I checked out the little dugpa kisser Vinnies page yesterday and to my surprise he had a guest on by the name of Cameron Day who claims to have stopped being a Lightworker (after many years of infecting and imbuing people with his new age religion replicated energy and ascension twaddle).

Here is talking as recently as February suggesting people surround themselves with tetrahedrons and all that crap

And here is Vinny and Cameron – talking about the false light and how Lightworkers have been duped.

Now, coming from an “alternative radio” host who has promoted and had NUMEROUS lightworkers and Dugpas appear on his show.. and a Lightworker who has spent NUMEROUS years pushing the agenda….making money from workshops, his own “system” to aid ascension and all that crap…for me, he is ripe for the picking.

Cameron Day promotes crap from the Upledger institute and Cranial Sacral therapy. This therapy is a form of bone setting / manipulation, primarily the cranial bones, this then affects the cranial sacral fluid which flows through the pineal gland and the body.

Most, if not all of the Cranial Sacral therapists I have known are completely unaware as to what they are doing, it is sold up and portrayed as an “advanced” form of Lightwork. I should know, my first cranial treatment was 25 years ago, I then went on to learn this modality and was certified over 10 years ago. Sometimes to understand the rabbit hole, you have to go all the way down it.

Cameron Day will need a career change if he wants to continue on his new found road “exposing lightwork”. When your bread and butter has been made and is still being from pushing the agenda, you have no room whatsoever to talk about the subject. You are still Lightowrker…no if’s or buts.

There is no turning back.


You can hide and suppress all the evidence you like. But it wont help your agenda. It doesn’t make you look very good at all at the end of the day. Ultimately, you are no different from that which you cry foul about.

While I mention this, I do wonder what some the people who visit this blog
come here for. Many of you come from the countries swerdliar has ties to.
Your intentions reek of doo doo…you little dugpa kissers.

Swerd has a new template for his site…according to him, his ex web master(another one in a long line of many) apparently “stole” all of their clients account info off of them..passwords and all..still…nothing beats another makeover when you need to drum up some business eh? Siriusly.


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