I started this a while back  and forgot all about it. Originally I was going to make a post on Brands tattoos, anyway I thought I would finish it and post it seeing as Dugpa Brand has made a few more appearances on the shit box. His latest interview (if that is what you want to call it) with Jeremy Paxman.

Remember that Brand is an actor and performer. Actors glean empathy off of people, it is part of the job. They rile up the emotions.

Who needs another multimillionaire mind controlled, mk ultra’d hollywood slave who constantly rubs shoulders with the elite of Hollywood i.e David Lynch… to tell the world that it is ripe for a revolution? A spiritual revolution at that.

In the interview with Paxman, Brand claims that Transcendental Meditation has helped him and that he has been spending a lot of time with David Lynch who is busy working on spreading the word of Transcendental Meditation and getting the program implemented in schools, prisons, reservations and the military for instance.

I have said it before, it is akin to slapping a band aid on a seeping wound, it IS NOT going to fix or change ANYTHING in these institutions or the world for that matter.

Every now and then you will see post’s on Icke’s Headlines about schools being more or less conditioning centers.

So all of a sudden, if this meditation program is in place, schools are no longer conditioning centers? Absolute bullshit.

Do you see where this is going?
Do you see where the mainstream is blurring lines with the alternative?

It is not really an alternative is it?


If the Transcendental Meditation program is being ushered into schools for instance, would this be part of the spiritual revolution Brand is prattling on about? Is this one of the solutions that these Dugpas have in mind for our future generations?

I have never known any kid who has got the sudden urge to sit and meditate. It is nothing but sheer indoctrination.

Moving on. Any good false messiah, will along the way, piss off a few people.

Russell Brand has along the way pissed of a few Sikh’s with his tattoos.



So what does this say about the swathes of Dugpas that endorse and promote Russell Brand? Like David Icke for example?

Edited to add: I posted this in 2012 so I am thrilled to see that yet again, the “leaders”  in the alt media are a couple of years late with their news.

In the  “Pretenders” video I made in 2012 I included a screenshot   of Eliahi Priest stating that Russell Brand had joined “them”. Meaning Brand had joined the ruse. Eliahi is connected to the Templar frauds –  (Sinclairs) . The Rothschilds (Jacob) intermarried with the Sinclairs.


Here is a statement by Brand talking about what his handlers and masters expect from him.

“I think they would want me on a spiritual mission in the end. Whats going to happen when all of civilization collapses? We’ll be baffled if we’ve got no spiritual structure to step into, so we’ve got to work on it”.


So It has already been planned, long before anyone was thinking about Russell Brand and his “revolution”.

They have a spiritual structure waiting for you to step into.

A Spiritual structure to step into…created by men.  Men like Brand, Lynch, Icke.

This is where the world is headed if we are able to take a glimpse into the future. Is this what you want?

I can tell Brand where to stick that Kundalini finger.

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Edited to add

There are images that can be found of Russell Brand with an all seeing eye/pyramid tattoo, it is hard to tell if this tattoo was covered up with a new tattoo or if it was in fact a real tattoo at all. You can also find fairly recent images of Russell Brand without any tattoos, as if they have been photoshopped out. The tattoos he has now act as a programming tool and make him a walking advertisement for the NWR. Nice conversation piece.

Connected to.

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