Thomas Sheridan recently posted a video titled “behold the enthogen psy op cometh soon” in which he briefly mentions enthogens namely Ayahuasca, DMT, LSD etc. Terence McKenna, Timoth Leary the CIA and other things that have been mentioned on this blog and at the cafe ….. During this video he predicts something about a new manufactured spin off of hallucinogens “a trendy use of enthogens” which he claims will lead to a high profile killing similar to a Charles Manson type of deal.He says this will then give certain authorities an opportunity to introduce programs to get people off of said drugs.. He then goes on to say that the agenda didn’t work so well in the 60’s because back then, people were more intelligent and not as stupid as people are today.

On people who call other people stupid… especially in sweeping statements…this attitude reeks of narrow minded bigotry, it is like Icke and his Sheeple terminology. Dugpas such as Sheridan will call people stupid quite easily, as if Sheridan was never a piss head drunk and was born wide awake?

At the beginning of the video, he mentions that he doesn’t care what drugs people do, it is their business, although at the end of the video, he alludes to the fact that doing such has turned people into the post modernist stoned apes and advises people to tun their backs on it.
Yet in another breath, he makes excuses for “artists” who have done or do hallucinogens, for some reason he is fine with that…. artists’s are not considered to be stoned apes in his opinion.

He claims transcendental meditation is a mere Hollywood cult.

Erm..No it isn’t. It didn’t start in Hollywood, and it is not contained to Hollywood.

Most importantly, Sheridan prattles on about all of this hallucingen psy op stuff while completely omitting any mention of Ecstasy, (Which renders his prediction about 25 or so years late if the truth of the matter be told.) The psy op he is predicting is already in full swing. You know, raves.(Which if you remember was about the time David Icke came forth with Ayahuasca tales. and big smiley programming icons at his gigs)

Sheridan has also “discovered” a “new field of research” namely Terence McKenna.

He claims that McKenna was a Christian Missionary that replaced Jesus with a Mushroom, that his flock were nothing more than broken hearted stoners that missed out on the 60’s. Which is humorous considering his earlier claims of not judging people who do shrooms and other hallucinogens a few days ago, now he paints them as sad stoners. (except the artist’s who imbibe)

Terence McKenna practiced the Bon religion, which is the religion of the Dugpas…which I mentioned here. He was not a Christian Missionary by a long stretch. Nice attempt at trying to deflect, but alas another giant FAIL.



If Thomas knew anything about anything he talks about on his blog, he would at least have an idea that the rave scene is a continuation of the 60’s program. But he skirts around the issue.

Sheridans complete avoidance of the subject is partially because he has no idea what he is talking about. All that is latest interest in enthogens boils to his opinion of a subject he knows nowt about.

Here.. Dugpa Thomas, let me school you.








    • You are welcome. Wonder what he will come up with next? Hopefully something original that hasn’t been ripped off of this blog. FTR He has visited this blog 55 times in the past year. Unoriginal plagiarizing lump of shit lmao!


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