that David Icke would post this on his headline news yesterday. I am all for people bringing awareness to this subject.



What is even more interesting is the fact that David Icke has connections to some of those involved in Scientology.

How is he connected? He is connected through involvement with Stewart Swerdlow who has had a long standing relationship with Peter Moon, author of the Monatuk book, Moon was hanging out with Hubbard and fairly high up in the organization when Hubbard was still alive.

For those of you that are interested Stewart is flogging these radionics machines as well. Because these devices are really really good for you. (You can tell…because they look so natural).


This was


From what I have seen over the years, Icke has a tendency to use people and jump on bandwagons (regardless of whether he is being a hypocrite) to get where he needs and wants to be. On the other hand if Jamie Kennedy ends up listening to and believing in Icke, that will put him in a fairly questionable position.

I would be highly surprised if that ends up to be the case.

Maybe David Icke could learn a thing or two about cults and how fucked up they are from Jamie Kennedy.

Seeing as David Icke enjoys filling arenas.

One thought on “INTERESTING

  1. Icke …for damage control purposes posted another anti scientology video on his Headline news today, as an effort bluff the public into believing that he is anti scientology…which he is not………. so I though I would post another reminder about Ickes M.O.

    Also, pretty idiotic of Icke to make post anti scientology stuff on his site, when his pal Russell Brand can be seen chummin it up with Tom Cruise ….. Brand seems to be OK with those whose job it is to push scientology…

    This blog I follow is well worth checking out.


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