From this screenshot from February 3rd 2001 the stats counter claims over 7,600,000 views since July 1999


From March 31st 2001 the stats counter claims over 15,500,000 views since July 1999.


So that is an increase of a whopping additional 7 million views in about 25 days.

Hyped up bullshit sells. But not for Icke according to his relentless ability to be on the ponce.

If we do the math from the above screenshots, if his ratings increased by 7 million views in less than a month and if his website was gaining momentum per the fake site stats by 2006 he would have had at least 1 Billion views. Yet nobody bought hardly a sausage of his site?

Why do I mention 2006? Because here we have Icke claiming something “real serious” about his work being in imminent “danger”. Begging for donations which is nothing new from this lying Dugpa.


Here from October 2006 he is on the ponce again per his legal fees.


December 2006 still at it..hit the donate button via paypal.

Still not enough..in March 2008 here he is manipulating Americans under the guise of an “educational foundation” into using his bullshit as a tax write off. lmao.


The above examples are but a few of the very many times Icke has asked for a handout.

And of course this tactic has been used throughout David Ickes career, the above examples are just a FEW of the many times he has asked for a handout… even up until a few months back with his needing donations for the Peoples Voice with which his mastery of the ability to ponce managed to raise over 300 grand.

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