Similar to the intent of said video in previous video clip. (Fairly easy to do, especially if you have a radio show, or internet radio/TV show).


Similar to discussion in said video in previous clip. Again, fairly easy if you have a big ole pulpit.


In other words, don’t bother wasting your time speaking out about it? Ignore, ignore,ignore… Plenty of other places that do not have a block function where you can speak your mind and maintain freedom of thought and speech.
This looks like thought control at its finest.


Oh trust me, I have and have been doing all of the above for some time as you can clearly see. Thanks for the tips Vinny!


9 thoughts on “VINNY’S TIPS

  1. You’re a bit late to the party Vinny as some of us have been doing what you advise for years.

    That’s why many of the New Age charlatans , scamalot-ers and “truth movement “bs-ers are squirming.

    Catch up dude.


    • and some of us have been listening to and taking note of the alternative media while you were still learning the alphabet.

      Many of the new age charlatans and truth movement bs-ers end up on your show funnily enough.


    • Scumbaggery no matter who it is must be exposed!! lmao

      Hey Vinny…
      Do you even hear yourself?

      @ 2:28 you described the Swerdlows to a T.

      VERY interesting statement @ 11:00.


      • You are right about 2.28. On a side note… the latest con.. is to tell followers how much she dugpa has been conned. Well, if she has been a victim of so many cons, that speaks volumes about being able to read auras, the much acclaimed intuition and god mind. Then its the old “have you ever been conned” which will no doubt eventually lead up to “use our techniques so you can’t get conned” .

        sign up today.

        don’t miss out

        time is running out.

        or something along those lines.


  2. Vinny is also another one begging for money all the time. According to him, right now, his bank account is completely dry….

    Vinny got on his high horse in one show about how he wasn’t a slave anymore after quitting his slave jobs and how life was better now because he was not longer a slave by doing his internet radio thing…well, you have downgraded yourself from a slave to a beggar…infact you are worse than a beggar, you did it by choice, beggars often do not…I would happily give money to a beggar if it meant a hot meal or contributed to a roof over their head..but Vinny is like the rest of his peers in the poncing department.

    You just sit back and let all the slaves that are are out there doing the slave work with their slave jobs to send you their slave wages so that you don’t have to be one…. Parasite.


  3. I think you said this some were on hyperspacafe (apurplepebble),If you pay any attention whatsoever to their websites, marketing strategies and support systems (like “alternative radio shows” ) etc…you will notice glaring hypocrisies, emotional manipulations, double talk and mysterious rabbit holes prepared especially for your amusement…

    The Swwerdlows website is like sum kind of amusement park!..


  4. It is an amusement park…as MN once said..same farm different barn. Like today, Icke was spitting his dummy out because his site was down, this gave expansions the perfect opportunity to spit their respective dummy out (again) and boo hoo about their website being down for two months due ex webmaster “attacking them” while pandering to peoples empathy with the old victim mentality…then go on to say no one can bring them down…well..according to their statement, their ex webmaster DID bring them down, for two months.

    Lets make that 6 months..lets make that 12 months…hey… lets go for infinity. ..with all of em.

    A lot of the people in question have been appearing on alt radio shows for YEARS..and funneling hundreds of people into their unique, yet connected rabbit holes at the same time, …then have the cheek to prattle on about divide and conquer. None of them, if you listen closely agree on much between themselves. Do THEY not see something up with that between themselves?

    THEY preach peace. But have none. They are not the wayshowers.

    For example :-

    “I am Jesus”
    “Jesus did not exist,”
    “Jesus did exist and I went back in time to shoot him”
    “Jesus was an invention of the Roman Empire”
    “Jesus is an Illusion”
    “He is Jesus”
    “Jesus is Satan”
    “Jesus is Lucifer”
    “Jesus was a psychopath”

    “I have contacted aliens”
    “Aliens have contacted me”.
    “The aliens are coming to save us”
    “The aliens are coming to kill us”
    “Aliens are real”
    “Aliens are an illusion”
    “Aliens are a government creation”
    “The Universe is so big, there has to be aliens”
    “I am part alien, part human”
    ‘I am a full blown alien”

    “He is a reptilian”
    “She is a reptilian”
    “They are reptilians”
    “Are you reptilian”
    “Stay away from reptilians”
    “Reptilians are powerful”
    “Reptilians are weak”
    “Reptilians rule the world”

    “Don’t drink ”
    “Give me your beer money”
    ” Don’t listen mainstream media, they confuse and lie you ”
    “Listen to alt media because they don’t confuse or lie to you”

    “Don’t do hallucinogens, they are used for mind control”
    “Here is a story about my ayahuasca mushroom ecstacy trip…It is it”

    “Don’t read his book, because he has no evidence. But read read my book because I said so”


    ” Come to my seminar, read my book, I will spill the beans like you have never known”

    The only thing that can produce so much confusion between themselves to kindly share with everyone else , would be a bunch o’ Dugpas.

    Bunch o Dugpas Fail.


  5. You would also get a good laugh at the amount of lackeys that are sent to this blog by their handlers so that they can relay info back to the headquarters.

    New Zealand
    Russian Federation

    for instance.

    Dugpa Kissers.


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