Russell Brand coming out of the Jungian center with lackey carrying his big red kook book.


Jung was a Nazi sympathizer, Erich Fromm, psychoanalyst and philosopher stated that Jungs sympathies for Hitler and his racial theories were a an expression of his affinity with death-loving people, and that such sympathies arose from their respective necrophiliuos characters…


Here is an interesting yet relevant piece of an article which is worth a read, posted in 1996 referencing a book titled `The Jung Cult: Origins of a charismatic movement’ written by Dr Richard Noll.

It is worth taking the time to read the whole article.

“Noll is sticking to his guns, however, and calls Jungian analysis a form of psychic pyramid selling – after six years’ training and $100,000 you are ready to initiate others. And he has attracted some influential supporters. Someone who is even more suspicious of Jung and psychoanalysis as a whole is Frederick Crews, professor of English at University of California, Berkeley. Having penned several devastating attacks on Freud for the part he played in muddying the water over recovered memories, he makes an impressive case in a recent issue of the New York Review of Books for regarding Jung as an occultist on a par with Madam Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society.

At first sight they couldn’t be more different. Blavatsky was a Russian emigre, uneducated but with enormous chutzpah who, between 1873, when she arrived in New York, and her death in 1891, dominated the fin de siecle New Age scene. Her Theosophical Society, still flourishing today, had a dash of almost every ingredient in the mystical cupboard – magic, alchemy, Neo-Platonism, the Kabbalah, the Tarot and communication with incarnate deities living in Tibet. Despite well-founded allegations of fraud and cheating, she attracted all sorts of prominent figures from Kandinsky and Mondrian to Nehru and Huxley.

Jung, on the other hand, was and is very much part of the medical psychiatric establishment. Yet as Crews shows, they fished in the same water and he concludes: “Jung was a far more committed occultist than Blavatsky herself. She slapped together her claims from published sources and faked her mediumistic feats. But Jung cultivated private visionary experiences and was inclined to believe that he had temporarily occupied the being of Jesus Christ himself.”


David Lynch, according to this article posted in the Daily Mail is revisiting Twin Peaks. (got to keep people pre occupied while implementing TM programs etc..)

A countdown from Dugpa Lynch…gotta have a countdown right.

David Lynch’s nightclub Silencio in Paris, is stationed on a street with an interesting name with a bit of history behind it, some of his guests include Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Ciara, Kanye West, Lindsay Lohan and The Olsen Twins to name a few and has a membership of between 420 and 1200 euros.


Creepy clothing line inspired by Twin Peaks

Here is a dress that is supposed to represent the plastic wrapping that covered the murdered Laura Palmer.


A Fire Walk With me Dress…fit to wear to the black lodge.


So looking forward to getting dolled up in one of these little numbers and kickin it at the club…of course I will have meditated with my special mantra for several hours beforehand.

Oh its a funny old game.

funn old game


A great Dugpa trick is to have a cause. Something that people have a vested interest n. Like their health for example. Usually this good thing that the Dugpas speak about, but it has other things attached to it that are not so good.

Sometimes, the alternative media types take great pride in achieving mention in the MSM. It is looked upon as some kind of breakthrough for humanity, when in actuality it is just a portal into their designated dugpa hole. David Icke is an excellent example of this.
Although Icke was the opposite, he was an MSM puppet who took great pride in becoming an alternative puppet Here is an excellent example of the polar opposite.

You will definitely benefit from drinking water that doesn’t contain fluoride, that is a no brainer, but hey, if you are thirsty, what ya gonna do… You are going to drink something….just make sure that nobody slips you a mickey into your H20 that contains their special kool aid during your thirst.




Erm…hardly a legend seeing as I put the info out there to begin with and am still here talking about it.Tut.tut.

And you call yourself a Christian. Disgusting.

You say that Zechariah was a prophet and that people should heed his warnings. I am warning you not to lift my info and take it as your own. Give your readers the bigger picture.

As well, the story you mention on the video below about disappearing websites, “beings” supposedly claiming to turn up on October 13th 2012 etc…sounds eerily similar to some other info posted here. I would personally like to see proof of everything you mention in the video, which I have yet to see on your site.

Updated and edited to add – still waiting. I also post on the Tribulation Now site – Ken Beers page on 1/29 and my comment has not been approved.

I can only figure out from here, that your website and the Tribulation Now site is just another cult run by false Christians. We all know where things like that lead.

Epiphany eh? at about 1.20 in.lmao!

This site was created on


Edited to add…Awaiting your moderation btw.


Have fun in the Abyss.

Here is the first post ever made about the subject, and I was told this a long time before I ever wrote about it on the Icke forum. When I posted this, there were maybe one or two mentions of them on the net. One was from Blavatsky where she briefly mentioned them and another was from a Theosophy site where someone had posted that they were looking for Dugpas. Info was very thin on the ground to say the least.


and there was nothing on Wiki posted either. I would have linked it.
The Theosophy crowd started this page in May 2012. Damage Control.

Besides this, I have heard it through the Olive Vine, that some Gnostics are now talking about Tibetan Archons…give me a fucking break ok. lmao!


Found this, thought I would share it. Let us see if Icke challenges this shall we. He will get wind of it no and tell your master about this one fuckers….hey Icke…get a load of this fuckhead. You are in BIG fucking trouble now. B85906303 “What David Icke never discloses is that he was also has a criminal record from 1992. In that year Icke was busted in an FBI sting when he liaised with a supposed 16 year old girl on the Internet and arranged to meet her in a Connecticut car park . Icke settled for a deal with the FBI and pleaded guilty to a misdemenour and agreed to become not only an informant but a conduit for some of the more wackier conspiracy theories. In that way Icke assists to ‘water down ‘ genuine thought about the many real conspiracies- but none involving ‘reptiles’ or the ‘Illuminati’ , Royal Family, Bilderberg etc etc . Whether Icke was actually guilty of arranging to meet the 16 year old is beside the point : he may be innocent of the charge and the FBI are not beyond setting up a candidate. But the end result is they have got Icke in their pocket. He is the perfect “mis-information “agent”. 1/24/15.Edited to add – the above link to this information has been blocked. The blogger who posted the article with this information is Eric Hardcastle UK born, based in Australia. You can search his name although his blog is now accessible by invite only. I guess he doesn’t want this article that he posted being linked to him.

(reminder…factions within factions and all that to bear in mind regarding the rest of what is mentioned). Lets see how many of you cover for you peado cult leader.

blog accessible now 4/25/15

linchpinSo, if you have any questions about the validity of this information, you can contact private Investigator at the blog listed below.




In the wake of David Icke and The Peoples Voice attention sucking false flag event, it might be worth noting who ultimately comes out on top after all is said and done.

This timely article is appropriate methinks.

Sir Bob Geldof has thrown his weight behind Russell Brand’s call for a political revolution, warning that the current system of democracy “may not be viable for much longer”.

Bob Geldof has changed his tune since calling Brand a cunt at the NME’s.

I wonder if free TM for everyone will be included in Brands political manifesto.

Nothing like the good old circus game of whack a gnome.

One gnome goes down…another one pops up.



Shill Commandment

Interesting that TPV has a special guest on today.

Posting this again. Swerdlow / Lynch related.

She also claims to use Swerdlow techniques.

Shilltastic Baby!

Edited to add


According to TPV their Youtube account was hacked so the video is unavailable at the mo.

Mary Sean Young also states in the Red Ice interview at around 42 minutes in that John Lash is great. Oh yah?

She states that public schools are wretched…really? Maybe she should mention that to her buddy David Lynch, he is rather fond of them.


This article posted on David Ickes headline news on December 30th mentions a little bit about the counter culture movement of the 60’s and how it was engineered by the CIA with the help of Timothy Leary and LSD.



“As for LSD, the military and the CIA had been playing with it extensively since the 1950s. Then they unleashed their supply on the youth culture with a well orchestrated promotional media campaign worthy of Madison Avenue via agents like federally-funded Harvard Professor Timothy Leary and former (?) Army Intelligence officer and crypto-fascist Stewart Brand (“Mr Whole Earth.”)”

From this article.

This article was posted on David Ickes headlines on January 14th – Promoting Terence McKenna and DMT.



Do you see the parallel?