DISCUSS STEWART SWERDLOW…within the first 5 minutes.

What can I say? Celtic Rebel needs a major wakeup call if he thinks Chiarini is in any kind of position whatsoever to even speak on this subject…….Discrediting Swerdlow while promoting Chiarini?

I have not come across ONE alternative media rabbit hole that doesn’t discredit one Dugpa while promoting another in the same breath.

Comments are disabled so that YOU cannot say what YOU think and or know. Figure it out.

And I can guarantee that there are legitimate individuals out there who are in a better position to talk about such subjects, but the people who would have you go off on a tangent (like Chiaraini) don’t have the nuts to post here.



  1. It is somewhat hilarious that ed and Celtic rebel aka ”tom and jerry” stroke each others bloated egos. Interestingly enough ed has outed everyone who has hosted him on their shows/podcasts/blogs etc. We know the names LINDA JOSLIN(PRINCESS DIANA-HAHA/BARF) JOYCE RILEY(RON PAUL’S WIFE)!! yet the Celtic rebel who’s obsession with sophomoric porn/anal humor remains untouched. Maybe they are secret lovers.


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