you Prattling on about pantsrussell_brand_worst_dressed_man_in_hollywood brandtwat and others)putting people back to sleep . The word debunk. de·bunk transitive verb To show that something (such as a belief or theory) is not true : to show the falseness of (a story, idea, statement, etc.) Merriam Webster. The concept of Obsessive Debunking Disorder is put out there for one reason, and one reason alone. To stop you thinking critically. It is achieved through subtle manipulation of the emotions and thought processes that will culminate in allowing a concept to enter your psyche that has an underlying connotation of a social stigma with the added side effects of a sedative. You have to ask yourself a simple question. Why would anyone hinder or dis-way another from seeing falseness in a belief, theory and or a messenger related to it, if the process of debunking it will bring a person closer to the truth? If you have ever believed in a theory and along the way you have discovered it to be untrue, what do you do? Do you keep returning to the same well and keep drinking from the source of it? Do the answers lie in an esoterically charged version of punk rock psychology? While this latest video has a hypnotic gesture in the background? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SrLVecO4hQ I would have thought that if on any level you are warning people about being hypnotized by pop culture and all that, that you would have the common sense to omit hypnotic gestures and in your face subliminals from your own repertoire. Unfortunately this kind of expose results in nothing more than fighting fire with fire. Are you sedate enough yet. Have you been hypnotized enough yet. Did you jump out of the frying pan into the fire maybe? Is there a purplepeillsforyou for Obsessive Debunking Disorder? What does a person need to do if they have this disorder? What is the cure for this malady? Who is dishing out the meds for this one? Let me guess. Someone who has made themselves known through the alternative media. Someone who came up with the disorder in the first place by any chance…? Honestly, how can you have the cheek to piss and whine about the alternativemedia When it has been the backbone of your reputation, the sales of your books, your talks, your donate buttons and your intllectualization of a problem that you cannot fix with any of the above. trolls deriion Red Ice radio http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHkonQS82r8 has also been a platform for http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78LmYNrg1kk The alternative media is becoming the new pop culture, with its own set of old timers and upcoming celebrities that work the circuit. It is a fairly simple job pointing out mainstream pop stars, the ground work has been done by many already, rinse repeat, spin. Just add your own form of sensationalism and tell people you are informing them. Conjure up a new mental illness that doesn’t have a cure, because much like the whole Bi Polar lie, this psychological condition aka Obsessive Debunking Disorder does not exist. But, you gotta put illusory stuff like this out there if you are part and parcel of the alternative media agenda to deter people from thinking critically.


  1. Most scammers depend on people at least suspending critical thinking and hope that they just do away with it all together. The Chaos / Anarchy group goes a step further and tells people that critical thinking is actually something else.
    Con artists all of them.

    PurplePebble is a light in the darkness . Many thanks PP.


  2. Thanks MN. I spent a fair bit of time in such groups that you mention (as a teenager). Most of the anarchist’s n whatnot that I knew relied on the government for their dole money. No critical thinking involved there at all. They would have all starved to death if it was not for government hand outs.

    The mind set is just another form of control.


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