Was Dali was telling fibs when he said that his surrealism meant nothing? Here is a painting by Dali titled Sorcery.

Note yellow hat…you can’t miss it.


The dispute with Dorje Shugden is rooted mainly in ancient struggles

within Buddhism. Above all, the Shugdens are angry that the Dalai Lama

is promoting dialogue between the Yellow Hats and another major branch

of Tibetan Buddhism, Nyingma, or the Red Hats.

Disney and Dali.

5.20 in note red hat.



I did not start following said blog because I thought that it had some mind blowing info or whatever… I was merely following a hunch. Blogger got what they wanted. So did I. Out of respect it is always a good and respectful idea to just re post anothers blog post or cite your sources when they have done the footwork. When you omit such it makes it appear as if you too have an agenda. To boot, it is a similar parasitic tactic of those which the people that you yourself bemoan.



Thank you hunches in bunches, I love you.



A certain website has popped up within the past few weeks, which is according to some a bit of a rabbit hole of a website. This site claims that it is run by a group of people claiming to be the “sons of darkness returning”. This site also alludes to being run by a group of people that claim to be the Knights Templar.

Couple of questions. If this is true, what are the Gnostic Templar’s views on this, because if I were a Gnostic Templar for example, I would want to clear things up for people. Is this group and the accompanying website legit? Are they connected to the Gnostic Templar’s?

What do the Gnostic Templar’s think about a website using Templar symbolism? (in the sense of using it being used in a negative light. I mean.. the sons of darkness, the annunaki… darkness to whom? Should we be shitting our pants type of deal?)

No, we shouldn’t.

Will this website help the cause of the Gnostic Templars or harm it ?

Is this site the flip side to a similar psy.op ?

Another question. Why do the tenets of the Gnostic Templars resonate with the teachings of Blavatsky?
Why do the tenets of Gnostic Templar’s advocate a NWR?

(The Netherland’s thing is a distraction btw).

See You On The flipside.





paying attention to sites that are promoted across the board on conspiracy forum setc.. for fear, manipulation and marketing agenda purposes.


Too little, too late for the White?Black Dugpas.





On April 22 of 2013, Icke was telling everyone via his headline news to FORGET Scientology.




Yet today, David Ickes Headlines contained a video that is along the vein of exposing Scientology? So we have two conflicting headlines and two opposing trains of thought.

According to the first set of headlines we are to forget Scientology. Therefore what Icke wanted people to think about several months ago, was to forget everything that is mentioned in the video that he posted on his headlines today.


I suggest this


So, should we forget scientology or should we pay attention to it?

On the other hand, there is always the alternative of paying attention to everything.

The April news headlines were posted to put people back to sleep…to forget..

Today’s news was to convince people that he is anti scientology.

Which if you pay attention to his books, ideas, theories, lectures, acquaintances and the rest of it he is not anti scientology by a long stretch.



This is the lie which came from the tongue, which came from the White/Black Dugpa contingent. Who thought they were being clever lifting info from the thread I posted at the David Icke forum in April 2010.

While this group were trying to sell their ancient spiritual lie, they posted info at quite a few New Age forums and on Youtube etc. for marketing purposes. Here is the shpeel that was posted verbatim from their website at the International Starseed Network in 2011 to aid in promoting the book, video and whatever other psy op they could muster up to purposefully lead the unaware into their lair.

So, I am just going to make it perfectly clear again. BOTH the black and white lodges ARE one and the same. I think it is pretty idiotic to claim otherwise or to try and expound on this info. Especially when it has been proven that the white lodge is nothing more than a psy op created by the black lodge..Also, kind of foolish to lift info from my writings and spin it to suit your agenda. I will find out about it and expose you.

I originally put this info out to help others gain a greater understanding of the lie and the liars, so if a bunch of miscreants think that they can add or edit this info and cause confusion in an attempt to syphon souls into their replicated construct, I must thusly call FAIL.

WhiteBrotherhood/White Dugpas

The white brotherhood is a vast group of people who come from an ancient race which lived upon the Earth a very long time ago. They have a role in dedicating their lives to working for the human race to act as a buffer and construct builder to help the human race become enlightened. They are a part of an ancient war going on upon Earth between the forces of good and evil.The white brotherhood are the good guys. Most people are not aware of how manifestation or will or wisdom work or their own divine sovereignty, they do not most of the time take into account the force of darkness which is playing out in this ancient war. This force of darkness is very real, they act as destroyers of the human spirit.

Long ago when a race of destruction first arrived here most were expelled from Earth by the white brotherhood, however some remained and grew in their power and knowledge of magical arts (high knowledge)to suppress and depress the human race.It is said that a race will come to Earth at this time that we are in now and attempt to invade and overtake humanity.From the conversations with the angel who visted me, this will not succeed, however much destruction and pain can be avoided by becoming a divine sovereign. Selfishness is the path of the dark brotherhood. A persons thoughts are extremely vulnerable to the invasion of the dark brotherhood if that person does not make the choice strive or realize their own divine nature, or natural order.We live in a world where people are starving to death. Man kills man, it is sometimes unbelievable and hard to understand why this is occurring and be aware of this at all times within our small individual lives. The aim for all humans is to become ‘aware’ within the heart soul of what is right and what is wrong.People who are not aware or who give no thought to the pain and suffering inflicted upon the rest of the race are walking a path of selfishness, of unknowing. When a person is spiritually aware of their divine nature and of the power of their thoughts and actions and take the choice to attempt to purify their thoughts and actions this person is walking the path of un-self, of deep compassion, of knowing, of divine nature. Think about a time in your life when you have suffered greatly, and ask yourself during that time, were you concerned with dying starving children on Earth or not? The answer will usually be a no. The question then is why? Pain is used by the dark brotherhood as a mind control weapon to focus an entire spirits will upon themselves.

To fight this attempt at surviving within the mind and heart one must hone an inner strength which is god strength, an infinite kindness, and attempt to understand the forces at play in a seemingly hellish world.The great white brotherhood have mastered themselves to a degree whereby they know what power is and wield it for the good of humanity.They are multidimensional and the descendants to this day have never been breached by the dark brotherhood and still guard what they were told to guard for humanity for when the time comes.

If you are a spiritual person who is walking the right path, you will receive a more difficult life and obstacles, this is because what the dark brotherhood seek above all is to take a person who understands divinity and true power into their order to work for them in the battle.This is why the path of truth is the hardest thing anyone will ever face.The reality is that those new age fluffers who do not think the dark brotherhood have any power are extremely unaware.

If you are ever in distress and call upon the white brotherhood they will come and give you a sense of peace in your darkest hour.They exist because evil exists.

The dark brotherhood are also known as the black dugpa. The black dugpa order are dark magicians who model their lodges exactly like the white brotherhood, this is part of the plan to sway an initiate of truth on the path into thinking that they are the white brotherhood when in fact they are their enemies and the enemies of mankind. Once you fall to them, there is pretty much no escape.If you think of how powerful the white brotherhood are ,as in they can perform and do things that you cannot spiritually and that they themselves are constantly hunted by the dark brotherhood, then the only solution is to follow their advice to the human race, become divine sovereign.

It is the greatest protection you can hold. Imagine for a moment a beautiful piece of music playing in your home, it uplifts you, brings you joy, the sun is shining and everything looks beautiful, you feel a sense of contentedness and immense beauty,now there is another distorted music a cackling horrid sound coming from somewhere within your home and you want to listen to the beautiful music and stop the horrendous interfering noise but you don’t know where it is coming from, you get more and more stressed and feel more out of control because you cant find the source of it.This scenario represents your mind voice. You have an inner voice from a higher self directly connected to god which only exists to seek reunion as one with you.

The trouble is there exists another force which has the power if you do not shut it off to become so loud that you cannot hear that inner voice. That inner voice is your easiest pain free map through life, and if you can’t hear it, you are not in a good position. Fear, destructive character traits and behaviors and selfish thoughts amplify this noisy disturbing voice. Unselfishness and the connection and awareness of everything and right and wrong and knowing divine strength and the power of that inner voice and its use, silences the noise. The white brotherhood are attempting to buffer mankind against ill action towards them so that mankind reunites with their god voice.If you ever cant hear your inner voice because it has been bombarded with pain and tragedy and you need to make a decision, the best course is to follow the decision that is the least selfish and this will be the closest one to right.The white brotherhood guard a teaching and this teaching relates to this time which we are in now.This is the reason that they guard the order from outsiders , because they are also responsible for guarding a piece of equipment which the human race will need in the future to defend themselves at some point.

They work for humanity and instead of reuniting with god… with light, they stay to oversee the spiritual awakening and divine strength emergence in mankind.This group abhor selfishness beyond all else… as do I.My role and mission relates to the teachings that were left with the white brotherhood..My role is that I was asked to form the warriors of the whiteflame. Imagine for a moment a scenario, a person appears with knowledge that appears to be arcane something which leads to the power to change things, they can predict the future, maybe manifest through walls into your room, they tell you that if you listen to them and do as they will have you do that you will have everything on Earth you have ever dreamt of, immediately.. what is your reaction?I’m asking your soul..not your mind..what is your true reaction?Most people would be tempted to accept the offer thinking they could use there power for good.The trouble with people who aren’t divine sovereigns is they search for power, they revere anyone who seems to have any magical or profound power.

What those who are aware ‘know’ is that that person already has a great power, that each individual literally carries heaven in their hands.Those that know this strive and walk a path honing their own ability to bring change and master there own selfishness.Those that know this and really understand this have tipped the scales in the battle towards the light.Within you lies the answer to every problem you will ever face, your inner voice seeks nothing more than to guide you to right action out of a mine field.If you take the path of the dark brotherhood, you will be a pawn in a battle and will loose your own inner voice and the power of your own soul.Next time you think about raising your voice in anger or unkindness towards someone close to you..knowing it will hurt them..please stop and think of the sunlight.People are so controlled by this brotherhood that they aren’t even aware of it. One must master themselves and their words and thoughts to fight against them.

There is a time and place for anger and fighting spirit and it is not a weapon to be aimed against the ones you love or who are closest to you.You must strive to become unselfish above all else and no order can teach you that, it must come from you.


Here is a another confusing example about the black and white lodges which is also completely false.


And a reminder.


Thomas Sheridan recently posted a video titled “behold the enthogen psy op cometh soon” in which he briefly mentions enthogens namely Ayahuasca, DMT, LSD etc. Terence McKenna, Timoth Leary the CIA and other things that have been mentioned on this blog and at the cafe ….. During this video he predicts something about a new manufactured spin off of hallucinogens “a trendy use of enthogens” which he claims will lead to a high profile killing similar to a Charles Manson type of deal.He says this will then give certain authorities an opportunity to introduce programs to get people off of said drugs.. He then goes on to say that the agenda didn’t work so well in the 60’s because back then, people were more intelligent and not as stupid as people are today.

On people who call other people stupid… especially in sweeping statements…this attitude reeks of narrow minded bigotry, it is like Icke and his Sheeple terminology. Dugpas such as Sheridan will call people stupid quite easily, as if Sheridan was never a piss head drunk and was born wide awake?

At the beginning of the video, he mentions that he doesn’t care what drugs people do, it is their business, although at the end of the video, he alludes to the fact that doing such has turned people into the post modernist stoned apes and advises people to tun their backs on it.
Yet in another breath, he makes excuses for “artists” who have done or do hallucinogens, for some reason he is fine with that…. artists’s are not considered to be stoned apes in his opinion.

He claims transcendental meditation is a mere Hollywood cult.

Erm..No it isn’t. It didn’t start in Hollywood, and it is not contained to Hollywood.

Most importantly, Sheridan prattles on about all of this hallucingen psy op stuff while completely omitting any mention of Ecstasy, (Which renders his prediction about 25 or so years late if the truth of the matter be told.) The psy op he is predicting is already in full swing. You know, raves.(Which if you remember was about the time David Icke came forth with Ayahuasca tales. and big smiley programming icons at his gigs)

Sheridan has also “discovered” a “new field of research” namely Terence McKenna.

He claims that McKenna was a Christian Missionary that replaced Jesus with a Mushroom, that his flock were nothing more than broken hearted stoners that missed out on the 60’s. Which is humorous considering his earlier claims of not judging people who do shrooms and other hallucinogens a few days ago, now he paints them as sad stoners. (except the artist’s who imbibe)

Terence McKenna practiced the Bon religion, which is the religion of the Dugpas…which I mentioned here. He was not a Christian Missionary by a long stretch. Nice attempt at trying to deflect, but alas another giant FAIL.

If Thomas knew anything about anything he talks about on his blog, he would at least have an idea that the rave scene is a continuation of the 60’s program. But he skirts around the issue.

Sheridans complete avoidance of the subject is partially because he has no idea what he is talking about. All that is latest interest in enthogens boils to his opinion of a subject he knows nowt about.

Here.. Dugpa Thomas, let me school you.


While Vinny Eastwood is busy deleting videos from his website and Youtube account of the highly questionable guests that he has had on his show.. and using the old excuse of technical difficulties..the show must go on..

Vinny has littered the airwaves with many New Age mouthpieces such as Icke Swerdlow and such who for instance BOTH claim that they are not New Agers. Yet lately he has jumped on the bandwagon which this blog has been talking about for some time. His latest headlines being “Wiping Out New Age BS, is the Truth Movement suffering PTSD?”

Seeing as the majority, if not ALL of the alternative media shows such as Vinny’s has been a platform for these lyin ass Dugpas to spread the New Age gospel and aid the New World Religion come to fruition, the good old tactic of bait and switch has come into effect.

Thomas Sheridan, another one of Vinny’s favorite dugpas, is a supporter of people such as John “lamb” Lash, (Lash is another visitor of this blog). If you have been paying attention, you may have noticed that over time, the new agers Vinny used to have on his show have been whittled down a bit, now the guests are more along the lines of occultists and gnostics. Another set of dugpas who between them have an agenda for their listeners. They also have murder in their minds. The murder of women to be more precise. I had previously mentioned here that the particular video where Lash had threatened to murder people with his Dugpa magic had been removed from YouTube. Well, he didn’t do a very good job of it. He is about as good as Vinny when it comes to removing things from the nets. His murder by magic abilities? Fat fuckin FAIL.

Here is something from Sheridans facebook page that was removed, just so you an all have a good look at the mentality of these “men” that are held in such high regard.

One of Sheridans anonymous FB posts…



images from HERE

Thomas… whatya gonna do eh? beat em with that wooden cane of yours? Or ask Johnny “The Lamb” Lash to assist with his magic skills?


You are all lagging lads. The jig is UP…


Other guests on Vinnys show..

A note on anyone such as Frater X who claims to be an illuminated one.

To become FULLY illuminated, one must take it up the chuff. Anyone who hasn’t taken it up the chuff…is not illuminated.