes is busy with the day’s activities in and about their underground adobe. A magical and floral opportunity to capture gnomes at work and at play surround by nature’s wonders. Gnomes, always courteous and helpful, all pitch in to get the day’s chores done, whether it’s harvesting fresh vegetables from the garden, preparing fresh nutritional meals or baking fresh toasted breads in the oven; everyone is having a delightful time in this whimsical woodland scene. Fatherly attention is being given to his daughter with a horse ride on his knee as he relaxes in his rocking chair as the little boy swings from a tree branch from high above. Grandmother has just returned with a basketful of freshly picked vegetables while Mom loads the wheelbarrow full of crisp vegetables selected from the garden. The twins play in their cradle under the watchful and adoring eye of Grandpa as the birds are fed by Uncle Gnome.

This whimsical design unveils the mystic of a family of gnomes in their underground home; playing together, working together, and enjoying a freshly made SUBWAY® meal which includes fresh garden vegetables and freshly baked breads”.




In some of the more recent parades there has been a theme of “friendly aliens” which is worth a mention.

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